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Maurice Lacroix is still considered a newcomer in the industry. The extraordinary appearance of the models always catch the attention. The company has quickly made a name for itself and will continue to hit the news in the future. Pre-owned Maurice Lacroix watches can be purchased at lower prices than you might expect.  More

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In the Watchmaster online shop, you will find a wide range of certified, pre-owned luxury watches, among them many second-hand Maurice Lacroix models. The offer is constantly changing, so it is worthwhile to peek in from time to time once you have decided on a model. Each watch has to undergo a detailed examination of originality, accuracy, and further testing by our in-house watchmakers. Of course, all this will be certified, and you will receive a two-year warranty.

What remains for you to do? Payment by credit card, PayPal or Bank Transfer. Alternatively, you can also finance your Maurice Lacroix. Create an individual instalment plan in the payment process with one of our financing partners, determine the duration and down payment amount personally – and receive your dream watch in a few days.

The most popular collections

  • Let us introduce to you the Masterpiece Calendar Retrograde. It has a 43 mm diameter stainless steel case and comes with an alligator leather strap. In addition to hours and minutes, the models offer a memorable Retrograde date display at 10 o'clock as well as an indicator for the 52-hour power reserve at 2 o'clock.

  • The Masterpiece Les Mécaniques Rattrapante with a 40 mm case made of steel and yellow gold is a watch for both men and women. Black Arabic numerals on a silver-coloured dial and blued hands make it a real eye-catcher.

  • With the Les Classiques Date, the company offers a discreet watch for everyday use. Besides hour, minute and second, the date window is at three o'clock. It is less provocative – perfect to combine with any style.

  • The masculine-looking Pontos Gents is a men's watch without much frills. Their massive line indices emphasize the male appearance in a subtle way, the automatic movement inside completes the overall appearance harmoniously.

  • On a very unusual dial, the Starside shows the time: Divided into black and champagne, it comes in two tones. The watch is a real eye-catcher with its separation in a waveform. The case size of 37.5 mm and the satin bracelet make the watch set with 65 diamonds an elegant fashion accessory for ladies.

Two-tone case of a Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece 67413 watch with a chronograph on a white dial

Best reasons to buy a Maurice Lacroix

  • Low-cost factor: Maurice Lacroix proves that a luxury watch does not necessarily have to cost tens of thousands of pounds. A lot of their models are taking place below the 1,000-pound mark. The coveted classics of the house are on average between one and three thousand euros. See for yourself!

  • Pioneering spirit: Maurice Lacroix is ​​constantly striving for innovation, new technical milestones and combines this with excellent craftsmanship. Especially in a time of seemingly unlimited possibilities, this credo exerts an incredible fascination.

  • Sympathy: The history of origin can soak you in. To fulfil the idea of a board member after his death, and therefore honour him, is proof of selflessness and backbone. Who wouldn't want to identify with that history when wearing a beautiful watch?

  • Design language: the collections of Maurice Lacroix could hardly be more different. From the understated, elegantly held "Les Classiques" dials, to the rectangular "Pontos Rectangulaire" case, or the fully visible "Masterpiece Skeleton" movement, to the distinctive two-tone "Starside" dial, there's something to suit every taste! An eye-catcher is every single one of these.

  • Investment: The company Maurice Lacroix is ​​comparatively young, so everything its future is still open. They have already made a name for themselves in the industry. And for the coming years, the goals are carefully considered: growth, both in terms of popularity and physically. Timepieces made by Maurice Lacroix should probably be anything but boring in the course of this.

Prices of Maurice Lacroix watches

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece MP6358-SS001-11E
Used Price from: 2.040 € (2012)
Material: stainless steel
Main Features: silver-coloured dial (roman), day and weekday indication

Maurice Lacroix Les Classique LC6078-SS001-131
Used Price from: 1.680 € (2015)
Material: stainless steel
Main Feautures: silver-coloured dial with indices, weekday and months indication, automatic movement

Maurice Lacroix Pontos Day Date PT6358-PS101-130-1
Used Price from: 1.370 € (2017)
Material: stainless steel, yellow gold
Main Features: silver-coloured dial with indices, crocodile leather strap, yellow gold bezel

Maurice Lacroix Calypso 95455
Used Price from: 4.490 € (1998)
Material: yellow gold, diamonds
Main Features: silver-coloured dial with roman numerals, ladies' watch, quartz movement

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Worldtimer MP6008-SS001-110
Used Price from: 2.470 € (2017)
Material: stainless steel
Main Features: world-time display, roman dial, crocodile leather strap, gold-coloured hands

Maurice Lacroix watches as an investment

If the reason to get a used Maurice Lacroix watch is ​​its own return, some information in advance might be useful. Generally speaking, there is no "magic formula" for financial success. But it can be said that watches from Swiss manufacturers like Maurice Lacroix are mostly coveted collectables. The more limited a model is, the more interesting it is as an investment. For example, some experts believe that watches made by small manufacturers have a higher value-added potential because they are usually produced in small numbers and therefore have a strict limitation. But not only the limitations, but also the movement, complications and exclusive functions, processed materials, the condition and in any case the completeness contribute significantly to the meaningfulness of an investment.

