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Hamilton is a watch brand coming from America. Today, Hamilton watches can adorn themselves with the prestigious label "Swiss made", but it has never lost the wild and free American spirit in its designs.

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Hamilton - American Spirit "Swiss made"

At Watchmaster, all watches are checked for authenticity before being sold. The watches are refurbished by our master watchmakers and then equipped with a certificate of authenticity. Therefore, we offer in our online shop exclusively original certified luxury watches - whether new, vintage or second hand models. If you are interested in a certified used Hamilton watch, we offer beautiful timepieces for men on good deals. You have the option to pay by credit card. But you also have the option to pay via PayPal with just a few clicks. If you prefer to buy in smaller installments, that is no problem either. With the help of individually selectable financing options, you can choose exactly the option that suits you best. Take a look at our website or get personal advice through our customer support.

Popular collections by Hamilton

  • The Khaki Aviation Collection is the popular pilot watch series made by Hamilton. The watches were designed for pilots and co-pilots, but are also popular with watch collectors today. The design perfectly reflects the stylistic means of aviation and the individual models have from simple dials up to the complex flight functions everything to offer.

  • The opposite is the Khaki Navy Collection. Robust and with large luminous dials, the models in this series are the perfect companion for every underwater adventure. Created for deep-sea researchers, the collection is also ideally suited for recreational divers. With this watch a stylish dive is assured.

  • The Jazzmaster collection offers the wearer a perfect combination of tradition and innovation. Many models have a skeletonized dial and thus show the filigree movement. Perfect for everyone who wants to see what makes its everyday companion so precise.

  • Functionality, durability and design are the three attributes that have been combined in the Field collection. Inspired by military operations, the series is designed to withstand any adventure in nature. The clearly design, large dials are easy to read even in darker light conditions.

  • As the name American Classic suggests, this collection is geared to the American roots of the company. The series is particularly diverse in its variations. However, elegance and straightforward design are a central theme. Depending on your taste, there are plain three-hand watches or even eye-catching chronographs with skeleton dial.

  • Four best reasons to buy a used Hamilton watch online

  • Hollywood-ready watches that were seen on the big screens of the world

  • The watches are characterized by reliability and precision

  • Perfect for beginners due to relatively low prices

  • Highly regarded brand with a strong recognition value

  • Interesting models and prices of Hamilton watches

    Hamilton American Classic Railroad Small Second car H40515781
    Men´s watch
    Used starting at: approx. 800 €
    Material: Steel
    Features: Crystal back, Small second, Date display

    Hamilton Jazzmaster H32616133
    Men´s watch
    Used starting at: approx. 900 €
    Material: Steel
    Features: Display back, luminescent hands, date display, chronograph function

    Hamilton Khaki Navy Belowzero H78585333 Men´s watch
    Used starting at: approx. € 1,000
    Material: Steel, Rubber
    Features: Center-, PVD / DLC coating, date display

    Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot H64611535
    Men´s watch
    Used starting at: ca. 500 €
    Material: Steel
    Features: Date and weekday, quartz movement

    Hamilton Khaki Aviation X-Wind
    Men´s watch
    Used starting at: approx. 1.100 €
    Material: Steel
    Features: Crystal back, small second, luminous indexes, chronograph function, date display, weekday display

    The History of Hamilton - American Innovation and Swiss Tradition

    In 1892 Hamilton was founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The factory was located there for the first 111 years. The company achieved initial successes when the infrastructures expanded at the same with the railway networks. Hamilton was commissioned to develop accurate timepieces to ensure punctuality on one hand, but also to guarantee the accuracy of train journeys and prevent accidents. With Hamilton becoming so successful in the area of rail technology, new errands came at a time when aviation became ever more prevalent and the company was able to break new ground. The timepieces were used for the Coast-to-Coast services of the US Airmail and still equip the Red Bull Air Race World Championship today.

    Innovation has always been one of the main motivations of the brand. In 1957, Hamilton introduced the Ventura, the world's first battery-powered wristwatch. Another sensational development was Pulsar, launched in 1970, the first watch with a digital LED display.
    Since 2011, ETA and Hamilton have been working together to create their own movements for the brand. These have a stunning power reserve of up to 80 hours.

    But even on the screen Hamilton can shine. For over 90 years Hamilton is one of the most famous brands in movies. In classics such as Marlene Dietrich film "Shanghai Express" and "Frogmen" models of the brand can be seen. Even modern films like "Interstellar" and "The Martian" show the elegant and functional timepieces. Since 2006, there is even a film award that recognizes great achievements behind the camera. Its name: “Hamilton Behind the Camera Award”

    Hamilton became a member of the Swatch Group in 1974 and has been in the city of Biel since 2003. Since then, the watches are adorned with the prestigious "Swiss made" Label. Whether in the breezes or in the depths of the oceans, with an automatic movement or quartz movement, Hamilton values ​​precision and accuracy, but also always maintains the ingenuity of the American Spirit.

    An Interplay of Precision and Free Spirit the Philosophy of Hamilton

    Hamilton's philosophy is based on many years of experience in the field of watch technology. Highest precision is the cornerstone of success, coupled with ever new innovations and unique manifestations, the brand can attribute a strong recognition value. The Swiss quality with the American free spirit is the unique recipe for success of the company.
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