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Hublot is known for its unique material blends and as a distinctive luxury brand. The watches impress with their unique designs and offer technical innovations of the highest standard. If you want to make a statement, wear Hublot, man or woman.  More

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Our online shop has a wide selection ranging from certified used Hublot models in excellent condition to the latest bargains. You can find both men's and women's watches of the brand. You are enthusiastic about the extravagant designs and the convincing quality and would like to buy a pre-owned Hublot watch at a discounted price from us? Then you simply have the opportunity to pay quickly and securely with your credit card. However, if you would like to plan for a longer period and divide the payment over a certain period of time, then you also have the option of financing with us. If you need advice on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service and you can soon wear your new favourite piece of luxury on your arm.

Hublot Classic Fusion 521.NX.7071.LR with stainless steel case and leather strap on light linen fabric

Popular models from Hublot

  • The Hublot Classic Fusion 525.NM.0137.LR.SLF17 is made of ceramic, titanium and crocodile leather, perfectly reflecting the material fusion of Hublot. The black skeleton dial fascinates not only by filigree craftsmanship but is by specially set red accents – the totalizers and the second hand – a real eye-catcher.

  • Hard to beat is the Hublot Big Bang 342.ST.5010.ST.2704, which comes in silver and grey, with a bracelet and steel case. The dial is grey with Arabic numerals and baton indices. At three, six and nine o'clock, the watch has totalizers, which are also in dark grey and black and are therefore barely perceptible at first glance. This watch polarizes not with an eye-catching design, but with timeless style. In pre-owned condition, this Hublot watch is available at a price of €7,000.

  • If that's too much for you, check out the Hublot MDM Geneve 1390. Also in grey and silver – the bracelet and steel case. The grey dial further has totalizers and has a subtle date display at three o'clock, silver hands and the company logo with the name of the watch. You can recognize the origin of the name "Hublot", the watch reminded by the largely empty dial and the steel bezel strongly to a porthole. A vintage model for ladies from 1990 costs about €1,000.

  • A total counterpart to this is the Hublot King Oceanographic 1000 732.NX.1127.RX. The watch is definitely ready for any deep-sea adventure, with a water resistance of 1000 meters, or 100 bar. The 48mm titanium case with a rubber strap definitely sets a statement on each wrist. Despite the size, the watch is neither clunky nor heavy. Hublot has managed to develop a technically highly specialized watch, and yet not let the industrial design appear too cold. With friendly colours such as blue and yellow, the watch gets a softer character, and is thus well-tolerated in everyday life. This watch convinces at the highest level both technically and with an extraordinary design and costs about €11,500 in second-hand condition.

Best reasons to buy a used Hublot watch

  • Exclusive material combinations
  • Watches of the extra class
  • Exceptionally robust watches
  • Hallmark of many athletes and musicians
  • second-hand Hublot watches are usually cheaper compared to new ones

Hublot Big Bang 342.CX.130.RX watch with black dial

What does a Hublot watch cost?

Hublot Big Bang Evolution 301.SB.131.RX
Price: €8,400 (2017)
Material: Ceramic and stainless steel
Main features: black ceramic bezel, black dial with carbon pattern, rubber strap, men's watch

Hublot Classic Fusion 525.CM.0170.RX
Price: €11,160 (2015)
Material: Ceramic
Main features: skeleton dial, totalisers at 3 and 9 o'clock, automatic movement, rubber strap, men's watch

Hublot MDM Geneve 1810.3
Price: €5,800 (2007)
Material: yellow gold, rubber
Main features: automatic movement, totalizers at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock, Arabic dial, men's watch

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Chronograph 402.OX.0123.VR
Price: €26,000 (2014)
Material: pink gold
Main features: silver-coloured dial, chronograph, leather strap, men's watch

Hublot King Power Unico 701.CI.0170.RX
Price: €22,500 (2016)
Material: Ceramic
Main features: black ceramic bezel, grey skeleton dial, rubber strap

Hublot Geneve 1395.NE10.2
Price: €2,450 (2008)
Material: steel, yellow gold
Main features: quartz movement, black dial with line indices, ladies' watch

Is a pre-owned Hublot watch the right investment?

Hublot has found the perfect niche for itself: sporty-elegant luxury watches in a class of its own. Although the brand is relatively young, the watches move in the same sometimes even more exclusive price segment than Rolex watches and thus play in the top league. Looking at the development and growth of the past ten years, it is to be expected that Hublot is far from reaching its peak. Although you can not create a long-term forecast due to the short history, many other luxury watch brands such as Rolex or Omega show that watches from their early years, limited series and special editions are the most sought after and quite expensive. Invest in a used Hublot watch today and see for yourself how your watch becomes a legend.

