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Chronoswiss is specialized in mechanical watches, but not only the movements of the watches and chronographs convince with brilliance. Chronoswiss has managed to create a timeless vintage look that radiates pure elegance and prestige.  More

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Skeletonized Chronoswiss Opus CH 7523 S watch with a black leather strap

The most popular series

  • A special watch series is the Chronoswiss Delphis. It combines three different forms of technology on its dial, giving it a distinctive look. The seconds are analog, the minutes are displayed retrograde and the hours digital.

  • The classic Chronoswiss Regulateur is the figurehead of the brand and probably its most popular model. The simple design makes the watch perfect for everyday life, but harmonizes also perfectly with the suit. It was the pioneer of watches with regulator display. A style previously used only in precision pendulum clocks. The design quickly became so popular that numerous other brands copied the idea.

  • If you want something more special, the Chronoswiss Opus could be the right choice for you – it shows hours, minutes, a decentralized second and the date. The skeletonized dial opens the view on the caliber Cal. C.741 inside the Watch. At first glance, it therefore looks more like a work of art than a utility object.

  • Another series that openly presents the inside of the watch is the Chronoswiss Cabrio. The rectangular watch can be rotated 180 degrees and shows either the time or an open view on the movement, thanks to the transparent crystal on the back.

  • The Chronoswiss Lunar was designed for all stargazers and romantics. The watch shows the moon phase at three o'clock. Many models also have additional totalizers at six, nine and twelve o'clock. This series also comes with a sapphire glass bottom, giving the wearer a clear view of the inner ticking of the watch.

5 reasons to buy a Chronoswiss watch

  • Great recognition value
  • Special "vintage design" combined with innovative technology
  • Highest precision of workmanship and accuracy
  • Cheaper models are perfect entry models for beginners
  • Prestigious watches based on high-quality materials

Chronoswiss Tora CH7423 watch with automatic movement and silver dial

Prices for pre-owned Chronoswiss watches

The prices of a vintage Chronoswiss watch vary widely according to the model. Cheaper, used models start already at 1,500 €, older and rare special models can also go up in price up to 6,000 €. Compared to other luxury watches, investing in a Chronoswiss watch is still relatively cheap, which makes the brand very popular, especially for beginners. 

Popular Chronoswiss models

  • The Delphis CH1423BK is a very simple model with a white dial and brown leather strap, but thanks to the special display, it is striking. Used it is already available for about 2,700 € and thus a real highlight for a low price.

  • The Regulateur CH1223 comes with a beautiful white dial, a silver stainless steel case and black leather strap. In order to give the watch a certain extra something, it is equipped with blue hands which make it an eye-catcher.

  • The Opus CH7521SR comes with a gold case and same-colored movement, which can be clearly seen through the open skeletonized dial. The brown leather strap gives the watch an exclusive vintage design.

  • The Cabrio CH2673 convertible is equipped with a simple stainless steel case, which can be rotated 180 degrees and, thanks to the sapphire crystal on the back, provides an open view on the automatic caliber. The dial is held in gold and makes the watch look very noble. Due to its rectangular shape, the watch catches the eye, despite the simple design, perfect for anyone who loves it extravagant.

  • Matching the colors of a starry sky, the Lunar CH7523L features blue and yellow accents. The blue leather strap makes the watch a very eye-catching piece of jewelry. The sub-dials on the silver dial seem almost like stars in the sky, the impression is also supported by the starry sky figure at three o'clock. For about 2,900 € you get a used Chronoswiss Lunar at a great price and certainly makes a great impression.

Chronoswiss Kairos CH7522K watch with silver dial and black leather strap

The story of the brand

In contrast to the many, very old watch manufacturers Chronoswiss is still a relatively young, but already a very prestigious company. In 1983, the German watchmaker Gerd.-R. Lang opened in Munich his first watch manufacture after he completed his training as a master watchmaker, at his birthplace Braunschweig. The company quickly specialized in high-quality mechanical wristwatches and pocket watches. Initially, the manufactory mainly made watches and parts for other companies, but that should change rather quickly. 

The first great success came in 1987, with the launch of the "Régulateur", their own first completely mechanical hand-wound watch. Already here, the brand-typical design was found, for which Chronoswiss is still known today: a case with screwed, fluted bezel, very individual crown and screwed bracelet lugs. The watch came with a regulator dial and was designed after the model of older precision pendulum clocks. As the name implies, the German watch brand worked with Swiss movements such as the legendary ETA movements. But over time two own calibers were also developed. 

In 1988, the first catalog with its own series was published, including, of course, the successful model Régulateur, but also with new models such as the Chronoswiss Pacific. This catalog was also the first appearance at the legendary watch fair in Basel. It was so successful that since 1990 only Chronoswiss' own models have been build in their manufactory. This year also brought the Chronoswiss Régulateur Automatique, the first automatic watch of the brand with the in-house caliber C.122.

In the following years, the company developed numerous new models, including the reversible wristwatch Cabrio or the Lunar Chronograph, an automatic chronograph with moon phase complication. A particularly outstanding release was in 1996 the Delphis. The model combines analog, digital and retrograde technology in one single system. The extraordinary and perfectly rounded designs paired with absolute accuracy convinced watch enthusiasts worldwide and quickly turned the watches into collector's items. 

Demand rose so rapidly that Chronoswiss opened another branch in 1998 in Bellport, Long Island, USA. In 2002, another location in Switzerland was added and in the following years, numerous factories followed in Germany. "The German clock with the Swiss tick" traveled around the world and can be found today in over 40 countries. 

In 2014, doors to the House of Chronoswiss in Lucerne opened. The facility should help to bring watchmaking closer to the visitors. On a guided tour through the factory, guests have the opportunity to get familiar with the individual professions of watchmaking. They can take a close look at the individual steps when a watch get´s born. Of course, there is also a Chronoswiss boutique on-site, which shows both, the latest models and classics. 

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