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Tissot has chosen the motto "Innovators by Tradition", and it can indeed look back on a rich and long tradition. The brand, which was founded in 1853, offers a broad collection that is ranging from elegant dress watches to dynamic sports models.  More

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Tissot watches – new, vintage and pre-owned with certificate

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Our online shop offers a wide range of vintage Tissot watches and certified pre-owned Tissot models in the best condition. We check and certify all Tissot watches. Every timepiece sold by us gets a quality check so we can guarantee you good quality and authenticity. If you have already decided on your favorite Tissot model, you can do the following: finance the Tissot model of your choice either in small installments over a longer period of time or pay quickly and easily by credit card. We will inform you on our website about further payment options. Stop by and buy your vintage Tissot watch today.

The 5 most popular Tissot watches

  • The T-Touch Expert a sports watch with touchscreen and numerous features that make everyday life easier on outdoor tours and terrain trips: the thermometer, barometer and altimeter are quickly retrievable and provide helpful information.

  • The T-Touch Expert Solar released some time ago, is another sport model for outdoor enthusiasts: equipped with solar cells on the dial, which charge the quartz battery of the timepiece, it is the perfect companion for longer hikes and is a sustainable alternative to models with the need of a battery exchange every now and then. 

  • The Tissot Classic range offers what the name promises: Subtle and timeless watches that go perfectly with business suits or evening attire. They are inexpensive and ideally suited as entry-level models. 

  • The T-Sport Quickster is a dynamic sports watch series inspired by motorsport. It combines a classic form with a dash of materialism through a solid body that can withstand a lot. 

  • The Seastar is a diver's watch and the ideal companion for dives of up to 300m depth. The rotating bezel makes it possible to keep an eye on the dive time, but thanks to its sporty design, it cuts a fine figure.

Best reasons to buy a Tissot watch

  • Reliability: Traditional Swiss watchmaking guarantees high accuracy
  • Sporty design
  • Special features: Many Tissot watches have special features that offer great advantages, especially for the outside use

What is the price of a Tissot watch?

T-Trend Couturier (T035.614.16.051.02 U2382)
Price: 490 € (2018)
Material: Stainless steel
Key Features: Silver bezel, black dial, Tachymeter 

T-Touch Expert Solar (T091.420.46.051.01)
Price: 940 € (2017)
Material: Titan
Key Features: Black bezel & dial, Altimeter, rubber Strap 

Tissot Seastar (40506)
Price: 1.440 € (1984)
Material: Stainless steel
Key Features: Silver bezel, black dial, hand-wound

T-Classic (T108.408.22.037.00 C60416)
Price: 1.050 € (2018)
Material: Stainless steel
Key Features: Golden bezel, dial and indexes silver

T-Gold Goldrun (T922.410.16.011.00 U2361)
Price: 1.760 € ( 2018)
Material: Yellow gold
Key Features: Golden Bezel, white dial, date

Heritage Navigator (T078.641.16.057.00 C60428)
Price: 1.435 € (2018)
Material: Stainless steel
Key Features: Silver bezel, black dial, 23 countries on the minute ring, multiple timezones 

A worthwhile investment: Pre-owned and vintage Tissot watches

Luxury watches not only convince through quality and design, but are often a profitable investment. Even in the lower-priced range, buying a used wristwatch can be worthwhile in certain circumstances: limited editions, special models and vintage watches will experience an increase in value over time that is reflected in the resale price. Even well-preserved vintage models from Tissot can often be resold for a multiple of their original price.

From classic to futuristic: The style of Tissot

Tissot watches are known for being authentic and affordable. Each model has a special, significant design that is different from other models in the brand. Three characteristics of the watch brand that make them particularly popular are the high-profile, the unusual materials and the high functionality.

The design of the watches is fashionable and at the same time unusual. Tissot strives to be more innovative than other brands and bring new concepts to the market. For example, the manufacturer often produces casings made of unusual materials, such as wood or granite, in order to attract a wide audience with new ideas.

