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Christian Dior has a long, highly respected history and is synonymous with luxury for many. Whether in the fields of fashion, perfume or watches, the name stands for quality and exclusivity. Both ladies and men products are popular and exude elegance and grace.  More

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Have you already decided on a Dior watch? The purchase of a certified, pre-owned luxury watch is made as easy as possible through us. You can conveniently pay by credit card or via PayPal. If you prefer to plan for the long term, you can also finance your new watch and choose to buy on convenient installments. Dior prices are heavily dependent on the condition of the watch. Each model is reviewed, refurbished when needed and then equipped with a certificate. So you can be sure that your new favorite piece is a genuine, certified original. Please call us and be personally advised.

Popular Dior watch collections

  • As the embodiment of the company's jewellery philosophy, the La D de Dior combines the courage beneath its creativity with brilliant savoir-faire and a wide variety of materials. Whether brilliant-cut diamonds on the bezel and crown or a beguiling mother-of-pearl dial, La D de Dior watches know how to enchant with their pure beauty and elegance.

  • With the brand's latest series, the GEM DIOR designed by Victoire de Castellane, the company combines organic abstraction, colour diversity and asymmetry. The resulting symbiosis of Haute Couture and Mother Nature is underpinned by enchanting gemstones, giving the collection an exciting and almost daring charm.

  • With the "VIII" in its name, the Dior VIII recalls 8 October 1946, the day the Maison Dior was founded, the name of its first collection "En Huite" and the 8th arrondissement, the Parisian district that became the creative cradle and home base of the brand. Elegant or sporty wristwatches at various price levels make it possible for everyone to call a model from this collection their own.

  • The rectangular timepieces of the Riva collection are reminiscent of the eponymous sports boats, not only through their name but also because of their elegant lines. This charm is skilfully transferred into the models' design and makes them evoke the flair of Saint Tropez and the Côte d'Azur. As a wearer of a Dior Riva, you will experience the lightness of southern France!

  • With the Christal Ladies women's watches, Dior offers an extremely sporty wristwatch collection with rotating bezels, various complications and sophisticated designs. Whether as a simple sports watch with a date window or as a chronograph, the sporty Christal Ladies models are totally impressive.

Best reasons to buy a Dior watch

  • Extremely prestigious brand
  • High quality materials and workmanship
  • Exclusive designs in classic Dior style
  • Precise timepieces paired with glamorous elegance
  • Low Dior prices for second-hand and vintage models

Dior watch references and their prices

Dior VIII CD1245E7
Price: about €3,000
Material: Ceramic
Special features: Ladies watch, black dial, case and bezel, automatic movement, violet diamond accents

Christal Ladies CD112118A001
Price: about €2,900
Material: Stainless steel / leather
Special features: Ladies watch, white leather strap, mother of pearl dial with dash indices, stainless steel case with diamonds

Christal CD115510
Price: about €2,200
Material: Stainless steel
Special features: Men's watch, automatic movement, black dial with Arabic numerals and stick indices, date display

Chiffre Rouge CD085510M001
Price: about €2,200
Material: Stainless steel
Special features: Men's watch, automatic movement, water resistant up to 300 m, black dial with stick indexes, remarkable red second hand

Christals Ladies CD114311
Price: about €1,800
Material: Stainless steel / diamonds
Special features: Ladies watch, quartz movement, white dial with three totalizers, case elaborately set with diamonds

The history of the brand

The company was founded 1946 in the prestigious Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Designer Christian Dior teamed up with his wealthy friend Marcel Boussac to create a brand this year that is among the most exclusive in the world. The very first collection presented in 1947 was a huge success. Not only in France, but also in America soon everyone spoke about the new creator duo.

The fashion Dior created was considered revolutionary. Tight-fittings, figure-hugging tops and long, swinging skirts caused quite a stir. The fact that Paris is considered a fashion capital today is not least due to Christian Dior's guilt. Whatever he designed and presented, soon found its way around the world and became the latest fashion. In addition to exceptional designs, the company also had a wide variety of products. The perfume "Miss Dior" was launched in 1947 and is still a true classic today. In the early 1950s, an own fur and hat studio joined the portfolio of the brand. Within 10 years, the young team managed to employ over 900 people and Christian Dior became an icon.

After his death in 1957, the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent took over the position as chief designer. Under the direction of Boussac, he introduced the successful "Trapezine Line". This was a counterpart to the original figure-hugging pattern of the brand. The fashion that allowed the woman to gracefully present herself without a tight wasp waist became a celebrated success, giving the young designer a highly respected name in the fashion world. However, he was dismissed in 1961 because the original style of the brand was barely recognizable. In his place, Marc Bohan was hired to hold the position as chief designer for almost 30 years.

Although the company came back to its original design, it had to recognize that the style in the 1970s was no longer considered up to date. In addition, Dior forgave too many licenses, for example, for their perfume and cosmetics line, which damaged the reputation of the company. Dior slipped into a crisis, which was aggravated when numerous counterfeits overwhelmed the market. In 1978, the loss-making company was taken over by the Agache-Willot Textile Group, which had to file for bankruptcy following a failed expansion policy. In 1981 the entrepreneur Bernard Arnault bought the company and brought it back on the road to success.

Six years earlier, in 1975, the brand's first wristwatch was released. The "Black Moon" was an elegant men's watch. In 2001 the subsidiary Les Ateliers Horlogers Dior SA was founded, which has, since launched, numerous and versatile women's and men's models. The watches combined Parisian elegance with Swiss watchmaking. The result is an extremely precise timepiece, which, in addition to its functionality, are worn as high-class jewels of the upper class. Versatile designed case shapes, hands and ornaments reflect the company's long history while embracing the latest fashion changes.

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