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Fortis stands for courageous, stable and strong values – exactly the characteristics that founder Walter Vogt intended for his watches. The timepieces shine through impeccable design combined with innovative technology. Even in space, astronauts rely on the dependability of these watches.  More

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Popular collections at a glance

  • The Fortis Cosmonaut series was designed for space. It offers reliable ruggedness and can easily withstand rapidly changing environments such as temperature and air pressure fluctuations. The massive design is striking, but simple at the same time. There are different models such as the very simple Fortis Cosmonaut Spacematic, which seems almost restrained with its breguette indices and the date display at three o'clock. So the Official Cosmonauts, which already shows it’s versatility at the first glance. Equipped with chronograph function and sub-dials, the watch becomes an exciting eye-catcher.

  • The Fortis Aviatis collection meets all the requirements of a typical pilot's watch. The large matt black dials are perfectly readable and prevent the pilot from being dazzled when flying. All models of the series are equipped with a date display. Other features, such as the GMT display featured on the Aeromaster, are also featured in the collection.

  • The Fortis Terrestis collection is not without reason called the "Classic Watch Collection". The watches present themselves in stylish restraint with fine details. The simple three-hand watches have a delicate round case, so that all series of the collection follow the same pattern. However, one can choose between Roman, Arabic or stick indices. The dials are available in black or white and thus fit both - jeans and also evening wear.

  • Fortis, however, can not only go high up, but also deep down. The diving watch collection Aquatis has three very different subseries. The sleek, dark Shoreliner with glowing dot indices and matte black dial, the equally dark Diver Black inspired by the popular Cosmonauts collection, and the colorful Marinemaster, indices and logos are available in a variety of colors. All Aquatis watches can dive up to 200 m deep.

5 reasons to buy a pre-owned Fortis watch

  • Perfect designs in all Fortis watches
  • Timepieces from Fortis offer you the highest precision and reliability
  • Resilience is the signature of the company
  • Fortis can already look back on a long company history
  • A Fortis watch is a good choice for beginners, as second-hand models in particular are available at affordable prices

Pre-owned Fortis models and their prices

Tycoon 904.21.11 L.10
Used from: €2,600
Material: Steel case, leather strap
Features: Men's watch, chronograph, christal back, small second, automatic movement

B-42 Pilot 656.18.81 L.01
Used from: €1,700
Material: PVD and steel case, leather strap
Features: Men's watch, automatic movement, chronograph, small second, date display

Terrestis Hedonist 901.20.165
Used from: €1,500
Material: Steel case, leather strap
Features: Men's watch, automatic movement, date display, bar indices

Stratoliner 401.26.37 L.10
Used from: €2,700
Material: Steel case, leather strap
Features: Men's watch, automatic movement, chronograph, tachymeter, date display

Navy Master 638.10.41M
Used from: €2,200
Material: Steel case and bracelet
Features: Men's watch, automatic movement, chronograph, small second, date window, tachymeter display

The history of the brand

In 1912 Walter Vogt founded a watch company in Grenchen, which was to bear the name Fortis. The name comes from Latin and translates as "strong", "enduring", "fearless" and "courageous". All attributes that Vogt wanted his future timepieces to have. In order to ensure this, the watches have always been produced and assembled by hand. Only the accuracy control is now fully automated. This procedure is not only unusual in today's world, but was already the case back then. Fortis is one of the oldest Swiss watch brands and has always enjoyed playing by its own rules. The focus of the family-run company has always been more on quality and stable value than on mass production. A proof that this claim worked is the partnership with the Russian space agency Roskosmos, which has existed since 1994. In addition to impressive innovative technology, the brand has always impressed with new designs that create current trends or follow them.

In 1922 Vogt joined forces with the British watchmaker and inventor John Harwood. Together, they spent four years developing an automatic movement that was clearly ahead of its time. The "Harwood" was the first automatic wristwatch to go into mass production in 1926. After its launch at Baselworld, Fortis had finally secured its place in the world of luxury watches. Two further milestones occurred in the 1930s, when Fortis began to produce its own chronographs and introduced the Fortis Autorist, which charges itself with the movement of the wrist and with the help of complex lifting mechanisms. In 1932, the company also presented its first water-resistant watch, the Fortissimo.

To underline not only the accuracy but also the robustness of its watches, Fortis set out to create watches that would function even in space. In 1962 the time had come. The Spacematic Automatic was a great success and was able to withstand the most difficult conditions and temperature fluctuations. However, the first Fortis watch that really managed to survive in space was the Official Cosmonauts Chronograph, worn by Russian astronauts. As wristwatches were then reserved for very wealthy families, Fortis developed a watch made of plastic, even before quartz watches and other low-cost models flooded the market. The savings made in the choice of materials greatly increased the customer base and the low-priced Flipper model became one of Fortis' top ranges.

Wearers and partners of Fortis

Pop culture was shrill, loud and colourful. The eye-catching models of Fortis fitted perfectly into this scheme and so celebrities like Whitney Houston, the Rolling Stones and Roger Moore became fans themselves. The brand also has many fans in the aerospace and aviation industries. Petr Kopfstein is one of the best aerobatic pilots in the world, his plane is adorned with a large imprint of a Fortis B-42 Official Cosmonauts Automatic Chronograph. The same model that he wears on his arm and on which he always relies in the air as well as on the ground.

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