Tissot also offers a wide range of movements to suit both beginners and connoisseurs. There are watches with automatic, hand wound, quartz movements and more recently solar-powered models like the T-Touch Expert Solar

The Story behind the swiss watch manufacturer

Tissot was founded in 1853 by Charles Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Emile as watchmaker's studio "Ch. Félicien Tissot & Fils" in Le Locle in Switzerland. At the time, the young company was working with a network of highly specialized employees working from home  who made individual parts of the watches and delivered them to final assembly. Father and son produced from the foreign parts classic pocket watches and pendant watches. Charles-Emiles went on sales trips, which opened doors to the American market, then Tsarist Russia became the main market. Charles-Emile's son, Charles, took over the company in 1883 and continued the expansion with great success. In 1915, his son Paul, now also active in the watch industry, ordered the production of Tissot's first wristwatches.

At the end of 1917, the Chs. Tissot & Fils SA Ltd was founded. The watch company has been restructured into a factory, where all steps of the production have been combined in house. As a result of this move, the company was able to produce a larger number of watches and continue its expansion. In the years 1929-1930, the two watch brands Tissot and Omega joined together to form the first Swiss watchmaking association, the Société Suisse pour l’Industrie Horlogère SA (SSIH). This allowed Tissot to use movements of other manufacturers and thereby expand their production numbers. In the 1970s, the Swiss watch industry was strongly affected by the quartz crisis – in addition to many other manufacturers Tissot was in distress. The watch brand had to record extreme losses, which even went so far that in 1983 production stopped. Fortunately, however, this case never materialized as the merge of SSIH and ASUAG into Swiss Corporation for Microelectronics and Watchmaking Industries Ltd (SMH) rescued the company. The fusion opened up new opportunities in previously unknown markets and quickly rebuilt Tissot to former glory. The SMH Group became the Swatch Group in 1998, which today is the largest watchmaker in the world.

Tissot launched both very traditional and very unconventional models over the years. Well-known models, which surprised by innovations, were for example:

  • 1930: "Antimagnétique" – the first antimagnetic wristwatch.
  • 1951: "Navigator" – the first automatic wristwatch that simultaneously displayed 24 time zones.
  • 1965: "PR 516" – The most robust 516 had the first registered bracelet with holes.
  • 1971: "Astrolon" – the first mechanical plastic watch.
  • 1985: "Rockwatch" – the first wristwatch with a natural stone case (granite).
  • 1986: "Twotimer" – the first wristwatch with analogue and digital time display and only one crown for seven functions.
  • 1989: "Woodwatch" – the first wristwatch with a wooden case.
  • 1999: "T-Touch" – the first tactile watch with numerous instrumental functions (compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer)
  • 2014: "T-Touch Solar" – the first solar powered tactile watch.

Today, the affordable luxury watch brand is sold in more than 160 countries and is extremely popular. Even in the world of competitive sports, the watch brand is today a popular partner of many disciplines with its dynamic look. Among many others, Tissot has for many years been a partner in basketball at the NBA, FIBA and the CBA, cycling at the Tour de France as well as the Rubgy leagues RBS 6 Nations Championship, TOP14 or the European Rugby Champions Cup. Even as a timekeeper, the brand is very popular: at the World Championships in fencing and ice hockey Tissot is officially responsible for stopping time since years.

The philosophy behind the watch brand

"Innovators by Tradition" has been Tissot's motto since its founding in 1853. The company has experimented a lot with unusual watchmaking materials, but has also continued to develop the functionality of its models.

"Swissness" is another key word that deeply influences the models and designs of the brand. Already in the logo of the brand is the Swiss flag as a symbol of Swiss reliability and quality that Tissot guarantees its customers. Although Tissot is not one of the highly exclusive luxury brands, its watches are always spotted by celebrities due to the solid quality. Tissot wearers include, among others, well-known singers, athletes and politicians. The most famous ones are Elvis Presley, Grace Kelly, Danica Patrick and Nelson Mandela. Just as with celebrities, Tissot watches can be seen very often in films, especially in the action genre. For example, the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar was worn in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (2015) by Simon Pegg, and another T-Touch model by Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005).
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