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Cartier Panthère

The Panthère de Cartier is considered the most famous watch of the 80s and symbolically implements the classic Panther motif of the luxury brand. In 2017, Cartier surprised with a fashionable remake of the icon. Buy the Panthère de Cartier new, used and vintage.  More

Cartier Panthère
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Panthère de Cartier – buy a multifaceted watch icon

The Cartier Panthère is probably the most famous watch of the 80s. With its balanced proportions, the Panthère is popular with men and women alike and is worn both as a wristwatch and as a piece of jewellery. The authentic design, reduced to the essentials, makes the Panthère de Cartier an accessory that can be worn every day.

Both the supple, smooth link chain bracelet and the extremely flat, concealed clasp in gold or stainless steel make the Panthère's unique design. The dial, which features Cartier-typical Roman numerals, is surrounded by eye-catching screws on the bezel. As with most Cartier models, these have rounded corners and are inspired by the classic Santos de Cartier. The gentle but expressive design is rounded off by the octagonal winding crown, which is decorated with a sapphire.

Cartier Panthère 6692 watch in yellow gold with diamonds with gold and black background

In addition to the models of the Panthère whose housing is a rounded square, there are also models with round housing. The edges are also gently rounded, which gives the watch icon its suppleness. The first collection offered the size variations mini, small, medium and large and was available either in two colours or in yellow gold. Since then, there have been a variety of variations of the Panthère watch series, all with quartz movement, which has reached its peak with the current collection for women: in yellow, white and rose gold as well as stainless steel, with or without a diamond bezel, the 2017 Panthère celebrated its big comeback. Two strictly limited models have been established on the market with this collection: white gold with diamonds and rose gold with black lacquer.

Thus the Panthère de Cartier lives up to its name since the 80s: Like the indomitable, large predator, it looks supple and robust, beautiful and simple at the same time. The perfect watch for elegant women and men – no matter in which occasion.

Models and prices of Cartier Panthère watches

Over the years, a variety of Panthère models have been established on the market, all of which are in line with the classically elegant design of the series, but also have significant differences in the details. Following are some models of the series:

  • The Panthère Ruban (Ref. W61001T9 2420) has a small 15.5 mm stainless steel case completely enclosed by the bracelet, also made of stainless steel. The dial is white mother of pearl. Its price from second hand: €1,200.

  • The Panthère (Ref. W2PN0007) has a yellow gold and stainless steel bracelet. Yellow gold is also the bezel, the case in steel. The dial is silver, the sword-shaped hands are in blued steel. It is a model for women with 27 mm case size. Up to 3 bar this watch is water resistant costs used €5,200.

  • The reference W25033P5 1320 is a model for women with a stainless steel bracelet and case. The case size is 21.5 mm. Second hand, this model of the Panthère costs around €3,400.

  • The Cartier Panthère (Ref. 6692) is a classy ladies' model in yellow gold with diamonds adorning the round case, which measures a mere 23.5 mm. A vintage model from 1988 costs €4,350 pre-owned.

  • An extremely extravagant model is the Panthère (Ref. 887968). It comes in yellow gold and has a case size of 27 mm. The watch is fully decorated with diamonds that adorn the bezel as well as the dial and bracelet. However, such extravagance has its price: this second-hand Panthère model costs €19,000.

The history of the Collection

If you want to tell the story of the Panthère, you'll have to start early. Already in 1914, the first watch in the Panther design came on the market. Trimmed with onyx and diamonds in black and white pavé, it is modelled on the fur of the elegant animal. Since then, the Panther motif has been used in a wide variety of jewellery and watch collections. Especially with the arrival of the Belgian Jeanne Toussaint in 1918 and her election as artistic director of Cartier in 1933, the Panthère gained cult status. The fashion designer, born in 1887, who was a good friend of Coco Chanel, is considered to be an it-girl of her time and repeatedly set innovative trends.

Cartier himself, who was connected with Toussaint not only through his professional relationship but also through a long-standing love affair, called her “La Panthère”. In fact, the designer, just like her creations, stood for strength and independence combined with lightness and elegance. With the numerous variations of the panther motif, she set her pieces of jewellery apart from the hard lines of Art Deco and skilfully captured the spirit of the 1920s. 

Since then, the Panthère belongs to Cartier. The symbolism is also found in the watch series Panthère de Cartier, which came about 70 years after the first watch in the Panther design on the market. In 1983, the series, which is modelled after its well-visible screws and the rounded corners of the Santos, conquers the market. Unlike many other '80s accessories, the Panthère never disappeared from the market. Until 2004, Cartier successfully established various models of the cult watch, including a steel model in 1991. It is no wonder that the Panthère celebrated its comeback in 2017 in a new edition. The twelve models that remain faithful to the elegance of their predecessors and simultaneously modernize the iconic design let Cartier look back on over 100 years of Panther motifs. 

Cartier Panthère W25029B6 1120/ 66921 watch in yellow gold and stainless steel with gold and black background
CARTIER PANTHÈRE W25029B6 1120/ 66921

Famous admirers of the Panthère de Cartier

Of course, in the 80's it became a cult watch, and of course, the Panthère de Cartier also inspired the stars of this decade. Pierce Brosnan, for example, who already showed his affinity for the jewellery house in the series "Noble House" by wearing a Pasha de Cartier, wore the Panthère in his pre-Bond role of Remington Steele.

Pop icon Madonna was and is also an avowed Panthère lover. Not only did she shows the watch constantly on her own wrist, but she also gave it as a gift to singer Alanis Morissette. Even scandal celebrity Charlie Sheen wore the Panthère in 1987 in "Wall Street". In good company these 80s celebrities were definitely: Grace Jones, Cher, Elizabeth Taylor and Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards all wore a Panthère.

But the watch icon lived beyond its decade. In the 90s you could admire Panthère watches them on the wrists of Kirsten Dunst and Gwyneth Paltrow, today fashionable women like Sienna Miller and Sofia Coppola wear the latest collection of the Panthère.

Other exciting series of Cartier

  • The Ballon Bleu has a case like a balloon and its crown is decorated with a blue cabochon. Unique elegance for Cartier fans.

  • The Santos, a gift from Cartier to the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont, is one of the classics of the luxury brand. Characteristic of this series are the strikingly attached screws and the rounded corners.

  • The Santos 100 offers a reinterpretation of the Santos on their 100th birthday and thus represents a top modern variant of the classic.

  • The Tank Française updated the Tank range in 1996 with an elegant, stylish series that remains true to the original tank design.

  • The Tank Solo is the ideal watch for tank beginners with its classic design.

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