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Omega De Ville

The Omega De Ville series is a reserved, but essentially perfect series. Absolute elegance makes it equally suitable for men and women. The series's appearance seems versatile, yet they all reflect classic understatement.  More

Omega De Ville
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Omega De Ville – the latest collections and prices at a glance

The Omega De Ville family consists of six series. Below is a short portrait:

  • The Omega De Ville Ladymatic models express exclusive and stylish watchmaking at the highest level. It was first introduced in 1955 and reissued in 2007. There are many variations to choose from, for example, the case is available in rose gold, Sedna gold, yellow, white gold and stainless steel. The bracelet is available in the same material variation and in addition as a leather strap. The installed calibres are either the Omega 8521, the Omega 8520 or the Omega 8421. The new prices reach well over €30,000, but used De Ville models can bring decent savings. The Omega De Ville Ladymatic (Ref. 425. from 2013 costs at Watchmasters Onlineshop, for example, only €12,730 instead of new €23,500.

  • The finishing of the Omega De Ville Hour Vision testifies to exceptional quality craftsmanship. Simplicity and elegance are in the focus. The models of the series never seem intrusive, but convince with understatement. The range has three different case options: rose gold, Sedna gold or stainless steel. They are all 41mm in size, but the differences are found in the details: Available versions are chronometer, date display, antimagnetic up to 15,000 gauss, annual calendar or transparent case back. The real beauty is shown in the form of the respective movement: a total of eight Omega calibre are housed in the series. Starting with the Omega 8500 through Omega 8501, 8601, 8611, 8900, 8901, 8902 to the omega 8903, all are COSC and METAS certified. The new prices are around the €6,000 mark, but used is, for example, the De Ville Hour Vision (Ref. 431. in very good condition available from €3,00.

  • With the Omega De Ville Trésor, the company designed a masterpiece for female wrists. Classic elegance paired with a touch of modernity brings the first Trésor from 1949 to life in a timeless manner. The inconspicuous timepiece is powered by one of the most advanced movements Omega ever produced: the Omega 8511. It shines with precision, insensitivity to magnetic fields, and its co-axial escapement. The 40mm wide and just 10.6 mm high case is available in sedan, white and yellow gold. The leather strap can be bought in all various colour finishes. The model De Ville Trésor (Ref. 432. is offered by Omega for €11.400, the same model from the year 2015 in mint condition can be found in the online shop of Watchmaster for €6.790. Of course, it comes as a full set, that means including the original box and papers.

  • The watches of the Omega De Ville Prestige series have become one of the most popular men's collections of the house. The models measure 36.5mm in diameter, the colour of the dial depends on the selected case: You can choose from silver, blue, champagne, black or white. The overall appearance is sublime and modest at the same time. They are reminiscent of Omega's early classic watches and yet have elegant timelessness. All models in the series are equipped with the calibre Omega 2500, the revolutionary mechanical movement, which was first used in a De Ville. These classics are also around the 6,000 € mark, but the model Omega De Ville Prestige (Ref.424. from 2016 in very good condition is already available from €3,810.

  • The Omega De Ville men's collection offers exactly what a classic mechanical wristwatch for men should bring. A 41-42 mm case diameter, a dial with Roman numerals consisting of two clearly divided zones and one of the best movements Omega ever produced: the Omega Co-Axial Caliber 9301. Depending on the model, the watch may is eye-catching. Nevertheless, it manages to integrate perfectly into every evening wear. The MSRP of the popular Omega De Ville Co-Axial Chronograph (Ref. 431. in 18K red gold is €24,000.

  • Real eye-catchers are the models of the Omega De Ville Tourbillon series. Each model has unique and exquisite details that further underline the outstanding expression of horological mastery. It is the world's only watch with a central tourbillon and is handcrafted only by selected master watchmakers. With its tourbillon cage turning once per minute in its own axis, the timepiece compensates the effects of gravity on the precision of the watch. Each specimen of De Ville Tourbillon is made by a watchmaker in over 500 working hours by himself. He engraves his initials in the main tourbillon plate, so if the revision is due, the watch can be handed over to this watchmaker who once created it. Of course, such a process is not cheap. Depending on the specific model it can reach up to six-digit amounts.

