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Longines La Grande Classique

Almost 190 years of history but still in line with the times - that’s what the luxury watches in Longines’ La Grande Classique series represent.  More

Longines La Grande Classique
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Buy and finance Longines La Grande Classique watches

Have you already found your new dream watch? Then don’t hesitate any longer and add the watch of choice to the shopping basket. Afterwards, all you have to do is complete the order by paying for your Longines La Grande Classique and it won’t be long until you are holding the elegant timepiece in your hands. At the checkout you can choose between paying the full price outright via instant bank transfer, credit card or PayPal and financing the watch through one of our partner companies. Whatever suits you!

Details of the Longines La Grande Classique

It’s not a tool watch or a stopwatch and it’s certainly not a diver's watch. Consequently, the La Grande Classique is one of the most elegant and simultaneously most reliable watches that you can wear. When you buy a pre-owned La Grande Classique, you are choosing the traditional aesthetics of a world-famous brand. The flat profile of the specially designed case makes this watch timelessly beautiful. The available models reflect all of the characteristics of the original version. Honouring tradition but evolving with the times, Longines have gone from strength to strength, continuing to inspire new generations.

Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal also makes the elegant La Grande Classique watches very robust. You can choose between models with a leather or stainless-steel bracelet, depending on your taste and budget. The dials are typically designed with optimum readability in mind and the most precious styles can be purchased with diamond embellishments. The coating of the stainless-steel case varies between rose and yellow gold. Elegance is always centre stage. The largest model in the series, measuring 38.5 mm, is still very handy size and fits nicely even on narrow wrists.

Models from La Grande Classique collection

When it comes to a garment or accessories such as luxury watches, the most eye-catching pieces aren’t necessarily the most expensive or highest value ones. On the contrary, with a pre-owned Longines La Grande Classique, you can grab a real bargain and also show off your excellent taste.

  • La Grande Classique ref. L4.743.6.11.0 is a watch for every occasion. It is a gorgeous piece with a fine yellow gold case with Roman numerals on a white dial. Pre-owned, you can buy this La Grande Classique for €1,240.

  • What’s more precious than time? A stunning timepiece with precious stones? Twelve diamonds act as indices and are set in a petite 24.5 mm precious gold-plated case. At Watchmaster this well-priced La Grande Classique (ref. L4. could be yours for just €22 per month or a total price of €1,150.

  • An excellent mixture of the previous models is the La Grande Classique (ref. L4. The delicate bracelet and case are crafted from yellow gold, while the bezel of the case is set with diamonds that surround a subtly designed dial. The Roman numerals give this Longines La Grande Classique model a special vintage charm. This model is available for €4,000 pre-owned.

  • The La Grande Classique (ref. L4. is a stunning ladies watch with a 24 mm diameter made entirely of stainless steel that offers an elegant look. The white dial features Roman indices and a date window at three o'clock. Inside, a precise quartz movement works away with total precision.

  • Alternatively, the ref. L4.691.6.11.2 comes in a 33 mm yellow gold case and black leather strap. For this model, Longines has also chosen to use a precise quartz movement and a white dial with Roman indices. An ideal dress watch for sophisticated events.

La Grande Classique: affordable luxury from Longines

Longines secured its reputation early in its history as an exceptional brand with the highest quality standards. Of course, Switzerland isn’t exactly short of high-class watchmakers, but Longines' luxury watches set themselves apart with their particular sense of style. They are able to do so thanks to the freedom within the company to create all series as original products. The ladies' and men's watches in the La Grande Classique series represent the traditional Longines aesthetic and are available in a variety of designs. The affordable price of La Grande Classique offers a further incentive for watch collectors who are just getting started with their new passion. With the purchase of a Longines La Grande Classique, many people take their first step into the world of luxury watches. But the inspiration for the design doesn’t necessarily stretch as far back as the 19th century.

In 1982 Longines brought the Agassiz line on to the market, which served as the starting point for the creation of the La Grande Classique series. This series is a great example of how flat and smaller watch models were already very popular in the late 80s and early 90s, before the transition to increasingly larger sizes and generally heavier watches. With the La Grande Classique collection, Longines did something about this and were rewarded by watch enthusiasts for its consistency with immediate and lasting success. In addition to the timelessly classic design and the especially flat construction, the affordable price, especially for vintage models, is another positive about the Longines La Grande Classique. These universal dress watches are the perfect example of a luxurious yet unobtrusive timepiece that has an exceptional appearance.

Famous wearers of La Grande Classique

As a wearer of a Longines La Grande Classique you won’t just demonstrate your excellent taste, but you will be in fine company as well. Titanic star Kate Winslet and actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have been seen wearing models from this series. The latter can even be seen on screen in “The Pink Panther 2” with a La Grande Classique on a black leather strap. Supermodel Miranda Kerr has also been photographed several times on the streets of New York with a Longines La Grande Classique on her wrist.

Other series from Longines

At Longines, the La Grande Classique series captures the essence of elegant watches. If this series already appeals to you, we can also warmly recommend the following series:

  • Live life without limits! Discover the Italian way of life with the Longines Dolce Vita collection. A beautiful, rectangular design makes the watches in this series affordable timepieces for every woman.

  • Like the name of the Longines Presence already suggests, these models play an essential role in the Longines collections. With both women's and men’s models available, Presence watches are characterised by their clear design, the flawless interplay of different materials and their excellent readability.

  • The view of a clear night sky. Countless stars and the shining moon. This dreamlike backdrop is mirrored by the Longines PrimaLuna. Sparkling diamonds shine on an uncomplicated dial and radiate grace and eternity. With this watch, you can open up the Longines universe in style.

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