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Originally produced for the Italian navy and its submarine officers, the U-Boat brand is relatively young, yet the look of the watches is unique. Striking design from Italy and excellent precision from Switzerland - that's what U-Boat watches for men and women stand for.  More

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U-Boat watches captivate with their striking, minimalist designs of their dials and offer their bearers exciting models for men and women. Have you already decided on a pre-owned watch from the U-Boat brand? Then we would like to congratulate you and finally give you a tip on how to get your new U-Boat watch fast. In addition to the classic payment methods such as Credit card, bank transfer or PayPal, Watchmaster as a dealer for certified, used luxury watches also offers favourable financing options. Compile your individual instalment plan in the payment process, within a few clicks, determine the amount of the down payment yourself, and expect your package home soon.

4 popular U-Boat models at a glance

Speaking of U-Boat watches, it must be clear that the models primarily are design objects. The movement and the materials used are very high quality, but the look is always in the foreground for designer Italo Fontana.

  • The U-Boat Classico 1001 is not a diver's watch as defined, as it lacks the rotating bezel. Nevertheless, it has reached a simulated depth of 1,001 meters in the laboratory and is therefore pressure-resistant up to 100 bar. On the side of the case is the serial number, the rubber strap ends in a steel clasp. The proven ETA automatic calibre 2824 works inside the watch.

  • With the U-Boat U-42 Unicum, the Italian watch manufacturer presents a 54 mm timepiece. A brown dial and bracelet, paired with a titanium case and black bezel look massive. The special feature of this model is the fold-out crown - only after opening the closing mechanism and aligning the crown in the horizontal position, the watch can be set. Also, the rotatable bezel is provided with a locking clasp, but on the side facing away from the crown.

  • At the U-Boat Classico Tungsteno the patented crown protector can be found at eight o'clock. The model is also a chronograph whose bezel is made of tungsten, the most durable material. The watch withstands up to 10bar of pressure against water.

  • The U-Boat Thousands of Feet Gold Screws is a tribute to the founder and his uncle, Ilvo Fontana. The watch comes from his drawings and today is hard to come by. It is a visual reminiscent of a gauge in a submarine or air plane, which differs a little from the rest of the collections of the brand. But with a 50 mm diameter, this watch is not downright small.

Why buy a pre-owned U-Boat watch?

  • Design: Watches made by U-Boat bear witness to creativity, courage and strength.
  • Extraordinary: no doubt special. Such a watch radiates personality!
  • Robust: The way U-Boat timepieces look is the way they tick. Solid and indestructible, in short: robust.
  • Diving depth: Underwater on land U-Boat watches can take a lot. Depending on the model, pressures of up to 100 bar are no problem.

U-Boat watch references and their prices at a glance

  • The Classico Tungsteno (Ref. 8091) comes with an impressive case diameter of 50 mm, a robust crown protection on the left side of the case, which rounds off the look of the steel case, and a precise automatic calibre. This U-Boat watch is attached to the wrist with a leather strap and currently costs around €1,780 as a used model from 2020.

  • The U-Boat Classico (Ref. 925) is a 51 mm model with a silver case and a date display at 3 o'clock. Here, too, the distinctive crown protector is located on the left side. Powered by one of the most popular movements in the industry, the ETA 2824, this pre-owned U-Boat Classico from 2015 costs around €1,930.

  • Looking at the Classico 1001 (Ref. 6448), you will notice that the case diameter of 47 mm almost seems small. Including a helium escape valve built into the steel case, a date window and a solid ETA automatic movement, used models of the reference 6448 are priced at around €3,000, while the new price is €4,500.

  • With the U-Boat U-42 Unicum (Ref. 7093), you get a slightly larger U-Boat watch from 2014 for a price of €4,600. The titanium case with a diameter of 54 mm is fitted to the wrist with a leather strap, comes with a fold-down crown as well as a fixable bezel and a solid ETA movement on the inside.

  • You can also opt for the Tipo 01 (Ref. BK/BR 7472), a limited edition with a 50 mm titanium case, leather strap, the typical crown protection bar as well as a weekday and date display. Second-hand models of this special edition cost around €4,530.

  • The special feature about the U-Boat Classico Tungsteno Cas 1 (Ref. 7430) models, apart from the chronograph complication, is the tungsten bezel on the 45 mm stainless steel case. With a date display, the characteristic crown protection bar and pushers on the left side of the case, this second-hand Classico Tungsteno Cas 1 costs around €2,500.

  • If you take a look at the Thousands of Feet Gold Screws (Ref. 5328), you can't help but be amazed. With a 50 mm case made of black steel and PVD, an 18-carat yellow gold bezel and yellow gold screws, the U-Boat Thousands of Feet Gold Screws makes an impressive appearance on the wrist. Used models are now priced at around €4,900.

U-Boat watches as an investment?

It takes courage to buy a U-Boat watch as an investment because the Italian manufacturer is comparatively young. Most watches that turn out to be a sensible investment come from well-known manufacturers with a long tradition. But exceptions prove the rule, because anyone who bought a Rolex in 1958, when the company was still in its infancy, can enjoy an immense increase in value today. Perhaps in a few years, U-Boat watches will also be trading for many times their current price. However, U-Boat Italo Fontana fulfils one criterion that makes an increase in value much more likely: because the models are limited to small numbers, they often fetch high prices on the second-hand market, as demand is often higher than supply.

The history of the Italian manufacturer: U-Boat

The luxury watch brand U-Boat Italo Fontana was founded in 2000 by Italo Fontana and is still managed by him today. But the Italian timepieces are not really as young as they seem here. Already in 1942, Italo's uncle, Ilvo Fontana, received a contract from the Italian Navy. He was commissioned to design a new watch for the Italian Navy, particularly for their U-Boat commander. He designed a suitable model, but unfortunately failed to complete the job due to the specific requirements and high standards of the Navy.

But the plans that he had designed at that time reappeared years later - in the hands of his nephew, Italo Fontana. He recognised the potential of his uncle's creative power and opened a factory in Lucca shortly after the turn of the millennium. The old drawings are evidence of creativity, but unfortunately did not meet the expectations of the former clients. But in the 21st century, his uncle's ideas are the ideal source of inspiration for unusual timepieces.

Today U-Boat sells hand-made watches, which are characterised by a strong personality. Very large, martial-looking watches are U-Boat‘s trademark. They look very solid and convey security and strength. In addition to their size, the placement of the crown on the left side is particularly eye-catching. On the watch market, only a few models with a crown on the left side of the case can be found from other manufacturers. This is one of the main features of U-Boat watches. It is both an unmistakable design element of the brand and a practical feature. Having the crown mounted on the left of the case brings the advantage of higher wearing comfort as the crown would never poke into the wrist of the wearer even with the large diameters of the U-Boat watches. Also interesting are the highlighted numbers four, eight and twelve. Even so, the brand is different, because the triangular arrangement makes every viewer look at it several times.

Italian craftmanship

The motto of the founder Italo Fontana was transferred to his company. High standards in terms of quality, materials and workmanship, excellent hand-made craftsmanship before mass production. Above all, to be outstanding in one: Design. As a true Italian, the designer is all about creating watches that stand out from the crowd. Even today, he designs every timepiece himself, and the entire team behind U-Boat has adapted this attitude - the recognition value of U-Boat watches from Lucca is incomparably high.

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