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One the name ”Hermès” is heard, you immediately think of one thing: Luxury! The ladies and gentlemen of the high society of this world adorn themselves for decades with the noble accessories of the brand. In addition to high-quality bags and representative scarves, the focus is above all on the extraordinary and elegant watches.  More

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Have you already decided on a Hermès watch that you would like to combine with your favorite dress or suit? In this case you can buy it easily and safely with your credit card or with PayPal at favourable prices. Or if you prefer to plan for the long term, you also have the option of financing a Hermès watch. All watches are checked, maintained and cleaned by our master watchmakers, after which they receive a certificate of authenticity. Simply call our customer service team for a personal consultation and to find the best prices for your desired model.

Popular series by Hermès

  • The Hermès H Hour is a watch that has a strong recognition value. Even someone who knows little about watches can associate this watch with the brand: The rectangular dial is framed by an "H" shaped frame, the typical Hermès logo, which can also be found on the company's belt buckles. The bracelet is made of fine leather and a Swiss quartz movement ticks inside.

  • In comparison, the Hermès Arceau is a very simple series. With its stirrup-like lugs and leather strap, the watches are designed as a tribute to equestrianism. The special eye-catcher of this series are the numerals themselves, which are aligned towards the centre and have a particularly dynamic effect, like the fast gallop of a horse race. To match the dynamic design, the watch is also available with chronograph function, so that its owner can measure his or her best times.

  • The Hermès Cape Cod was originally intended to be a square watch, at least that is what the Maison had ordered. However, the designer Henri d'Origny preferred rectangular shapes and found a successful compromise: a square dial in a rectangular case. This design also reflects the close connection to equestrian sports, the Double Tour bracelet is strongly reminiscent of clasps that can also be found on horse saddles.

  • Hermès divers' watch, the Hermès Clipper, is water resistant to 200 metres, making it ideal for every dive. The comfortable rubber strap also makes the watch a sporty eye-catcher. The extra large indices make it particularly easy to read in any situation.

5 good reasons to buy a pre-owned Hermès watch

  • Luxury brand in a class of its own
  • Cheaper prices on used and vintage watches
  • High-quality Swiss movements
  • High recognition value thanks to the brand-typical design
  • Good investment thanks to constant increase in value of the company

How much does a Hermès watch cost?

Arceau TGM AR4.810
Price: Second-hand approx. €1,900
Material: Stainless steel
Main features: White dial, automatic movement

H Hour HH1.201
Price: Second-hand approx. €1,400
Material: Gold plated stainless steel
Main features: Extraordinary case form, quartz movement

Slim CA2.170
Price: Second-hand approx. €5,300
Material: Rose gold
Main features: Silver dial, quartz movement

Tandem TA1.810
Price: Second-hand approx. €800
Material: Stainless steel
Main features: Rectangular case, black dial, quartz movement

Cape COD Quartz CC1.210
Price: Second-hand approx. €1,000
Material: Stainless steel
Main features: Striking form in equestrian design language, quartz movement

These well-known personalities wear the luxurious watches

The elegant watches are popular with many ladies and gentlemen of the world, the elegant design makes everyone shine. Among the most famous wearers are the Princess Beatrice of York, actresses and models like Elle Macpherson and Kelly Rutherford.

The history of Hermès, the birth of a luxury brand

The Hermès brand enjoys a reputation in the world of luxury like only a few others. Mainly known as a French fashion brand, today the company specializes in high fashion as well as luxury products such as leather goods, high-quality furniture, perfume, jewelry and, for us, particularly exciting: Watches. But the story begins differently than might be expected: In 1837, the Frenchman Thierry Hermès founded a shop for high-quality horse and riding equipment in Paris. Bridles and saddles of the finest leather and the highest quality could be found in the shop of the young saddler. These became quickly very popular among the upper classes of the fashion metropolis. Hermès customer base grew rapidly in no time and helped the brand to a high reputation.

After the death of his father Charles-Émile took over the company and quickly proved a clever sense for business. Throughout the ages, as carriages were slowly being replaced by automobiles, he focused his attention on developing new high quality leather accessories for traveling. Bags and suitcases found an important place in the new portfolio of the company. When the company relocated its headquarters to the prestigious Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in 1880, it finally joined the world of luxury brands alongside Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent. Especially their bags have become classics of the fashion world. Models like the Hermès Birkin Bag and the Hermès Kelly Bag have cult status and are regularly worn by celebrities and fashion icons.

With the takeover of the company by the brothers Émile Maurice and Adolphe Hermès, the spirit of innovation of the brand was continued and the range of accessories was extended. This was followed by belts and for the first time other goods that were not made of leather, such as jewelry, chains and perfume. Particularly well-known and today a flagship of the brand is the 90 cm x 90 cm silk scarf "Carré Hermè". Presented in 1930, the scarf is available in a wide variety of color and design variations, adorning the necks and heads of famous personalities such as Grace Kelly and Queen Elizabeth II. Around the same time, Hermès launched the first watches, but then exclusively in collaboration with highly respected watchmakers. The first pocket watch was introduced in 1927 in cooperation with the watch manufacturer Movado, Hermès produced for this purpose the leather version of the watch with the reference number 1261 670M.

Hermès presents several fashion collections each year for men and women on the catwalks of the world. The own watch manufactory was founded in 1978 in Biel in Switzerland in order to be able to further solidify the product segment of wristwatches. Both very feminine models and unisex watches are made to meet the needs of all customers alike.

The watches of the brand not only convince by their design, they are also technically at the highest level and compete with other high-ranking watch brands. They are equipped with high-precision movements. The finest materials such as leather and polimere are used and the watches also have a lot to offer in terms of functionality: the Hermès Clipper, for example, is a divers watch that is waterproof up to 200m. In 2015, Hermès also ventured into the smartwatch segment. In cooperation with Apple, the luxury company produced the Apple Watch Hermès, a combination of classic Apple Watch and bracelet and Watchface Design made by Hermès.

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