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Raymond Weil watches are characterized by a particularly harmonious and detail-loving design. Unlike many other manufacturers, the luxury brand is not inspired by sports, but by music, as shown by the various musician special-editions.  More

Raymond Weil
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How to finance and buy Raymond Weil watches – easily and fast

In addition to popular major brands, we also offer other certified, second-hand Raymond Weil watches at a low price online . Just decide on your model and inform yourself about the different payment options. So you can easily finance your Raymond Weil watch in small installments or pay directly by credit card or bank transfer. If you have further questions about payment options, shipment or the terms of your purchase you can simply check our website online or call us. We are happy to assist.


The most popular Raymond Weil watches

  • The Raymond Weil Freelancer has fans within the watch enthusiasts worldwide since its release in 2007. It lives up to its name: It stands for self-confidence, strength and free spirit. This is also reflected in its unique design, which reinvents itself time over time again, but never loses its unique strengths.

  • The Raymond Weil Nabucco was also launched in 2007 and its racy, powerful design is inspired by Giuseppe Verdi's famous opera from 1842.

  • The Raymond Weil Don Giovanni - dedicated to Mozart's famous opera - is a particularly large men's watch, which convinces with elegance and stylish design. Made of sturdy stainless steel or solid 18-carat gold, this watch is particularly bold and shows confidence.

  • The Raymond Weil Parsifal, dedicated to the three-act opera from 1882, combines classic design with sporty functionality. Visually it is characterized by its high-quality materials such as rose gold, stainless steel or alligator leather and by the dial equipped with Roman numerals.

Best reasons to buy a pre-owned Raymond Weil watch

  • Swiss watchmaking quality
  • Unique, musical inspiration
  • Intergenerational family business
  • Harmonious, detail-loving design

RAYMOND WEIL FREELANCER 2780-SP5-20001 close up dial

How much does a Raymond Weil cost?

Prices and models of second-hand Raymond Weil watches

Raymond Weil Freelancer 7745-TIC-05659
Price: Used from 2.140 € (2018)
Material: titanium
Key features: 45mm diameter, leather strap, automatic movement, stick indexes

Raymond Weil Parsifal 7260-SC5-00208
Price: Used from 2.000 € (2016)
Material: Stainless steel
Key features: 41 mm diameter, automatic movement, Roman numerals, water resistant up to 100m

Raymond Weil Nabucco 7810-BSF-05207
Price: Used from 2.730 € (2011)
Material: Steel, PVD
Key features: men's watch, 46mm diameter, automatic movement, crocodile leather strap, stick indices

Raymond Weil Maestro Chronograph 4830-ST-05659
Price: Used from 990 € (2014)
Material: stainless steel
Key features: 40 mm diameter, automatic movement, Arabic numerals

Raymond Weil Gold Collection 12898-G-65001
Price: Used from 3.350 € (2011)
Material: rose gold
Key features: 27mm diameter, quartz movement, crocodile leather strap, two small dials - one with stick indexes, one with Arabic numerals


Invest in second-hand and vintage Raymond Weil watches

Raymond Weil looks back on four decades and three generations of watchmaking heritage. Above all, special editions or limited editions, which the watch brand usually dedicated to great musicians, often pay off as an investment and experience a great increase in value due to their limited numbers. Raymond Weil watches have a relatively high price range. It can be promising, especially on more expensive models, to watch out for pre-owned models and therefore, to buy a Raymond Weil watch for a significantly cheaper price.

The history of Raymond Weil

It all started in 1976 when Raymond Weil decided to start his own watch brand. The luxury watch brand became part of the long Swiss watchmaking tradition, but also brought its own philosophy and exciting innovations. So it is not surprising that Raymond Weil conquered not only the European, but also the international watch market in an instant. The start in the success company of Weil´s son-in-law Olivier Bernheim in 1982 was succeeded by many further developments and modernizations, turning the company into a family business. The brand has been always inspired by the world of music, which was also reflected in the names of the various collections. When Bernheim joined the series Amadeus, Fidelio, Toccata, Fantasia and several others became an integral part of the brand identity. In the 90s, Parsifal launched a new coup in the field of luxury watches. The noble materials, careful workmanship and innovative design immediately found huge support and made the brand name even more famous. The Tango is known for its perfectly proportioned rectangular or round case and tradition make it the brand's most classic and understated watch. It quickly gained international attention.

RAYMOND WEIL MAESTRO CHRONOGRAPH 4830-ST-05659 close up from dial

1999 the research and development department was introduced which evolved the watches in regards of technology and functionality. Raymond Weil had from here on the development and design process in-house. This made the company more flexible to develop patented novelties such as the exchangeable bracelet system of the ladies' series “Shine”. In 2006, the third generation joined the family business and continued its success story. With the highly technological “Nabucco”, the innovative “Freelancer” and the elegant “Noemia” Raymond Weil celebrated great successes.

Raymond Weil watches and the love of music

Raymond Weil has been a magnet for luxury watch lovers worldwide for over 40 years. The philosophy of the brand is based primarily on the love of music. As detailed and artistic as musicians compose their pieces, Raymond Weil also creates its high-quality watches. For more than 35 years, the luxury brand has been involved in all genres of the music industry. This is proven by series such as the AC/DC Limited Edition, the Tango 300 Bob Marley or the Freelancer David Bowie. The brand is also associated with classic music, which is shown by serial names like Amadeus or Fidelio. With Måns Zelmerlöw and Dami, Raymond Weil even has two recent Eurovision Song Contest participants amongst its representatives. But the brand's main ambassador remains the Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick. 

Raymond Weil is known for tradition. The company has always been in family run – today in its third generation. A lot of emphasis goes towards the Swiss watchmaking and continuous technological development. The expertise and know-how underpin the company's success and are carefully passed down from generation to generation making Raymond Weil a unique brand on the watch market.

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