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Glashütte Original watches

A German manufacture that can compete with Swiss manufacturers. Glashütte Original is as much about pioneering innovation as it is about tradition. The company was born twice!  More

Glashütte Original
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The fastest way: Finance your Glashütte Original watch

An affordable Glashütte original watch is hard to find. But among the numerous certified, pre-owned luxury watches in the Watchmaster online shop, you will usually find a large number of models from the popular German watch brand. All watches can be conveniently purchased by credit card, PayPal or by bank transfer. Alternatively, Watchmaster offers you favourable financing options for your desired Glashütte Original model. Put together your own instalment plan during the order process, determine the duration and amount of the down payment and expect your package in just a few days. Best regards from Berlin!

The most popular collections

  • Glashütte Original Senator: This collection is dedicated to both functionality and tradition. The historical roots of the brand are highlighted by understatement and discreet design. Mechanically highly complex and reduced to the essentials, these are the attributes of the Senator collection.

  • Glashütte Original Pano: With the spirit of innovation, this collection radiates creativity and the contemporary art of watchmaking. Its characteristics consist of an asymmetrical dial design as well as technically inspired aesthetics. As a result, the manufactory created a collection that combines tradition and modernity perfectly.

  • Glashütte Original Vintage: Inspired by exciting decades of the past century, the Vintage collection models are interesting reinterpretations of earlier timepieces. The "Sixties" and "Seventies" models revisit the ideals of two dynamic decades of music, architecture and design the world changed.

  • Glashütte Original Ladies: Beauty is a commitment for decades. No wonder that they also offer timepieces for the beautiful gender. In these individual models of this family classic elements are reinterpreted in a feminine way, precision meets design and seductive colour combinations.

5 reasons to buy a timepiece from Glashütte Original

  • Movements and dials made in Germany
  • You are always welcome to visit the manufactory
  • The long history of the "German Watch Museum Glashütte"
  • The epitome of understatement
  • Tradition is lived

Glashütte Original models and prices in comparison

How much does a used Glashütte Original watch cost?

Glashütte Original Senator Perpetual Calendar (Ref. 39-50-02-12-04)
Price: pre-owned €14,200 / Condition: Very good / Year: 2002
Technical features: Calibre 39-50, 40 hours power reserve
Functions: Second, zeroing function, perpetual calendar with panorama date, month, leap year and moon phase, hour, minute
Visual characteristics: 38 mm stainless steel case, screwed-in back, silver dial, stainless steel bracelet, stainless steel folding clasp

Glashütte Original Pano Retro Graph (Ref. 60-01-04-03-04)
Price: pre-owned €23,800 / Condition: Very good / Year: 2012
Technical features: Calibre 60, manual winding, 42 hours power reserve
Functions: Hour, minute, seconds, panorama date, chronograph with fly-back and count-down function, stop-second
Visual characteristics: 38 mm yellow gold case, screw-down case back, black off-centre dial, gold indexes and hands, black leather strap, yellow gold folding clasp

Glashütte Original Sixties Panoramadate (Ref. 39-47-01-02-04)
Price: pre-owned €5,300 / Condition: very good / Year: 2014
Technical features: Calibre 39-47, 40 hours power reserve
Functions: Seconds, stop-seconds, panorama date, hour, minute
Visual characteristics: 42 mm stainless steel case, screwed-in back, silver domed dial, luminous hands, black leather strap, stainless steel pin buckle

Investing in a Glashütte Original watch - useful or not?

Many people are looking for alternative ways to make money. Especially in a time of low-interest rates, profitable options are very welcome. It is not so long ago that the luxury watch market has therefore come into the limelight. Because it’s true - with the right watch one can achieve under the right circumstances, high profits. But which model is the right watch? If you want to buy a luxury watch for investment reasons, there are some aspects to consider.

  • The reputation of the manufacturer: Longer tradition means a higher potential
  • The condition of the watch: The better, the better
  • Limited? The fewer models in circulation, the higher the prices can get
  • Special complications, again: More is always better

Vintage Glashütte Original watches meet many of these criteria. Surely the brand Glashütte Original is not cheap, but in the future, the popular timepieces could turn out much higher priced. Whatever one ultimately decides, thorough research should be a prerequisite for the decision of the purchase.

The eclectic history of a traditional manufactory

The long history of the Glashütte Uhrenbetriebe and the Glashütte Original manufactory dates back to 1845. At that time it was Ferdinand Adolph Lange who founded the first watch company in Müglitztal in Saxony Germany. The village Glashütte fell into great unemployment at that time, since the previously profitable silver and ore mines gradually dried up. Thus, Lange began to train straw weavers and miners to become watchmakers and so set the foundations of the "A. Lange & Cie” and for today's Glashütte watch industry.

The watch industry flourished in the village. The miners quickly improved the living conditions and production had already gained a foothold when the Second World War began. Suddenly everything changed, in addition to watches, warlike goods such as time fuses were now produced. However, things did not get any better after the end of the war. On the contrary, the Soviet armed forces dismantled all manufacturing facilities and expropriated all companies in 1945 for the purpose of nationalization.

In 1951, all companies were then combined in the VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetrieb (GUB) by the German Democratic Republic and entrusted with the task of supplying the GDR with watches of various kinds. After the reunification, the VEB GUB disappeared again in 1990. From there the today still successful manufactory A. Lange & Söhne as well as the Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe GmbH made their appearance. The latter became the legal successor of all former enterprises of the GUB. The company now produced mechanical wristwatches under the brand name "GUB" and the brand name "Glashütte Original". While the GUB purchased and installed Swiss ETA movements, Glashütte Original dedicated itself to the development of movements and calibres. The first calibre which was completely made in Germany was called GUB 10-30 and was relatively simple, showing hour, minute, second and date.

After 1994, the new owners of Glashütte Original took care of an increase in terms of quality. Case and calibre production were inspected and improvements made, new manufactory calibres were developed and existing ones were further developed. The power of innovation contributed to the company's ability to offer calibres with complications such as the moon phase, power reserve indicator or perpetual calendar. At the turn of the millennium, the Glashütte Uhrenbetriebe GmbH, and thus the Glashütte Original brand, was acquired by the Swatch Group. Glashütte has since then become part of the largest luxury watch group in the world and is an illustrious company with brands such as Omega, Longines and Blancpain.

The corporate values

With the motto "Together in the name of excellence", Glashütte Original relies on the corporate culture created over many generations. Highest German watchmaking, excellence and creativity. Values ​​that have been handed down from one generation to the next for more than 170 years, a quality standard that still inspires today. The quest for new in-house developments and at the same time remembering the tradition is also reflected in the Logo of the "double-G logo" on the crown. The preceding and backward letter is supposed to reflect the tradition, the other letter stands for modernity.

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