Hublot Big Bang 301.SX.130.RX.114 watch with diamond bezel in boxing glove

The History of Hublot

Hublot founder Carlo Crocco began his career in the watch industry in 1975. With the name of his wife, Marie-Daniel-Montre, the Italian sold in his circle of family and friend his first watches, which were similar to the later Hublot designs even back then. Unlike most Swiss watchmakers Hublot is still in family hands. Five years later, the founder appeared in 1980 for the first time with the brand "Hublot" and thus realized the dream of his own watch brand. The name is closely rooted in the first watch that Crocco unveiled in Basel this year: it was a gold watch with a rubber strap. This material was until then completely unknown in the watch industry and convinced immediately. The combination of the black bracelet, the golden bezel and the equally black dial with its hinged lid reminded strongly of a porthole (French: "Hublot"). The special rubber bracelet quickly became a hallmark of the company, rarely before has such noble and sporty materials been combined.

Another milestone of the company was in 2004 when the marketing talent Jean-Claude Biver was appointed CEO. With new ideas and an extraordinary spirit of innovation, he brought the brand back into the fast lane. Shortly after his nomination, the Classic Fusion and the legendary series Big Bang and King Power were introduced. Awarded numerous prizes such as the "Prix du Design 2005" and "Watch of the Year", the Big Bang is still considered Hublot's most popular collection today. In 2007, Hublot opened its first boutique in Paris, quickly followed by the second one year later in Saint Tropez. Today, Hublot has more than 30 of its own boutiques worldwide. For the individualization of the watches, wires are pulled or stretched in the arm and after completion of the purchase and perfectly adapted to the wearer's wrist. This guarantees every customer the perfect wearing comfort.

Hublot is known for the artful combination of different materials and extravagant designs. Through the use of luxury materials and the material rubber, typical of the brand, the watches are both elitist and sporty and are clearly different from other watches of the luxury segment. The excellent quality is constantly evident in a variety of cases and sturdy bezels. In keeping with the sensational mergers, the company made an excursion into winter sports in 2008. Together with the ski manufacturer "Zai" they developed an individual luxury ski using the company's trademark vulcanized natural rubber as the skier's surface. Only 111 copies of it were produced, which were sold in record time. This watch brand is not only a fantastic oxymoron in its model design but also in its philosophy. The leitmotif of the brand is to combine tradition and innovation. Always driven by innovation and progress, Hublot has managed to establish itself firmly in the luxury watch industry despite its relatively recent history. To underline this, Hublot presented its "Big Bang $ 5 million" in Basel in 2012. The watch carries its name and is therefore the most expensive series watch in the world.

These athletes and stars wear Hublot

Like the brand itself, its wearers are luxurious and legendary. These include Kobe Bryant, the former long-time captain of the Los Angeles Lakers. The record holder Usain Bolt also wears Hublot and has even teamed up with his favourite watch brand to create the special edition Hublot King Power Usain Bolt. The Watch of New York Yankee's Alex Rodriguez? The Limited Edition Big Bang King Power Black Magic. But Hublot is not only among athletes very popular. The exceptional talent Ed Sheeran also wears a Hublot Big Bang. The list can be continued indefinitely, other celebrities include musicians such as Jay-Z and Lionel Richie and Hollywood stars like Jessica Biel and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Other top series from Hublot

  • The Hublot Big Bang is considered the most coveted model by Hublot and has been honoured countless times for its brilliant design. Its name derives from the Big Bang, the only time all the materials in the universe were mixed – an allusion to the innovative material combinations that have become Hublot's hallmark.

  • The Spirit of Big Bang presented in 2014 is a new interpretation of the Hublot classic "Big Bang", which continues to impress with new editions to this day. It comes in an elegant tonneau shape (barrel-shaped), reminiscent of the early 20th century. Especially elegant, this series is perfect for anyone who appreciates unusual watches with classic noblesse. As with all other Humblot collections, a variety of material combinations are used here as well. Whether gold, diamonds, crocodile leather, rubber or titanium, everything is represented.

  • The Hublot Classic Fusion has a slightly less distinctive design than the Big Bang and thus appeals to gentlemen and ladies alike who appreciate the understated style. But even lovers of opulent luxury get their money's worth with the Classic Fusion, as there are complete diamond-studded editions.

  • Hublot King Power is Hublot's technically most advanced watch, with a movement that has been developed for four years. The Caliber HUB 1240 Unico consists of over 300 parts, which are assembled in elaborate manual work. Through this elaborate production, there are numerous strictly limited models, where a high increase in value is expected.

  • Probably the most extravagant series Hublot's Collection of MP. Technically highly innovative, the watches almost do not look like they are from this world. For example, the Hublot MP 02 Key of Time Titanium lets its wearer become master over time, running four times faster or slower than the regular time, as desired. Do you want to have a very great moment? Just do not let time pass. Another unique model in this series is the MP-05 LaFerrari. Together with the luxury sports car company Ferrari, the extraordinary timepiece that looks more like a high-performance engine than a wristwatch was created. In fact, this watch also performs high performance, with its eleven spring set in series, it has a power reserve of up to 50 days.

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