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Piaget watches

Above all, Piaget is known for its ultra-thin wristwatches, whose individual parts have always been produced in-house. Founded in 1874, the company relies on Swiss quality, ultra-thin, precise movements and luxurious materials.

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The history of Piaget: finest traditional craftsmanship swiss

The luxury company Piaget has been known for precision and craftsmanship for more than 100 years and is been family owned since four generations. Its trademark today is above all the ultra-thin wrist watches and extraordinary jewelry. It all began in 1874, when Georges Édouard Piaget, then 19 years old, set up his first workshop in his parents' farmhouse in La Côte-aux-Fées in the Swiss Jura. He quickly specialized in the production of high-precision movements watches and their components and soon became supplier for large Swiss watch brands with calibers and parts. His recipe for success: "Always do it better than necessary", a principle of quality that still seems to shape the company today.

The experience gained in the manufacture of precise movements set the foundation for future generations. Georges Édouard Piaget's son Thimothée continued this tradition, but his focus in the 1920s was on the production of luxurious pocket and wrist watches. The wristwatch had not fully prevailed against its predecessor at this time. Piaget predicted the new trend and increased the focus on wristwatches. Even in the third generation the company was always driven by progress. 1943 the name Piaget was registered as a trademark. Two years later, a second manufactory building was opened in La Côte-aux-Fées to meet the high demand. Valentin Piaget focused primarily on the production of ultra-thin watches, which should soon become a trademark. Due to the constant development of the components, the production of smaller calibers became possible and thus the casings became thinner over the years. A first milestone was the presentation of the in-house mechanical manual wound movement 9P at the watch fair in Basel in 1957. Already three years later, Piaget released the caliber 12P, which is the thinnest caliber in the world thanks to a special micromotor with a diameter of just 2.3 mm!

The following years should pave the way for Piaget to become a well known name in the world of luxury: in 1959, the first "Salon Piaget" opened in Geneva, intended as a gathering place for artisans and designers. At the same time, workshops were opened in the city that specialized exclusively in goldsmithing and setting gemstones or even diamonds. Piaget began to produce luxurious jewelry. This influenced the designs and new developments of Piaget in watch production. It created an exciting mix of jewelry and watches. In 1963, for example, a watch with a semiprecious stone dial was released. Celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor were among the avid supporters of the brand at that time. Its innovative approach brought together Piaget again and again with greats of the contemporary art scene. In 1967 he collaborated with the artist Salvador Dali. Since 1980, under the leadership of the founder's grandson, Yves Piaget, the company has been as successful as never before.

The 5 best reasons to buy a Piaget watch

  • Leading in the making of ultra-thin cases: If you are looking for a very slim watch, then Piaget is the right.
  • In-house calibers guarantee high accuracy
  • More than a century of experience in watchmaking and jewelry
  • Best quality made in Switzerland: As a traditional Swiss company, all watches and jewellery meet the highest quality standards
  • Balanced Design: Piaget watches are ultra-thin, luxurious and use precious metals, sometimes adorned with diamonds or other precious stones

The most popular series of Piaget

  • The Piaget Polo was launched in 1979 and pays homage to the company's roots in the world of luxury. Already in the 1970s and 1980s, Piaget organized events that brought together the elites - including polo tournaments. The Polo series is still one of its figureheads. In 2017, the new Polo S collection was released, paying tribute to the vintage watches from the 1980s, adding a modern twist to their original design through the oval dial.
  • The Piaget Altiplano is available in a wide range of styles: as a ladies' and gentlemen's version with different large dials, with skeletonized dial, with or without additional totalizers, with manual winding and with automatic caliber. All of them have the ultra-thin case and the round body shape that connects to a leather strap and gives the watch its simple elegance.
  • The Piaget Gouverneur captivates by its extraordinary form and symmetry. It is elegant, simple, but not minimalistic and makes you a master over time. It is available in white or rose gold and with and without diamonds on the bezel and and optional with a tourbillon.
  • The Piaget Ultra-thin Automatic is, as the name implies, ultra-thin. It is a vintage watch that used to incorporate ultra-thin movements and was a milestone in the history of watchmaking.

It is well worth buying used and vintage Piaget watches

Piaget watches are often in the upper price segment. So if you want to buy a Piaget watch comparably cheap, it is worth taking a look at certified, used models of the luxury house. When it comes to the question of whether the investment in a watch pays off, not only the price plays a decisive role, but also its development over the coming years. Luxury watches of established brands can be a promising acquisition, as many watches experience a steady increase in value over the years. Especially jewelry watches from Piaget are considered a good investment. The fact that you like the watch, however, is at least as important as its stability in value. If you still have difficulties in making decisions, we would be happy to advise you which model suits your needs best.

What are the cost of a Piaget watch?

Piaget Vintage 13423
Used from: 1.500 € (very good, 1975)
Material: white gold
Main features: 32 mm diameter, silver dial and case, stick indices, automatic movement

Piaget Altiplano G0A36508
Used from: 16.350 € (mint, 2018)
Material: white gold
Main features: 38 mm diameter, silver dial and round case, dash indices, manual wind, leather strap

Piaget Polo 861C701
Used from: 3.330 € (very good, 1989)
Material: yellow gold
Main features: 23 mm diameter, blank dial in blue and gold, quartz movement

Piaget Governor G0A37110
Used from: 14.500 € (very good, 2015)
Material: rose gold
Main features: 43 mm diameter, stick indices, automatic movement, leather strap

Piaget Dancer 84073
Used from: 11.140 € (very good, 1998)
Material: stainless steel, diamond
Main features: 34 mm diameter, diamond-set dial and bezel, quartz movement

Buying and financing Piaget watches - convenient and fast

Our online shop offers a special selection of certified used Piaget watches. If you've already found what you're looking for, there are several ways to bring your favorite timepiece home. Order your desired model conveniently online and pay easily by credit card or PayPal or opt for a longer payment period and pay in small installments. Financing can be tailored to your needs and provide more freedom with your investment. If you are still unsure which payment option is best for you, our customer service will be pleased to advise you by phone or email.
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