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Cartier Pasha

We owe the iconic Cartier Pasha to the Sultan of Marrakesh. In 1932, he wanted a model that he could wear while bathing. The watch was watertight thanks to a screw-down crown – which has been preserved to this day in most models of the Cartier Pasha.  More

Cartier Pasha
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Buy Cartier Pasha watches – the watch of the sultan

Cartier watches are among the most iconic and prestigious wristwatches on the market. Thanks to their extremely high-quality, durable materials, they are more than a simple eye-catcher – they are also considered to be an investment gaining in value. Especially special models, limited editions or no longer produced references experience an uplift in value over time. And even newer models are, in good second-hand condition, priced below the new price. In our online shop you will find many interesting versions of the Cartier Pasha, no matter if you are looking for men or women watches certified pre-owned, in new condition or vintage. Once you have found your favourite Cartier Pasha model, you can choose between payment by credit card, PayPal or in instalments over a longer period of time. If you have any questions, our customer service is at your disposal.

Characteristics of the Pasha de Cartier

Although the design of the Pasha has been constantly updated and modified over the decades, there are a few iconic features that characterize this watch series. These include the shape, the high-quality materials and the screw-down crown closure. The case and dial are round – mostly the latter is clearly marked with only four Arabic numerals. But there are also some models with only one digit at 12 o'clock. The materials vary: Cartier fans can choose between stainless steel versions and various gold models, with or without gemstone trimmings. There are both plain unisex watches as well as larger men's and smaller, elegant women's models.

The Cartier Pasha is waterproof and usually equipped with the iconic screw-on crown lock, which is attached to the case with a small chain. Many models also have an elegant crown protector that also protects the precious blue sapphire. A removable glass impact protection is also a feature of many models and makes the valuable watch even more resistant to external influences.

Cartier Pasha models and prices at a glance

Thanks to its great popularity, the Pasha has been on the market for decades and has appeared in many different versions. The range is not only large in price and makes the Pasha popular with a broad audience. Here are some Pasha models at a glance:

  • The Cartier Pasha W31077U2 2790 has a 40mm stainless steel case. The black bracelet is also made of stainless steel. The likewise black dial is equipped with Breguet hands and Arabic numerals. In addition, the watch is equipped with a handy date display. As second-hand model already available for just €2,420.

  • The Cartier Pasha 1035 is a model with a 36mm case diameter. Case and bezel are made entirely of yellow gold. The ivory-coloured dial is equipped with a date display and Roman numerals. The watch comes with a high quality, brown leather strap in crocodile design. It is available from €4,580 in very good, used condition.

  • The Cartier Pasha 1354 1 is a very high-quality yellow gold model with diamonds. The bracelet is also made from yellow gold. With a 35mm case diameter, it is a dainty and elegant ladies model. The white dial carries stick indices and Roman numerals as well as a date display. In addition, the watch is equipped with a practical chronograph function. Second hand it is available from €7,350.

  • The Cartier Pasha W3108555 is available in good, used condition from €6,600. Visually it looks very unobtrusive with its stainless steel case combined with a simple leather strap. The case diameter is 42mm. On the silver-coloured dial, you can find three auxiliary dials beside the subdials and a date display.

  • The Cartier Pasha W31023M7 is a rather small stainless steel model with a diameter of 35.5mm. The metal bracelet is made of stainless steel. Striking is the brown colour of the dial, which is otherwise designed very simple. It is provided with Arabic numerals, stick indices and date display. In addition, this Pasha is equipped with an elegant crown protection. It is available for €2,230 in good condition.

The history of the Cartier Pasha

Cartier has always been a renowned jewellery brand in the luxury sector. Founded 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, the small jewellery studio was initially the purveyor to the court of the Empress of France and other royal families. It was not uncommon for Cartier to dedicate wristwatches to special personalities. The first Pasha designed Louis-François Cartier in 1932 for the Sultan of Marrakesh, who was also called "Pasha". At that time, it was one of the first watertight watches – and not only by chance: The Sultan had expressed the desire for a wristwatch for bathing. For decades the popular iconic watch, which captivates with simple elegance, is interpreted new over and over again. Today it is one of the most sought after classics of the house.

In 1943, the Pasha was included in the official collections of Cartier. Since then, a number of popular models have emerged, which are presented under the name Pasha de Cartier. Thanks to their popularity, today there is an impressive selection of Pasha models that Cartier fans can choose from. From the lush Pasha de Cartier to the elegant Miss Pasha collection, the blockbuster series is always round in shape and features a distinctive sapphire crown. Whether Pasha Seatimer as a divers watch version with rotating bezel or Pasha C, a simple model made of high-quality stainless steel: In any case, the Pasha stands for high quality and distinctive design.

Famous wearers of the Cartier Pasha

Cartier watches are extremely popular with celebrities – and the list of Cartier-wearing superstars is long. Also, the Pasha can be proud of their own fan base. Not only the Sultan of Marrakesh enthusiastically wore the watch designed for him. Thanks to its extraordinary design, the watch is still popular with the stars today. Actress and fashion icon Ashley Olsen, for example, wears an elegant Pasha Seatimer. Even teenage star legend Amanda Bynes wrist graces a Pasha C.

But not only the ladies of Hollywood are thrilled with the iconic series. Even singer John Mayer – who is generally an avowed watch fan – complements his casual outfits with a Pasha. Last but not least: Boxing legend Mike Tyson also relies on the precision and elegance of the Cartier Pasha – during an autograph session he was spotted with it on the wrist.

More exciting Cartier series

  • The Cartier Santos was developed in 1904 for the aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, to whom it also owes its name. It was the first men's wristwatch in the world and is still one of the most sought-after models of the brand.

  • The Ballon Bleu is the latest watch series of the house and has nevertheless achieved icon status. Its round, balloon-like shape and the blue cabochon not only gave it its name, but also helped to become extremely popular.

  • The Santos 100 is a cutting-edge interpretation of the classic aviator watch. Cartier duly celebrated her cult watch on its 100th birthday.

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