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Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight

A tribute to the first diving watches by the brand, the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight draws on the aesthetics of the 1950s.  More

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight
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Buy a used Tudor Black Bay 58 with a certificate of authenticity

The Tudor Black Bay 58 bridges the grievous gap between the captivating charm of the past with the first diving watches made in the 1950s and state-of-the-art technology and its correspondingly high production standards. If you are interested in purchasing a current model instead of a vintage watch, a Black Bay Fifty-Eight is a wise choice. They offer an impressive, modern reinterpretation of the classic look of a vintage diving watch.

Finance your Black Bay Fifty-Eight online

If you have decided to buy a used Tudor Black Bay 58 from our online store, there are several options for payment available. Either pay the purchase price in one lump sum by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer, or opt for convenient online financing. Once your order has been completed, your pre-owned Black Bay 58 will be on its way to its new home as soon as possible.

What characterises models from this collection?

The optical attributes are the unique selling point of this collection. Featuring a round, stainless steel case with a diameter of 39 mm and a unidirectional rotating diver's bezel, the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight is impressive even without any additional complications and holds its own thanks to its water resistance of 200 metres and a thoroughly sporty design. Whether on a riveted steel, textile or leather bracelet, Black Bay 58 models stand out thanks to outstanding functionality and an appearance that is reminiscent of Tudor's first diving watch from 1958, the "Big Crown" (Ref. 7924). The namesake big crown is found on the right side of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight's case as well and foregoes any crown protection system due to its size.

With its black dial, black bezel, snowflake hands and gold indices as well as bezel markers with a vintage patina finish, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight is an excellent choice particularly for fans of retro-style watches. The moderate, 39 mm case size makes it suitable not only for men, but also for women. The manufacturer offers the Tudor Black Bay 58 in blue for anyone looking for a touch of colour on their timepiece. That means that anyone searching for a blue bezel paired with a blue dial should check out these models. Furthermore, there are new models available in brown, matte green and taupe dials as well.

Driven by the 26 mm manufacture calibre MT5402, these watches faithfully display the hours, minutes and seconds to their wearers. This robust, reliable calibre has a power reserve of up to 70 hours and boasts COSC certification.

Prices for pre-owned Tudor Black Bay 58 models

If you are interested in buying a used Black Bay Fifty-Eight, but are unsure which model should grace your wrist in the future, perhaps this summary may be of help. Here is a closer look at both blue and black watch models and their prices on the pre-owned market.

  • The Black Bay Fifty-Eight (Ref. 79030N) is a black men's model with a black bezel and dial, gold hands and indices and the COSC-certified manufacture Calibre MT5402. This is an ideal wristwatch especially for people with slender wrists and vintage enthusiasts and not only looks chic, but also impresses with its uncompromising quality. Models with a steel bracelet are especially popular, although it is increasingly common to find this timepiece on a leather or textile strap. Prices for a used Black Bay 58 model from this reference in very good condition start on the pre-owned market at around €3,580.

  • The blue version of the Tudor Black Bay 58 bearing the reference number 79030B has a decidedly more modern appearance. Despite its retro style, this model looks fresher and more contemporary than its black counterpart. It echoes a Tudor diver's watch from 1969, which was made of stainless steel and featured a blue dial. As a reissue of this diving watch which was utilized by the French Navy in the 1970s, this 39 mm Black Bay 58 79030B is available for sale at around €4,810 as a pre-owned model in our online store. One additional highlight of the 79030B is the blue "Soft Touch" bracelet that has a texture reminiscent of flannel fabric.

  • One of the latest additions to the product range is the reference 79010SG with a silver case. Because of its material's composition, this rather atypical case material will develop a unique patina over time that completely depends on the way its owner wears it. One other new feature is the taupe dial in combination with a matching bezel and either a grey Nato watchband or a brown leather strap. To purchase a used model of this Black Bay 58 (Ref. 79010SG) made using 925 silver, you should plan to budget around €5,400.

  • Silver as a case material was only the beginning of the experiments Tudor would make using uncommon case materials. The Black Bay Fifty-Eight under the references M79018V and M79012M have been available since 2021 and come with cases made of gold or bronze in a satin finish, respectively. Whereas the bronze model comes with a matching bronze-brown dial, the yellow gold variant has been equipped with a green dial and matte green aluminium bezel. The manufacturer asks a new price of €15,620 for the 18-karat yellow gold model and €4,210 for the bronze model.

A look to the past

The Black Bay Fifty-Eight is named after the year 1958, when the brand's first diving watch that was water-resistant up to 200 metres was released. This watch was released under the reference 7924, but is known by the nickname "Big Crown" and was the main inspiration for the new Black Bay 58 models. In 1969, a splash of colour was introduced into this range of diving watches when a watch with a blue dial and bezel was released. Other sports watches in the collection soon followed in blue and instantly became the signature colour that would later become known as "Tudor Blue."

In the 1970s, the French Navy adopted "Tudor Blue" for its diving watches. With its navy blue dial and colour-coordinated bezel, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight "Navy Blue" is designed to be reminiscent of these models.

When the Black Bay Fifty-Eight was unveiled at Baselworld in 2018, as a model with a smaller case and a subtle, vintage look reminiscent of diving watches from the 1950s, it had difficulty holding its own against the Black Bay GMT, which debuted at the same time. The Black Bay 58 features dimensions reminiscent of a bygone era and pays tribute to the first diving watches that were water-resistant up to 200 metres.

Beckham and the Black Bay 58

As a testimonial, brand ambassador and prominent face for the brand, the soccer star David Beckham was one of the first to wear a model of the Tudor Black Bay 58. He expressed enthusiasm for the blue colour highlights on the Fifty-Eight over social media and proudly shared the fascinating watch on his wrist.

Other collections by Tudor

  • If the Black Bay Fifty-Eight is not vintage enough of a diving watch, be sure to check out the Tudor Submariner. A direct relative of the legendary Rolex Submariner, this collection of diving watches offers equally high-quality timepieces with an impressive history, time-tested design and at a fraction of the price of their Rolex counterparts.

  • The Oysterdate Chronograph is a sporty option, yet still in the realm of vintage watches. Visually, this collection of watches is reminiscent of the famous Paul Newman Daytona, but ask for a significantly lower purchase price from its future owner. If you are interested in vintage chronographs, take a look at the Tudor Oysterdate – history meets exceptional quality.

  • The Heritage Black Bay offers a modern reinterpretation of the most successful diving watches from Tudor. With contemporary case sizes and a wide range of different editions, the series is the ideal companion for everyday wear.

  • The North Flag is an excellent example of Tudor's ambitious and pioneering spirit. Named after the "British North Greenland Expedition," this ultra-functional wristwatch memorializes the members on that exploration voyage.

  • While watches in the Black Bay Collection are thoroughly capable diver's watches, models of the Pelagos takes it one step further. These titanium chronometers are water-resistant up to 500 metres and certainly willing to take on anything by your side. Push yourself to your limits and have confidence in a Pelagos to do the same!

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