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The Swiss luxury watch brand Ebel has been known for timepieces since 1911, with a high focus on aesthetics. For three generations, the company has been family-owned and made a name for itself in the industry. Located in the lower price segment, the watches are beautiful entry-level models!  More

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About love and birthday gifts

The Swiss watch brand Ebel can now look back on more than 100 years of history. Ebel can keep up with the big representatives of the luxury watch industry. But how did this all happen?
We move back a few years, more precisely to the year 1875. On a warm summer day, 15 July, Eugène is born as the ninth and last child of the Blum couple. Eugène Blum completed a commercial apprenticeship, then his half-brother helped him into his first job. Not far from the present headquarters, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, his first company he worked in, already operated a small watch factory. While Eugène worked in the company of his half-brother, he made contacts with Russia and Turkey, which should still be of significant importance for his later independence.

In 1899 he met the French Alice Lévy - only three years later, the two then married in the city of love, Paris. Thanks to the wealthy bridal parents and an opulent dowry of 40,000 francs, new opportunities opened up for the young couple. Full of energy and driven by a lot of mercantil knowledge, Eugène and his wife decided to take the step into independence. Because the idea to build and sell their own watches did not engaged the two only since recently, even before they got to know each other it was for both an unspoken dream. After many formalities and tough negotiations with Jules-Emile Blancpain from Villeret in regards of deliveries of the raw materials and the associated terms of payment, the way was paved.

One last thing had to be clarified before the registration: How should the new brand be called in the future? The couple Blum quickly agreed - an acronym of both names Eugène Blum et Lèvy should fund the brand Ebel. The registration of the brand took place on 15 July 1911 in the commercial register of the city La Chaux-de-Fonds. July 15th is familiar? Right, it's Eugene's 36th birthday. However, this is less a coincidence than a pretty nice present to himself, considering how the company blossomed in the following years. From the beginning, Eugène and Alice focused on the production of wristwatches, even though these kind of watch had not yet fully reached social agreement at that time. Eugene was primarily engaged to the technical side of the brand development, while Alice was responsible for the aesthetic aspects of Ebel watches. This was not negligible, in retrospect a very clever move: parallel to the establishment of wristwatches for men by the military, it was also the ladies who wanted to wear delicate and beautiful timepieces. Consequently, not only the quality, but also the design and the decoration with a multitude of colorful gemstones stood in the foreground.

Ebel Sportwave 1956K24

Just one year after the founding of Ebel, the Blums presented their first wristwatches. At the national exhibition in Berne in 1914, they launched a comprehensive collection. Here they impressed the professional audience with the hidden hand adjustment mechanisms so much that they were awarded with a gold medal. In watchmakers and customer circles, the reputation of the young company grew very quickly. In 1932, the son of the founder, Charles Blum, takes over the management of the company. Under his leadership, the company's sales network will be expanded on a broad scale, with Austria, Russia and Spain remaining just a few examples.

When, in 1970s, the company was given into the hands of the next generation, a significant economic boom followed. Now under the direction of Pierre-Alain Blum, grandson of the founder, Ebel also produces wristwatches on behalf of Cartier. In the meantime, the company belongs to the French luxury goods group Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, short LVMH. Through the extensive network of participating luxury brands, the Ebel management could gain valuable contacts and manifest the status as a luxury watch brand. Since 2003, Ebel has been part of the Movado Group. Alongside Concord, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Scuderia Ferrari and Tommy Hilfiger, Ebel and Movado make up the blatant share of the company's luxury watches.

What to look for when buying a watch as an investment?

In a time of low interest rates, it is understandable to think about alternative investments. The market for certified, used luxury watches is therefore worth to consider for many investors. But before you buy a watch as an economic hedge, you should pay attention to a few things. Regardless of the technical characteristics of the watch, its market value can vary widely, depending on supply and demand. Rarely do current models come into consideration as an investment, often it´s the strictly limited and / or vintage watches that experience a rapid increase in value.