The history of the Omega De Ville

Perfectly designed, restrained with style

It is one of the most important success models of the Omega brand: The Omega De Ville. Although the collection is comparatively unknown locally, it is in high demand internationally. It represents the antipole to sports watches which are widely popular in Germany. As a counterpart to Seamaster and Speedmaster, the De Ville is very classic and elegant, almost archaic.

Its history begins in 1960, when Omega first used the name for a special edition of the Seamaster series. The name was always a synonym for simple and elegant models, which are visually distinct from sports watches. Models with the lettering "De Ville" should offer a dignified alternative, a restrained and evening suitable design. Three years later, the COSC certification became another feature of the series, since 1967, the series now stands for innovative watchmaking technology from Omega. Today, the De Ville family is made up of models from six different series that are outwardly different, but essentially share the same value: a healthy level of understatement in a perfect watch.

Pioneering innovations first at De Ville

Omega reached important milestones with some De Ville models. Not just for the company itself, but also for the entire watchmaking history. Among other things, it was the De Ville, which was provided in 1999 as the first watch ever with the, back then completly new, Co-Axial escapement. The friction between the armature and the escapement wheel had been decisively reduced, so that the precision and lifetime of the movement was significantly increased. The revolutionary mechanism redefined the manufacture of mechanical movements in the 21st century.

The hand-wound movement 2500 was also used first by Omega in the De Ville, because the exquisite watch offered the ideal platform and is still used today in the De Ville Prestige. In 2007 Omega presented the self-developed automatic calibre 8500 with Co-Axial escapement. Once again, the De Ville was equipped with it first. The result was the Omega De Ville Hour Vision series. Since the range of the De Ville collection is now very large and includes six series, we would like to emphasize once more: The models are all different in housing shapes as well as movements, dials, bracelets and crowns. At first glance, the De Ville family seems like a colorful collection, but on closer inspection, one thing stands out in particular. Every single watch is restrained in perfection, classic and simple. Not pushy, but timeless beautiful and perfect. It was for this purpose that De Ville was conceived: to underline effectively a subtle appearance.

The De Ville Ladymatic for the woman of the world

A special member of the De Ville series is the series of the Omega De Ville Ladymatic. It was first launched in 1955 and embodies one of the first self-winding watches specially designed for women. Over 50 years later, Omega revives the name with a revised version of the Ladymatic.

And from the beginning, the series fascinates women around the world. The Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman fell for the beauty of the De Ville Ladymatic Co-Axial 34mm (Ref 425. No wonder, the model is almost entirely made of 18-carat Sedna gold, the mother of pearl dial is framed by a diamond-set bezel. The model is powered by the Omega Co-Axial Caliber 8521, waterproof it is up to 10bar pressure. With a new price of €31,200, the watch is not a cheap model, but a beautiful. The watch and Nicole Kidman complement each other perfectly, subtle yet exciting performances are inevitable. Since the actress harmonizes so well with the Ladymatic series and can identify personally with the watch, today Kidman is the official commercial face of the series.

Other interesting series of Omega

  • The Omega Constellation is recognized by connoisseurs around the world for its necessary, groundbreaking watchmaking skills and celebrated 60th birthday in 2012. The main feature of all Constellation watches are the iconic four claws that hold the sapphire crystal on the case.

  • A true best seller of the brand is the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. It already wrote history: on the wrist of Buzz Aldrin, the model was the first watch on the moon. The “Speedy” convinces with practical Tachymeter scale, robust construction and perfect precision even in weightlessness not only NASA, but Omega fans worldwide.

  • The famous Omega Seamaster is Omega Seamaster considered an icon among the divers' watches. The Seamaster 300 M has a sporty, nautical-typical design and withstands up to 30 bar of pressure underwater. It was launched in 1957.

  • As a tribute to the ocean, the rugged Omega Planet Ocean 600 M divers watch is water-resistant up to a depth of up to 600 metres – a versatile timepiece with excellent accuracy and definitely an icon of Omega. It is suitable for professional divers and anyone who loves sporty design combined with technical sophistication.

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