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Chopard is not an unknown name in the world of luxury watches. During their 150-year long history, they served several tsars and Hollywood stars. Their famous specialities are racing chronographs and diamond watches with gemstones that are floating freely over the dial.  More

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Buy and finance pre-owned Chopard watches online

To buy a Chopard watch, you no longer have to go to the jeweler nowadays. You will find certified pre-owned Chopard models on our website much more convenient and time-saving. Of course, as a certified dealer we guarantee the originality of your Chopard. In addition, our in-house watchmakers examine each model which includes intensive testing, bringing each watch to the highest levels, both visually and technically. The secure way to buy a Chopard watch for a reasonable price. But even a pre-owned Chopard watch is not exactly cheap. Therefore, we offer favorable financing models, you are welcome to choose your own Chopard on an individual installment plan. So you can settle your new watch comfortably over a maximum of 60 months, but have it in a few days on the wrist!

The most popular models

  • The Happy Sport series includes beautiful ladies watches and combines classic and sporty elements to create a striking mix that suits any occasion. The series is especially known for its "floating diamonds", which are loosely attached between the dial and the glass and therefore seem to float freely. Originally the Happy Sports made a splash as the first watch model to combine a stainless steel case with diamonds.

  • The Chopard Classics is the safe entry into the world of the classic men's watches of Chopard. A fine elegance that is picked up by the generous dial and the leather strap.

  • The name LUC consists of the insignia of Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the founder of the company. It symbolizes the commitment to high quality standards that made Chopard successful in the beginning. All LUCs are made with the utmost attention to detail and own in-house movements from Chopard's Manufacture in Fleurier.

  • The Mille Miglia ("1000 Miles") series takes its name from a famous vintage car rally that takes drivers 1000 miles across Italian country lanes. Its style is inspired by the designs of classic vintage cars and is extremely sporty.

Best reasons to buy a Chopard watch

  • Quality: Chopard models are crafted by the Swiss master watchmakers in a laborious manual work according to the finest tradition. No effort is spared to get closer and closer to perfection.

  • Sustainability: The company is actively committed to sustainability in the jewellery industry, including watches, of course. The mid-term goal is to process only so-called "fairmined gold" and diamonds that are subject to the Kimberley process.

  • Exclusivity: With a Chopard on the wrist you do not attract attention right away, but connoisseurs will spot it immediately. Depending on the design and the circle of acquaintances, a Chopard can certainly be considered a status symbol!

  • Passion: Motorsport fascinates you? Then it's hard to get around the Mille Miglia and Classic Racing. With bold colors and striking stylistic elements, the collections are quickly associated with racing stripes, fittings and racing tires.

  • Ladylike: Chopard is not just a watchmaker, on the contrary. The brand is very active in the luxury jewelry business, and as this is known to be more aimed at the fair sex, this is reflected in many watches again. Collections such as Happy Sports and Happy Diamonds are famous for their "floating diamonds" that move freely in a gap between the dial and the watch glass. Richly set with high-quality stones, some Chopard watches are absolute eye-catchers!

White Gold Chopard L.U.C Twin 161934-1001 men's watch with moon phase lying on wood
CHOPARD L.U.C TWIN 161934-1001

How much does a Chopard watch cost?

Chopard Happy Sport 278496-3001
Price: Used from 3,600 € (2010)
Material: Stainless steel, diamonds
Main features: floating diamonds, stick indices, Arabic dial

Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL 16/8997-3001
Price: Used from 3,100 € (2016)
Material: Stainless steel
Main features: Arabic dial, rubber strap, men's watch, automatic movement

Chopard LUC 161894-5001
Price: Used from 29,490 € (2013)
Material: Rose gold, leather
Main features: Roman numerals, stick indices, crocodile leather strap, weekday indication, waterproof up to 30 m

Chopard Classics 127387-0001
Price: Used from 2,430 € (2015)
Material: Yellow gold
Main features: Roman dial, leather strap, quartz movement, women's watch

Chopard Happy Diamonds 277471-5013
Price: Used from 6,690 € (2013)
Material: diamonds, rose gold
Main features: crocodile leather strap, Roman dial, ladies watch

Is it worth investing in Chopard watches?