Ebel Classic Hexagon 9305F71

It's not an easy game, the market value of a watch can change faster than you think. Unlike the stock market, the watch market does not deal with the future, but always sees the present. Thus, the mood, emotional aspects and especially the personal value of a watch play a more decisive role than the horological value. However, this fact plays the Ebel brand in the cards: the company has focused since the beginning on an individual look of their models. This resulted in a general notoriety for women's watches, as the beautiful gender usually puts more emphasis on the appearance of a wristwatch than the men's world. As a result, emotions or a personal connection to the timepiece play a major role at Ebel!

The 5 best reasons to buy Ebel Watches

  • Enchanting appearance - new and used Ebel watches impress with their unique design elements, classic meets mysticism.

  • Emotional Bond - the story of the brand is a high-profile love story, Ebel is truly a popular figure.

  • Luxury watches in the lower price segment. Comparatively, Ebel reflects prices in the entry-level range of the luxury watch market.

  • High recognition value - Distinctive optical features such as the Classic Wave bracelet make Ebel watches stand out.

  • Perfect Fashion Accessory - Due to the focus on perfect design, there are models suitable for suits as well as for graceful evening dresses. And that's not all: you will also find a suitable timepiece for leisure and sport.

These are the 5 most popular models from Ebel

EBEL WAVE 1216304

All series of the company are available in numerous variations, the high product variety allows for a very individual selection.

  • Certainly one of the bestsellers is the Ebel Wave (Ref. 1216204). The men's model with 40 mm case made of stainless steel and rose gold has the characteristic wave-link bracelet, has a date display at three o'clock and is waterproof up to 5 bar. Used you can buy this classic already from 1.750, - €.

  • The Ebel Sport Classic (Ref. 9090124) represents a 26.5 mm small model for ladies. The stainless steel case is set with diamonds, the dial is pearl white and the indices are also made of diamonds. The anti reflective sapphire crystal guarantees a good readability, the used Ebel Sport Classic you get in fully certified, very good condition from 950, - €.

  • The model Ebel 1911 (Ref. 9120L41) ilt is a tribute to the beginnings of the company. The timepieces of the series were launched in 1986 and are still in production today. With a 40 mm case diameter and a COSC-certified automatic movement, the model (2017) second-hand get´s sold for € 1,650.

  • The Ebel Discovery (Ref. 1216400) is a 41mm men's model with blue dial. Luminescent hands such as stick indices and a water resistance of up to 10 bar make the Allrounder suitable for water sports. In mint condition, the watch is to get for as little as 950, - €.

  • The model Ebel Brasilia (Ref. 9126M52) is slightly out of line due to the shape of the case. Ebel presents us here a men's watch with a rectangular case made of polished stainless steel. Due to the polish, the black dial of the Chronometer stands out. A model from 2009 can be bought from as little as 1,580, - €.

When architects philosophize

From the beginning, the company attaches great importance to the appearance of the manufactured models. Nevertheless, Ebel watches offer high quality. Ebel's product range is consistently certified by the Contrôle officiel suisse des chronomètres (COSC). By far not all watch manufacturers can meet this standard! The unique timepieces are summed up by the company in one sentence; they call themselves the "architects of the time".

We think that hits the nail on the head, because since 1911 the watches from Ebel stand out especially in the ladies' world. The company philosophy fits like tailor-made. The filigree Logo with the special E can be found today in the most elegant shopping streets in the world and is always reminiscent of a company whose heart beats in the rhythm of our time.

Ebel Wave Gent 1216204

The fastest way to the new Ebel wristwatch

If you now want to buy a watch from the Ebel brand, we now offer you the opportunity to do so. As an online retailer of certified, used luxury watches, we always have comparatively cheap Ebel models on offer. Once you have decided on your new watch, you can conveniently pay by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. You want to finance your Ebel? Again, this option is not a problem, put together your individual installment plan, determine a deposit amount of your choice and then your new favorite piece is on the way to you.
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