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Chaumet watches

Chaumet is a French jewelry and watch brand dedicated to detail-loving Haute-Horlogerie compositions. Paired with technical innovation and in-house expertise every watch of this brand is unique.  More

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Would you like to buy a Chaumet watch and finance it for cheap?

In addition to major brands, you will also find numerous certified used luxury watches of smaller manufacturers such as Chaumet on our website. Important when buying a used luxury watch are quality and authenticity. Watchmaster guarantees you both with a certificate. Often, high-quality watches are a good investment because they experience an increase in value over time. Compared with buying new, the purchase of a pre-owned Chaumet watch is worth a lot.
Just choose your favorite model and pay easily by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. But you can also pay in installments - for information on how to finance your Chaumet, please visit our website or get in touch with our customer service.

The most popular Chaumet series

  • The Chaumet Class One is the first diver's watch set with jewels. With the combination of rubber elements and diamonds it combines sportiness and elegance skillfully.

  • With the Chaumet Dandy you are guaranteed to set a highlight in your outfit. The cushion-shaped case made of high-quality material stands for striking elegance. Technically, the watch is also state-of-the-art in watchmaking - that's how it comes with both GMT and chronograph function.

  • The Chaumet Ladies Rectangle is a noble series for women who are not afraid to attract attention. The diamond studded, rectangular case is just as eye-catching as the different colors in which this watch is available.

  • The Chaumet Liens pays homage to French simplicity and elegance. The watches of this line owe their name to connecting elements that contribute to the harmonious, flowing style of the ornate timepiece.

Best reasons to buy a used Chaumet watch

  • Carefully preserved and passed on over generations watchmaking skills
  • Centuries old, traditional house from France
  • High quality and first class haute horlogerie
  • Elegant, detail-loving design
  • Inspired by the subtleties of nature

Chaumet prices and models at a glance

Chaumet Liens W14012-22B
Used from: 2.250 € (2005)
Material: Yellow gold
Main features: 16mm diameter, quartz movement, stick indices, black satin strap, silver dial, connecting decorative element with diamond trim

Chaumet Lady W0121A-053
Used from: 1.370 € (2001)
Material: Stainless steel with diamond trim
Main features: 19mm diameter, quartz movement, diamonds as indices, pink leather strap, pearl pink dial

Chaumet Dandy W11890-30D
Used from: 7,990 € (2018)
Material: Rose gold
Main features: 40mm diameter, automatic movement, black leather strap, breguette indices, black dial, chronograph function

Chaumet Class One W17226 33G
Used from: 3.790 € (2018)
Material: Stainless steel with diamond trim
Main features: 33mm diameter, quartz movement, diamonds as indices, black dial, date display at 6 o'clock, black rubber strap

Invest in pre-owned and vintage Chaumet watches?

Chaumet is a traditional house with a long history. With high-quality jewelery and exquisite haute horlogerie, the brand delights women and men alike. All luxury watches of the brand are detailed rarities made of the highest quality materials. Such a watch can also be worthwhile as an investment because it experiences constant appreciation. Also no longer produced references, limited editions and special editions are often worthwhile as an investment and frequently experience constant price increase due to their limited production numbers.

Detail-loving Haute-Horlogerie from France

For about two hundred years, Chaumet has been creating exceptional timepieces. The brand has made a name for itself not only with the use of the finest materials and stones, but also with innovative watchmaking. Swiss watchmaker know-how is combined with French sophistication.

Engravings, enameling, stone trimming: All production steps are carried out with absolute attention to detail, making every watch an artistic one-of-a-kind. The innumerable components of the watches are assembled only by professionally trained specialists. Particular attention is paid to the dial. On one hand, this must be easy to read - on the other hand, it is in the tradition of the noble art to decorate of Chaumet. Among the final details added are, for example, the Bayadère strips for the Dandy, mother-of-pearl inlays for the Hortensia or waves on the Class One.
Chaumet has also committed to nature as an inspiration. Today, the luxury brand explores the numerous subtleties of the hydrangea blossom. Thanks to a new, exclusive caliber, the dial of the "Hortensia" shows hydrangea flowers of various sizes and shapes in mother of pearl. In this watch, nature, movement and design combine a floral composition.
Chaumet watches represent expertise, the finest craftsmanship and creativity - every watch is a small piece of art.

The history of Chaumet

In the late 18th century Marie-Etienne Nitot founded the jeweler in Paris. First of all, he was the main supplier of the royal court. So the weddings of Napoleon with Joséphine and later with Marie-Louise were a good business for the young Nitot. Nitot quickly became the most sought-after jeweler in Europe.
He passed on his expertise to his successors. Even after the collapse of Napoleon's empire, they continued to transform the romantic jewelry of the founder, which was characterized by the decorative arts of the Italian Renaissance and the French 17th century. The fact that Paris became a fashion and luxury metropolis in the mid-19th century was a natural benefit for the jewelry business. The successful company was named after its Managing Director Joseph Chaumet in the early 20th century. Its fashionable specialties included fine tiaras and Aigrettes. Outside of Europe, the brand soon had great reputation. For example, it delivered a pair of extremely high quality and expensive diamonds to the Maharaja of Indore in 1911.
Since then, Chaumet has made a long journey through style and design trends. The boyish style of the 1920s took the jewelry brand as well as the subsequent trends of Art Deco. Strong contrasts, international inspirations and semi-precious stones were used. This style has been continued and constantly modernized. In 1970, pure gold jewelry, sometimes set with hard stones, bronze or mother of pearl, was added to Chaumet's portfolio.
The Chaumet workshop on the famous Place Vendôme is a location of knowledge transfer in the Haute Horlogérie where know-how is passed down from generation to generation.

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