Maurice Lacroix uses the keyword "exclusive" with his Masterpiece Square Wheel Cube – as the name of the watch suggests, this is an optical and technical masterpiece: a square gear whose teeth are all at different angles for a function without energy loss guarantee. Definitely an eye-catcher without equal, also a strictly limited model.

The company Maurice Lacroix is ​​comparatively still very young, but that can also be the decisive advantage – the ambitions of the company are to jump into the future in large steps. And one day you might look back on Maurice Lacroix vintage models dating back to 2018. However, there is no guarantee that a watch will really pay off as an investment. For this, the timepiece must necessarily be in the vault to protect it from external influences – a pity, especially if the said watch meets the taste of the investor. Maybe a watch that you wear proudly for a lifetime and at the end to pass on to the next generation, is the best investment.

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece MP7078-SS001-120 men's watch with steel case and moon phase on brown crocodile leather strap

A company with heart and soul

Although the company Maurice Lacroix only became legally independent in 2001, it has already established itself since 1961 in Saignelégier in the Swiss canton Jura. This does not mean that the brand looks back on the comparatively little experience in the field of luxury watches. In fact, the fascinating story begins in 1889 under the name "Desco von Schulthess".

The holding has its headquarters in Zurich and was founded as an international merchant of silk goods, so the penchant for luxury goods is no coincidence. The company was always on the lookout for new business opportunities to develop, Desco continued to expand in all the major regions of the world. 1946 was the entry date into the market of luxury watches. Various well-known brands in the watch and jewellery sector were represented by Desco and distributed out into the world. In 1961 the company acquired an assemblage business in Saignelégier and began to manufacture watches for various brands. As a result, the company gained experience and built up its own expertise in the manufacture of luxury watches over the following decades. The sales and marketing channel was already on a high level and it did not take long for a member of the board of the "Desco von Schulthess" to come up with the brilliant idea: to establish their own luxury watch brand.

Unfortunately, the man named Maurice Lacroix, died shortly after sharing his idea, but the idea wasn't forgotten. A subsidiary was founded, which was christened after the deceased in honour of "Maurice Lacroix" and whose job it is to date to make luxury watches. With the introduction of the brand name also the first own watch model under the same name was launched – the Maurice Lacroix. The development progressed steadily, with appealing designs and a very good price-performance ratio, the brand has in Germany an incredible boom. The company is one of the most successful newcomers in the luxury watch segment in the 1990s. In addition to numerous models with quartz movements, the Swiss watchmakers created the first mechanical collection of the house in 1990 under the name "Masterpiece Collection". Technical and visual innovations quickly became a quality feature. As one of the first manufacturers in the world, Maurice Lacroix made it possible to look inside the watch with a glass case back.

In 2001, Maurice Lacroix became an independent entity in the legal sense and flourished more than ever: in collaboration with the renowned watch designer Andreas Strehler, the company developed its first chronograph caliber, the ML 106. Since the complex components are not far from the headquarters in Saignelégier, Maurice Lacroix is ​​one of the Swiss watch manufacturers. Today, the company has more than 200 employees and is represented in over 60 countries all over the world.

The brand's philosophy

Based in Switzerland, the company Maurice Lacroix is following historic footsteps, because Swiss watch manufacturers worldwide stand for first-class quality, long-standing tradition and excellent craftsmanship. The company does not look back on a very long tradition, but the self-imposed motto "success is a journey, not a destination" shows: this is exactly where Maurice Lacroix wants to go. And they are well on their way, the state-of-the-art workshops have collected the crucial factors for producing pioneering timepieces. Meticulous quality controls require horological know-how as well as industry knowledge and technical capacities.

Maurice Lacroix has made itself a name in the industry, but does not rest on its laurels. Reliability and mastery are as much in the focus of corporate culture as innovative designs or technologies and the relentless pursuit of new perspectives.

Maurice Lacroix ambassadors

Maurice Lacroix's brand ambassadors reflect the company's diversity and its global reach. From camera artists such as Yusuke Sato, cuisine and coffee visionaries such as Ben & Lèo and Tetsu Kasuya to athletes such as professional golfers Kim and Morgan Métraux: they have all found a home with Maurice Lacroix and proudly represent the brand. With its sponsorships, the company also shows a strong affinity for sports. From 2014 to 2017 the brand was the official sponsor of the football club "Barcelona" and also supports the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. The latest sponsorships include the German sports club "VfL Wolfsburg".

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