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The company Sinn from Frankfurt am Main offers instrumental watches that can withstand extraordinary demands. Due to the direct distribution model since the foundation in 1961 competitive prices are made possible, especially pre-owned Sinn watches are available at lower prices.  More

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More information about Sinn Watches

Sinn City - Frankfurt am Main

The story of the company starts with flight instructor and pilot - Helmut Sinn. He was who founded the company "Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren" in 1961 in Frankfurt am Main Germany. Initially the company focused on aviation chronographs, industrial and racing sport watches as well as diving watches. According to the specifications of the founder Helmut Sinn, these were produced in Switzerland.

Right from the start, the company decided to bring all products to customers via the direct distribution. The skimped commission of a middleman created a great advantage in the competition because Sinn watches could be offered much cheaper than well-known brands through traditional distribution channels. It quickly became known that the young company from Frankfurt a.M. offered unbeatable prices for aviation chronographs. Doubts about the quality came with said prices, but these quickly disappeared, as it became known that the founder himself was also a pilot. At the same time first reports of experience in aviation circles made the round and the initial skepticism could be stifled completely. The value for money remained no secret and Sinn Spezialuhren, although young, was able to establish itself in the industry. Carried by the wave of success, Helmut Sinn sold his empire to his experienced colleague Lothar Schmidt in 1994 and re-oriented two years later. Graduated engineer Lothar Schmidt ushered in a new era in Helmut Sinn special watches.

Under new leadership, Sinn developed its own watch models with innovative technologies and focused on special watches for professional use. Likewise, a comprehensive expansion of the product range was carried out. The new focus was also implemented consistently in the production and separated itself from the white label production in Switzerland and developed now the watches and movements at their own. In addition, the distribution was changed and the company now sells their watches no longer exclusively through direct sales, but also on selected jewelers, concessionaires and specialty shops. With such a change of course one could not be missing - the change of name in Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH, as the company is called to this day. Currently, about 14,000 watches are sold each year from their eight product lines, out of the manufacture on the Römerberg right in the heart of Frankfurt am Main.

Luxury watches from Germany as a worthwhile investment

Buying a valuable watch instead of gold or stocks as a reserve is now almost a trend. It is undeniable that high returns can be achieved with the right models. But which are the right models? Those of the big, well-known brands are comparable to black or red in roulette: The probability to set correctly is quite high, but only with high bets a considerable sum comes in afterwards. An alternative are small Swiss manufactories. With less awareness and often limited production runs, demand may increase exponentially in a few years. A comparatively small company is also meaningful, the brand can not boast a very long history. Nor does the company come from Switzerland, which is a not insignificant pro in this market. Of course you can look at all the facts from a different angle. Sinn still has all options open! Sinn watches are special, made in Germany and have been designed for special applications, extremely durable and practical. You primarily buy a Sinn timepiece - whether a new or pre-owned Sinn watch - because you like it, you can identify with it, or you simply need a robust, functional watch. In any case, an intensive research before the purchase decision is a must, there is no guarantee for an increase in value at any time.

Sinn T1 B reference EZM 14

Top reasons to buy a watch from Sinn

There are 4 good reasons to buy a pre-owned Sinn watch !
  • Made in Germany - Not only the swiss manufacturers can produce timepieces with great accuracy. The Frankfurt company Sinn proves it. From 1994 to today, the timepieces are made entirely in house in their production facilities in Frankfurt am Main. German watchmakers and watch parts made in Germany create a real competition to the top dogs in the industry.

  • The fascination of aviation - Not only that founder Helmut Sinn himself is a pilot and a flight instructor, but with aviator chronographs, the brand also achieved a breakthrough. Settled in the city with the fourth largest airport in Europe, Sinn continues to produce cockpit instruments as well. These have been used extensively, but nowadays analogue displays are no longer in use in modern aircraft.

  • Special watches - the company Sinn developed for the German Federal Police and the German customs in the year 1997 reliable and above all robust special watches - Einsatzzeitmesser (EZM). Even today, professional users rely on the precise and functional instruments, including emergency physicians, pilots, firefighters, special forces of the Bundeswehr (German Army) and federal police such as the special unite GSG 9, the special forces command of the Navy KSM and the special unit of the German customs administration ZUZ.

  • Technical know-how - Lothar Schmidt, who has been managing the company since 1994, brought with him a lot of experience. Previously, he worked at IWC Schaffhausen, where he was responsible for the production of cases, bracelets and straps. As the main responsible, he later lead the production engineering of ​​A. Lange & Söhne. All of his collected experience he included in the restructured company Sinn Spezialuhren.

The most important Sinn models at a glance

  • The Sinn 356 Flieger represents the classic aviator chronographs of the brand. Compared to other aviator watches, the chronograph is rather small and its diameter of 38.5 mm makes it absolutely suitable for everyday use. Pressure-resistant up to 10 bar, impact-resistant and non-magnetic according to DIN 8309, the pilot's watch is ready for use at any time. Characteristic is the white lettering "Flieger" at three o'clock below the date window. The chronograph is powered by the automatic movement SW 500 of the Swiss manufacturer Sellita.

  • The diver watch Sinn U1 has been an integral part of the product range since 2005. The housing made of German submarine steel is not only water resistant, but also withstands pressures of up to 100 bar. The watch is tested according to the European diving equipment standards EN 250 and EN14143, the dial is functional: Large white-red hands on the black background display the time reliably.

  • A very classic model is the Sinn 836. The three-hand watch offers a magnetic field protection, which makes it especially interesting for doctors and researchers. With a case diameter of 43 mm, it is a bit bigger. It has a red second hand. The tested Eta caliber 2892 with automatic winding leaves no doubt about the reliability.

  • The space chronograph Sinn 140 St was worn by the German astronaut Reinhard Furrer on the Spacelab D-1 mission in 1985. The watch is still part of the collection today, but has undergone extensive remodeling since then. In the meantime, a self-winding movement, the SZ01 caliber, is now working inside - an improvement on the Eta-Valjoux 7750. The pillow-shaped case measures 44 mm in diameter and is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

  • A homage to the companies homeland is the Sinn 6000, also known as the Frankfurt Financial Center Watch. The company has been located in the heart of Frankfurt since 1961. In 2017 the urgently needed relocation of the company took place - from Frankfurt Rödelheim to Frankfurt Sossenheim. The watch combines elegance with perfect readability, it measures slim 38.5 mm and offers in addition to three time zones a date between four and five o'clock. A matter for the heart is the skyline of “Mainhattan” engraved on the rotor - the connection to the hometown is hereby particularly expressed.

SINN 556 A Reference 556.014

Technology and Function

The company Sinn reflects above all one thing: the high affinity to technology. It is fascinating how permanently new solutions are found, for example, to increase the magnetic field protection or the annoying subject of scratch resistance. There are professions in which one must necessarily be able to rely on one's wristwatch. For example, the lives of rescue divers, firefighters or pilots can depend on fractions of a second - and for these professional users, Sinn Spezialuhren is the focal point in Germany. The creation of first-class wristwatches, which prove their resilience and innovative technology and are also more than competitive - according to this motto, Sinn has been building reliable timepieces for over 55 years now. Frequently form follows function.

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