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Concord watches

The luxury brand Concord has undergone an extraordinary transformation in the recent decades, proving more than once that it can adapt to the current zeitgeist. This is where quality and eye-catching designs come together.

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In addition to new and vintage models, you will also find many used Concord watches in our Watchmaster online shop. All watches are checked, upgraded and certified by our watchmakers before they are sold. So if you have already decided which Concord watch you want to buy, you can be sure that it is an original. For the payment you can choose between credit card or simply online via PayPal. An installment purchase is possible with us. If you have any questions about financing or other topics, feel free to call our customer service and get a personal advice. In any case, we will support you.

Popular collections by Concord

  • The Concord Impresario with the ribbed case edges as a reminiscent of the design of a coin, is perfect for everyday wear and also evening wear with its elegant and subtle dial.
  • The Concord Impresario Lady combines tradition and innovation. Most of the models are studded with shiny diamonds. Technical the collection convinces with the Concord typical reliability and accuracy.
  • The Concord Mariner's 12-cornered bezel makes the watch a real eye-catcher. The super thin case makes it seem simple and filigree. High-quality accents such as diamond trim make the series a true luxury collection.
  • Matching to that the impressive model Concord Mariner Lady is made. Designed for luxurious women who are looking for a precise, yet high-quality timepiece. Up to 5 bar water pressure, the watch can withstand and thus be worn while swimming.
  • If you like something more special, you might be interested in the Concord Delirium. The rectangular case with the Roman indices is classic and special at the same time.

The best reasons to buy a used Concord watch

  • Timepiece of a reputable brand that demonstrates versatility
  • Watches characterized by precision and robustness
  • Fancy designs with attention to detail
  • Used Concord watches are usually cheaper than new models

Interesting models and prices of Concord watches

Concord Mariner
Unisex Watch
Used from: 1.100 €
Material: Steel case and bracelet
Features: Quartz movement, date display, angular bezel
Concord Delirium 51.90.668 G
Women’s Watch
Used from: 3.900 €
Material: Yellow gold case and bezel
Features: Diamond trim, rectangular dial, Roman indices, quartz movement
Concord Impresario 52.G8.220
Unisex Watch
Used from: 3.200 €
Material: Rose gold case
Features: Chronometer function, date display, power reserve indicator
Concord Saratoga 13.C2.230
Women’s Watch
Used from: 1,500 €
Material: Steel, diamonds
Features: Date display, quartz movement
Concord C1 0320227
Men's Watch
Used from: 3,700€
Material: Titanium case, ceramic bezel
Features: Chronograph function, automatic movement, date display

Concord - more than 100 years of history

The Concord brand was founded in 1908 by five partners, including Boillat, Droz and Konz, two talented watchmakers Walter Hugenin and Charles Bonny. The goal of the partners was to produce high-quality Swiss watches, which were supposed to be offered especially in the American market.
In addition to the highest level of technical innovation, the timepieces should also be visually convincing, so only finest materials such as gold and silver were used for the production. At that time, Concord was one of the first private trademarks and thus had optimal control over the production and quality assurance of their products.

This was also seen by other respected brands such as Tiffany & Co., Cartier and Van Cleef, who entered into cooperations with the company from 1915 onwards.
In 1946, a watch model was presented, which was made entirely from coins. This striking design was well received in the luxury world and helped Concord to a considerable reputation.
While many watch brands were struggling with the quartz crisis in the 1970s and 1980s, Concord specialized in high quality luxury quartz watches. The company was acquired by the North American Watch Company, becoming one of the most well-known and popular watch brands in the American market. The good reputation came not least from the pronounced advertising measures of the brand. New brand ambassadors and public appearances in magazines such as New York Magazine and television have been consistently promoted in shows and films such as Miami Vice and Charlie's Angels. Concord watches were everywhere at that time.

Always interested in the latest trends, the company created a real sensation in 1979. The slimmest analog watch in the world, the "Delirium I", was introduced. At just 1.9mm, it even fit through the tines of a conventional fork. With this model Concord launched a new era in the watch world, more and more companies created henceforth ultra-thin watches.

Even in the years to come Concord was not afraid to break new ground and combine stylistic devices that were rather uncommon. With the "Concord Mariner" in 1980 a design was presented, which on the one hand had the advantages and functionalities of a sports watch, on the other hand the elegance and lightness of a dress watch. The men's watch "Sirius" with a total of 64.16 carats was a special highlight among the collections. Both bracelet, case as well as the entire dial were set with brilliant diamonds.

The history of Concord, however, has not only been successful. In the 1990s, many customers lost interest in the brand's unusual designs, and the North American Watch Company increasingly focused on mid-range watch brands. This restructuring also weakened the image of the name Concord. For more than 10 years, the company was struggling with this crisis until it underwent drastic restructuring in 2007. Starting with terminating existing contracts with dealers to enable a complete reboot, Concord gradually built a new image. From now on, only robust luxury watches should be built, which should play in the same league as Audemars Piguet, Panerai and Hublot. With the launch of the Concord C1, exactly this new image was embodied. A sporty, robust functional watch that was in no way inferior to other luxury watches. In 2008, a successor model won the coveted "Best design of the year 2008" award at the "Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve".

Concord is a brand that has demonstrated versatility over the years and in times of crisis. Models like the C1 Eternalgravity are very futuristic and eye-catching with their open design. But even simpler collections can be found in the current portfolio.

The philosophy of Concord

The balance of adaptability and preservation of one's own tradition is essential to Concord. The main focus has always been on the quality of the workmanship of these high quality timepieces. Always ready to suppress new developments, but to revive in their own sense, new Concord collections spray variety and ease. The brand does not feel forced to obsessively preserve old patterns, but continues to evolve.
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