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Chronoswiss Regulateur

When timeless elegance meets legendary precision and centuries-old tradition of regulator watches, there can be only one outcome: a Régulateur from the traditional Swiss watchmaker Chronoswiss.  More

Chronoswiss Regulateur
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Buy pre-owned Chronoswiss Régulateur watches

“Regulate your time” with a Chronoswiss watch

The Chronoswiss company philosophy is both simple and brilliant. Classical craftsmanship, tradition and quality have been paramount since the company was founded. The owner-operated family company are one of the co-founders of the mechanical movement renaissance and to this day uses exclusively this type of movements in its watches – a tradition that exists thanks to the Chronoswiss Régulateur.

In addition to its versatile appearance, this elegant timepiece impresses above all with its regulator function. This is an almost forgotten method of measuring time, in which the hours, minutes and seconds are displayed on separate sub-dials or totalisers. Don’t lay the past to rest and grace your wrist with a Régulateur watch from Chronoswiss.

Chronoswiss Régulateur watches – ornate and precise

The production of regulators goes back to the so-called main or master clocks of the 17th century. All other timepieces were set based on these clocks, so their accuracy was of the utmost importance. These master timepieces already had three different dials, on which hours, minutes and seconds were displayed separately. Further down the line, thanks to the high precision they offered, models were also introduced to the market as pocket watches and shipping navigation aids. Nowadays, regulators are regarded as precursors of the atomic clock due to their specifications.

A marine chronometer from Vacheron Constantin was also what ultimately inspired Gerd-R. Lang to develop the Chronoswiss Régulateur. The Régulateur divided opinion with its method for displaying time from the very beginning. Not least because Chronoswiss was the first company ever to design wristwatches with a regulator function.

The Régulateur has remained almost unchanged inside. The same movement used in the 80s is still used in the new models today. The range of models on offer has also grown over time. In addition to the classic Régulateur models, which radiate timeless elegance, Chronoswiss now also offers sporty versions in bold colours. When it comes to the choice of colours and materials, there are scarcely limits to what customers can choose, meaning Chronoswiss has the right Régulateur for just about every taste.

In addition to the standard Régulateur, the Swiss models are slightly modified versions of the hugely successful collection. The Grand Régulateur, the Flying Régulateur and the Flying Grand Régulateur draw you in with their unique sophisticated style. For example, the Flying Régulateur features a distinctive dial depth with its offset totalisers with hours and seconds indicators.

How much do pre-owned Chronoswiss Régulateur watches cost?

All models in the Chronoswiss Régulateur series are very popular among lovers of the high art of watchmaking. Prices for new models range from €4,650 for simple steel models to €41,400 for highly decorated tourbillons. As such, it is worth buying a pre-owned Régulateur to get the best value for your money. At Watchmaster, the prices for second-hand Régulateur models vary between €1,700 € and €38,200 and there are undoubtedly a few bargains available.

Chronoswiss Régulateur models in detail

  • The Régulateur Jumping Hour (Ref. CH-8321R) from Chronoswiss impresses with its subtle elegance. It features just two hands with one for the minutes and one for the seconds and a jumping hour window at 12 o'clock.

  • The Chronoswiss Flying Régulateur Night and Day (Ref. CH-8763-SISI) is less reserved. Draped in classic colour combinations, but with a very complex dial, this watch doesn’t just tell you the current time, but also features stunning date and day/night displays. Below the seconds totaliser, you can also admire the balance spring through a viewing window.

  • The legendary model with the world's first series-produced regulator-style dial, the Régulateur Manufacture (Ref. CH-1243.1) impresses with its discreet yet fascinating appearance. As a re-interpretation the legend by no means loses its grandeur and still manages to come across as an unobtrusive timepiece.

The origins of Chronoswiss

The relatively young Chronoswiss brand wasn’t originally a Swiss company, but instead originated from a Munich-based specialist workshop for chronographs. Master watchmaker Gerd-R. Lang stood against the continuing trend of quartz watches at the time and in 1982 presented the first mechanical chronograph with moon phase display under the name Chronoswiss. Contrary to all predictions, this watch prevailed over the popular quartz movement timepieces. Thus, Lang was one of the few who refused to conform to the trends of the time, flying the flag for traditional mechanical watches – and did so to great effect. Today Lang is considered one of the co-founders of the mechanical renaissance with his first “Chronoswiss”.

But it isn’t just the mechanical movements that make Chronoswiss watches so special. Having only been based in Lucerne since 2012, the company relies on old manufacturing methods that give each individual watch its own special charm. In addition to the sophisticated manufacture of movements, the intricate techniques include guilloché, enamelling and skeletonization. On top of these stunning details, you will find the three characteristic features of the Chronoswiss brand that define each watch. These are the onion-shaped crown on the right side of the case, the side-knurled bezel and the screw-in strap lugs.

Other series from Chronoswiss

  • With the Chronoswiss Timemaster you are undoubtedly the master of time. This positively dominant and masculine timepiece features an automatic calibre, a clear dial and date display as well as a power reserve indicator on some models. The distinctive crown makes it easy to set the time and date, providing precision at all times. Never miss a beat with the Chronoswiss Timemaster.

  • The Chronoswiss Lunar represents the charm of days gone by and almost brings as much prestige into your own life as a baroque painting on the living room wall would. State-of-the-art mechanics combined with a timelessly elegant appearance. The clearly arranged dial also displays the time, date, day of the week and moon phase. A fantastic watch that takes every occasion in its stride and makes everyone an elegant event.

  • The Chronoswiss Opus has been aptly named, as this model truly is the magnum opus of the engineers at Chronoswiss. The chronograph’s intricate skeletonised dial and the impressive calibre are visible through the transparent back cover and dial glass, which powers the classic hands, as well as the chronograph's totalisers and the date display. This watch is such an impressive masterpiece that it makes Marcel Proust's seven-part novel “In Search of Lost Time” seem straightforward.

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