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Jacob & Co was never pleased by the average. Nowadays, there are many watches showing another time zone. The legendary Five Time Zone watch, however, presents five, other models can even show up to 24 different time zones.  More

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Popular collections by Jacob & Co

  • The flagship of the brand is the "Five Time Zones" series, which has a small sub-dials at two, four, eight, and ten o'clock, each showing a different time zone. The collection is available in many editions. Quite simply in black or silver or very noticeable in bold colors. Most models also have a date window at six o'clock.
  • The "The World Is Yours" series is a daughter collection of the famous Five Time Zone collection. It also displays five time zones, but forms a world map on its dial with the help of brilliant diamonds. The different continents serve as sub-dials. It has a date display at six o'clock.

  • A very eye-catching collection is the rectangular Metropoli. The dial includes a square on which the time can be read and is surrounded by the diamond-studded numbers and the locations of the Jacob & Co stores. This series is perfect for anyone who can identify with the brand and loves glitz and glamor.
  • The Epic II is an elegant yet sporty collection. It has a chronograph function and three sub-dials at three, six and nine o'clock. On the steel bezel for every hour a gemstone is set which is a reminiscent of steel screws. So the watch is given a massive appearance.
  • The Angel Collection is a filigree rectangular series that has two time zones. There are two small dials on the rectangular background. The diamonds that occupy the case make the watch sparkle and remind of a starry sky. It also has a date indicator at six o'clock of the lower dial.

The best arguments to buy a used Jacob & Co watch at a low price

  • Exceptional design with a strong recognition value
  • Numerous collections with five or even more time zones
  • Highest quality thanks to exclusive materials
  • Timepieces designed as jewelry, built to the highest quality
  • Used models from Jacob & Co are cheaper than the new price and the watches are often barely used

Interesting models and Jacob & Co prices

Jacob & Co Automatic Chronograph ACM-1
Men's Watch
Price: About 2,500 €
Material: Steel case, steel and diamond bezel, leather strap
Features: Automatic movement, chronograph function, date display
Jacob & Co Jumbo Grand Five Time Zone JGR5-21
Men's Watch
Price: About 2.200 €
Material: PVD and steel case, rubber strap
Features: Five time zone dial, quartz movement
Jacob & Co's Five Time Zone JCM-2
Unisex Watch
Price: About 1,800 €
Material: Steel bezel and housing
Features: Quartz movement, five time zones, colored accents on the sub-dials
Jacob & Co Iconic H24
Men's Watch
Price: Approx. 5,500 €
Material: Steel case, leather strap
Features: Automatic movement, Roman indices, five time zone dial, date display
Jacob & Co's Five Time Zone JC-49SS
Unisex Watch
Price: 8.700 €
Material: Steel and diamonds
Features: Quartz movement, diamond dial, five time zones


The history of the almost 40-year-old company does not start in the watch industry, but in jewelry design for large brands and custom, one of a kind products. In 1981, the newly trained Jacob Arabo opened a jewelry store in Manhattan, New York City. The designs and jewelry were so sought after that Arabo founded the brand "Jacob & Co" five years later and from then on sold his ideas himself. The company gained an exorbitant reputation as the celebrity couple Faith Evans and Notorious B.I.G discovered the brand and promoted it in their influential circle of friends.
Jacob & Co soon became a brand of high society - conquered the parties and red carpets of the world. In 2002, Jacob Arabo developed his first luxury wristwatches for this much-traveled audience. These had the special feature of displaying five time zones to support a versatile jet set life. The time of day of the metropolises New York, Tokyo, Paris, LA and their own home time were displayed.
The success proved the designer right - the watches sold virtually by its own. In 2004, a new store was opened on 57th Street. Only two years later, the legendary Quenttin watch with a phenomenal 31-day power reserve was launched, and the "The World is yours" watch received an award for its excellent design from New York City's Travel + Leisure Magazine. The watch featured an extravagant world map made of diamonds and with the five time zones.

But the world became faster-paced and in 2013 the five time zones weren't enough anymore for Jacob & Co. With the "Epic SF24" a watch with as many as 24 time zones was presented at Baselworld. A wheel on the head of the mechanical watch made it possible to indicate the different times. At the same time, the digital "Ghost Watch" was launched, which was able to visualize up to 20 time zones on five different digital displays.

Jacob & Co has always managed to catch up with the trend of the times and has always surprised with extraordinary and revolutionary developments. The watches are still considered highly complicated and are firmly rooted in the luxury world thanks to their extreme reliability.

A brand of the stars - these personalities wear Jacob & Co watches

Jacob & Co has become famous as well-known personalities took a liking to the pieces and thus helped the company gain prestige that could not be created artificially. Since 2011, Chinese actor and producer Donnie Yen has been the brand's official brand ambassador. In 2012, the American actress Milla Jovovich joined.

To honour the brand, numerous musicians, including Beyoncé and Jay-Z, have already mentioned them in their songs and pieces. Star footballer Christiano Ronaldo has also been a brand ambassador since 2013. 

So versatile and globally focused are the watch models, so versatile are the wearers and representatives of the company. With a certified Jacob & Co watch you have the opportunity to become part of this exclusive club of stars and starlets.
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