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With its modern elegance the TAG Heuer Link collection appeals to women and men equally. The brand has succeeded in bringing cosmopolitan flair into the traditional world of luxury watches – and has thereby met with great approval. In terms of pricing, the models make an attractive option to get started.  More

TAG Heuer Link
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Buy a TAG Heuer Link new, pre-owned with certificate & vintage

If you buy your TAG Heuer Link watch in the Watchmaster online shop, you also have the option of financing your chosen Link watch. Each Watchmaster watch has been visually and technically refurbished to guarantee maximum quality and reliability. Discover certified pre-owned TAG Heuer Link models at incredible prices in even greater variety.

Characteristics of the Link collection

The models of the TAG Heuer Link series stand out due to their unique shapes: From the round tachymeter bezel to the brushed bridge connecting the bracelet with the case to the bracelet itself. The bracelet, from which the series got its name, is the most characteristic feature of the TAG Heuer Link: each of its individual links forms a double "S". This unusual shape allows the watch to comfortably wrap itself around the wrist and provides an immensely high recognition value. TAG Heuer thus killed two birds with one stone: functionality and comfort combined with unique aesthetics.

The functions of the models within the Link series are versatile. The TAG Heuer Link is available as a functional chronograph, as the classic three-handed model or as an elegant ladies' watch. With its many different designs, TAG Heuer proves its ingenuity. The 33 models in the Link family show us simple hundredths of a second indicators, black tachymeter scales and stop-second functions. Date indicators and a range of Roman and Arabic numerals give their dials an individual look. For frequent flyers, a version with a second time zone is also available.

Almost all models are equipped with automatic movements – different calibres depending on the included complications. However, they all have a power reserve for at least 40 hours and are water-resistant up to 10 bar.

Prices of pre-owned TAG Heuer Link models

TAG Heuer Link (Ref. CJ1110.BA0576)
Price: pre-owned from 1,270 € / Year of production: 2015 / Condition: very good
Movement: Quartz, running time approx. 24 months, Swiss made
Characteristics: 42 mm stainless-steel Tonneau case, diving bezel, black dial with line indexes, chronograph function, date window between four and five o'clock, water-resistant up to 20 bar, characteristic stainless-steel bracelet with folding clasp

TAG Heuer Link (Ref. CAT2017.BA0952)
Price: new from 4,150 € / Year of production: 2019 / Condition: new
Movement: Calibre 16, power reserve approx. 42 hours
Characteristics: 43 mm stainless-steel Tonneau case, fixed tachymeter scale, anthracite dial and line indexes with illuminant, chronograph function, date window at three o'clock, water-resistant up to 10 bar, characteristic stainless-steel bracelet with folding clasp

TAG Heuer Link (Ref. WAT201C.BA0951)
Price: pre-owned from 2,100 € / Year of production: 2015 / Condition: very good
Movement: Calibre 7, power reserve approx. 42 hours
Characteristics: 42 mm stainless-steel case in Tonneau shape, anthracite dial with copper line indices, second time zone, date window at six o'clock, water-resistant up to 10 bar, characteristic stainless-steel bracelet with folding clasp

TAG Heuer Link (Ref. WBC1317.BA0600)
Price: new from 1,500 € / Year of production: 2019 / Condition: new
Movement: quartz, running time approx. 24 months, Swiss made
Characteristics: 32 mm stainless-steel Tonneau case, pink dial with rhodium-plated line indices, date display at three o'clock, water-resistant to 10 bar, characteristic stainless-steel bracelet with folding clasp

TAG Heuer Link (Ref. CJF7111.BA0592)
Price: pre-owned from 1,650 € / Year of production: 2010 / Condition: very good
Movement: quartz, running time approx. 24 months, Swiss made
Characteristics: 42mm Tonneau stainless-steel case, fixed tachymeter scale, silver dial and rhodium-plated line indices, display with extra hands for tenths and hundredths of a second, water-resistant up to 10 bar, characteristic stainless-steel bracelet with folding clasp

The history of the collection

The TAG Heuer brand has always succeeded in spreading momentum and dynamism in the traditional wristwatch market. The company conveys modern flair, but with the TAG Heuer Link series they have managed to create a simple yet complex wristwatch.

The first model of the series, a men's watch, was launched in 1987. Created by the renowned designer Eddy Schöpfer, numerous variants were added to the series over the years. From the very beginning, the Link series won over the public. It got its name because of the unusual shape of the bracelet's links. As many other luxury watches, the TAG Heuer Link is not only being offered as a men's watch. Also available in the same basic shape but with feminine accents, the women's watches appear with the nickname "Lady". The TAG Heuer Link Lady is indeed a very successful timepiece – it combines the smart-casual design of a multifunctional men's watch with the feminine grace of an ambitious, modern woman.

Famous wearers of the TAG Heuer Link

Matt Damon, Tiger Woods, Leonardo DiCaprio - what do they have in common? Of course, they are all famous personalities. But in fact, they were all the official faces of the TAG Heuer Link series – at least golf champion Tiger Woods and acting legend Leonardo DiCaprio. Matt Damon, on the other hand, no less famous, wears a TAG Heuer every day. While shooting the second film of the "Bourne" trilogy, the actor was given a TAG Heuer Link Chronograph as a requisite. As he says himself, it was love at first sight. After shooting the movie, he bought himself his own model. When asked why he didn't choose a smartwatch from TAG Heuer, he expressed his respect for the tradition of watchmaking. A conventional, analogue watch should be, electronic frills have no place in a wristwatch. That is the opinion of the actor, but we can add one more thing to the choice of watch: Good decision, Mattie!

Other exciting TAG Heuer series

  • With the Formula 1, the company paid tribute to the motorsport racing series bearing the same name, which for a long time had been supplied with measurement instruments from TAG Heuer. Due to its comparatively low price and yet remarkably high quality, the Formula 1 is very much appreciated, especially by new customers.

  • Named after the Carrera Panamericana, the most dangerous rallye in the world, the company offers a robust racing drivers watch with the Carrera. With its futuristic design, it conveys masculinity and a passion for adventure, which is more than just for show: it was specifically designed to withstand heavy vibrations and shocks in motorsports. For those who prefer a more classic look, there are also timeless versions with a leather strap and without the stop function.

  • Also named after a well-known race is the brand's most famous watch: the Monaco. Its name comes from the famous Formula 1 race in Monaco and is associated with luxury, adventure and vintage flair. The series is particularly popular due to its square case. Since actor Steve McQueen wore it in the film "Le Mans", it has become an iconic model among motorsport and watch enthusiasts.

  • As one of the leading brands for luxurious sports watches, TAG Heuer also offers a series of divers watches. The stylish Aquaracer has been a bestseller for decades now and is available in numerous variants for men and women. With its high-water resistance, the Aquaracer is ideal for professional and amateur divers.

  • With the TAG Heuer Connected, the company is taking a step towards the digital era: the Smartwatch can be connected to all Google and Android devices. Equipped with an Intel Duo Core processor, appointments, messages and calls are displayed next to the time. Nevertheless, when it comes to design, TAG Heuer stays true to the brand's style with its smartwatch. A special feature: with a few simple adjustments, the smart module can be exchanged for a classic analogue dial including movement.

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