"High-quality stones can be a better investment than stocks", Caroline Scheufele (Co-CEO of Chopard) literally said in an interview. With this statement she is right and it becomes all the more understandable that Chopard is not only extremely popular with collectors. This popularity is also reflected in the figures and Chopard was able to complete the year 2017 very successfully with a growth of more than 10% According to the CEO of Chopard, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, the numbers will continue to rise and the prices of the watches will adjust. More models between 5,000 to 15,000 euros are just waiting to be released he promised. What does that mean for used Chopard watches? Both of these, but especially the vintage Chopard models are becoming increasingly rare - and are in good condition barely on the market.

A tradition of over 150 years

The company Chopard was created in 1860 by the master watchmaker Louis-Ulysse Chopard, who lived in the small Swiss village Sonvilie. Through hard work, he managed to outperform the quality of his competitors and extend his clientele to Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. After a few decades, his company was so established that it even supplied a watch to the Russian Tsar Nicolas II. After Louis-Ulysse died in 1915, his son Paul-Louis took over the company and focused on the production of elegant pocket and women's watches that became world-famous. The business was excellent, and so the company was relocated in 1937 with major expansion plans in the watchmaker city of Geneva.

20 years later, the biggest change in Chopard's history took place. Paul-André Chopard, grandson of Louis-Ulysse, decided to retire and handed over the company. Since none of his sons wanted to take over, he went in search of a buyer. Finally he met the Swabian entrepreneur Karl Scheufele III. which itself came from a traditional family of watchmakers. His grandfather was the founder of the successful watch brand "Eszeha", which his grandson had run for several years. After a brief conversation, Chopard decided to place his family business in the hands of Scheufele. A new heyday followed: with a lot of creativity and a series of highly original models, the new managing director managed to refresh the traditional brand and position it again among the big names in the Swiss watch industry.

The name Chopard is also closely linked to motorsport. In 1988 Scheufele got to know the racing icon Jacky Ickx and took part in the legendary classic car race "Mille Miglia". In the same year Chopard became official timekeeper and sponsor of the race. In homage to the Mille Miglia, Chopard created the Mille Miglia Classic and Mille Miglia GTS, which are based on the design of the participating cars. Chopard continues to show his sporting spirit by designing a limited edition edition for the Mille Miglia every year.

Even in the exclusive fields of Haute Horlogerie, Chopard was able to position itself by increasing the vertical range of its production. In 1996, a factory was opened in the Swiss watchmaking town of Fleurier, where the company has since been producing its own calibres. These are very well recognized among connoisseurs because they are exceptionally fine and certified according to the accuracy standards of the "Fondation Qualité Fleurier". The "FQF" is a joint project of Chopard, Parmigiani, Bovet and Vaucher. By self-imposed, even stricter standards than the CSOC certification, watches that pass these tests have become even more exclusive. In 2003, Chopard even created a version with tourbillon, one of the most complex and hard to produce complications ever.

The brand's philosophy

Chopard's philosophy also has its roots in the company's history. Pragmatically, innovation is combined with respect for tradition and entrepreneurial courage with creativity. The passions of the family members shape the divisions of the company. Whether it's supporting events such as the Cannes Film Festival or the Mille Miglia racing event, or constantly improving precision and production standards. The company's independence provides the necessary security and freedom for all these activities.

From Banderas to Cooper: Stars who wear Chopard

Chopard has now established itself in the league of major watch manufacturers, and so it is no wonder that celebrities like to see themselves with watches from the Swiss manufacturer. For example, Antonio Banderas owns a Mille Miglia, while Matthew McConaughey and Bradley Cooper have been spotted with LUC versions. Sir Elton John even designed a limited special edition of the Mille Miglia with colorful mother-of-pearl dials. The handmade jewelry by Chopard is always prominently represented at major events such as the Oscars or the Cannes Film Festival and can be seen in numerous actresses from Penelope Cruz to Cate Blanchett.

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