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A luxury brand whose name is better known than any other - that's Louis Vuitton. The watches from their own factory offer the highest quality of materials and the latest technology in the field of timekeeping. With elegant and timeless design, the watches are perfect companions for every occasion.  More

Louis Vuitton
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Buying Louis Vuitton watches online

Certified pre-owned Louis Vuitton watches

Our range offers you pre-owned watches of the brand Louis Vuitton at low prices. Are you still looking for a Louis Vuitton watch or have you already decided on a model and want to buy it quickly? We offer you fast payment options such as Paypal or credit card. Longer-term planning is of course also no problem. Simply arrange for monthly installments individually tailored to your needs. Various financing options for your Louis Vuitton are available to you. Simply contact our customer service if you want to finance a Louis Vuitton or have any other questions. All watches are checked, refurbished and certified before sale.

Collections of Louis Vuitton watches

  • The elegant and timeless Tambour series was Louis Vuitton's first watch collection and remains the brand's flagship till today. With different colored bracelets and a large selection of different materials, the series can be perfectly personalized. Both for men and women, the watch is very popular. Most models in the collection are also equipped with a small date display.

  • The Tambour Slim is a sub-collection of the Tambour series. Although it takes the classic style of her big sister, but is still a bit more modern. The designs are a bit more flashy and colorful. The extra thin case ensures an optimum in wearing comfort for men and women.

  • A very eye-catching series is the Louis Vuitton Escale collection. The men's watches have large, legible dials, which were inspired by the suitcase personalization. The movement has a 24 time zone display as you can admire with the Escale Time Zone. Perfect for the traveling man!

The best reasons to buy a used Louis Vuitton watch

  • Prestigious brand
  • Designs with high recognition value
  • Pre-owned Louis Vuitton watches at manageable prices
  • Highest technical standards and accuracy
  • Elegant, timeless collections

Interesting models of Louis Vuitton and prices

Louis Vuitton Tambour Orientation Q10A1
Price: pre-owned about 3,100 €
Material: Steel case, leather strap
Features: Men's watch, chocolate brown dial, automatic movement, date display

Louis Vuitton Tambour GMT Q11590
Price: pre-owned about 5,750 €
Material: Steel case, leather strap
Features: Men's watch, black dial, automatic movement, GMT function

Louis Vuitton Tambour Lovely Cup Q11BG0
Price: pre-owned about 2,350 €
Material: Steel case, rubber strap
Features: ladies watch, quartz movement, chronograph function, small second, 12h counter, 30 min counter

Louis Vuitton Tambour Q13210
Price: pre-owned about 1,750 €
Material: Steel case, leather strap
Features: Unisex watch, quartz movement, chronograph function, small second

Louis Vuitton Tambour Q1122
Price: pre-owned about 2,350 €
Material: Steel
Features: Men's watch, Bronze colored dial, automatic movement, date display, chronograph function

A pre-owned Louis Vuitton watch as an investment?

Louis Vuitton tands for luxury. The brand owes this not only to the unique designs, but also to the high demands in the choice of materials and the installation. With the purchase of a Louis Vuitton watch you are guaranteed to have a timepiece that will accompany you for a long time. Depending on the model and condition of the watch, the watches are also traded in their used condition at considerable prices. Of course, limited edition models are particularly popular.


The terms "Louis Vuitton" and "luxury" have long been anchored in people's minds as synonyms. This story began when the 14-year-old Louis Vuitton made its way to Paris against the wish of his father on foot to begin a apprenticeship as bag-maker. His work was so excellent that he soon became the official suitcase packer of the Empress Eugénie de Montijo at the court Napoléon III.

With the change in travel options, from carriages to railways and steamers, the demands on luggage have also changed. From vaulted suitcases, which were strapped to carriage roofs and therefore had to be water resistant, one came to box-shaped suitcases, which could be stacked. This turn was recognized by Vuitton and he opened in 1854 his first own business in Paris. His suitcases were considered to be particularly robust and airtight, which made the small shop quickly a big name. Five years later, in 1959, a larger factory had to be built to meet customer demands.

A factory and the family estate of Louis Vuitton were built in the Parisian suburb of Asnières, both of them are still family owned. Originally, the company employed up to 20 employees there, then in 1900 it where already 100 and another 14 years later already 225. Another special breakthrough was achieved by Louis Vuitton in 1886 with his double-spring lock, which was designed to guarantee the security of his customers' valuables. The locks were so secure that even the great escape artist Houdini refused the challenge of getting out of one of these.

The company expanded and grew steadily, 100 years later, over 200 stores were already spread around the globe. This legendary success prompted Vuitton to hire designer Marc Jacobs in 1997 to develop the brand's first clothing line. Today, two collections are presented each year, ranging from bags to clothing over perfume and of course watches. In 2002, the first women's and men's watches were launched, the Tambour collection was born. Already the first models were partly mechanical. Today, the brand has its own watch studio, where only self-made watches and movements have been produced since 2009. The timepieces have a high recognition value. Always adapted to the current collection, the models combine contemporary design with a long company tradition which impresses both visually and technically.

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