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Cartier Santos

Santos has been writing history since 1904: It was developed for aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, who lent his name to it. It was the first men's wristwatch in the world and is still one of Cartier's most popular models today.  More

Cartier Santos
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Buy Cartier Santos watches new, used and vintage

The fastest way to get your Cartier Santos

A pre-owned Cartier Santos is usually cheaper than a new one. However, when buying second-hand luxury watches, it is important to be careful and only purchase them from trustworthy retailers. As the market leader in certified pre-owned luxury watches, Watchmaster always has a few Santos models in stock, all fully refurbished and guaranteed to be authentic. You can conveniently pay for your new favourite timepiece by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer, or alternatively, finance your Cartier Santos watch. Create an individual instalment plan during the checkout process, set the term and down payment according to your preferences and receive your new watch in just a few days.

Cartier Santos W2SA0006 4072 watch lying on white linen

Eyecatcher Santos: timeless, classic, beautiful

Hardly any watch combines as many opposites as the Cartier Santos. It is incredibly discreet, almost inconspicuous and yet offers a high recognition value. The Cartier Santos was originally a men's watch, but there are also women's models offered – and this with both conventional leather strap, in various gold gradations, as well as set with diamonds. The Santos immediately catches the eye with its square dial, while the Roman numerals typical of Cartier complete the picture. Cartier has developed its own patented system that makes it easy to adjust the length of the bracelet and change the bracelets. In addition, the Santos watches are available with either manual wind or automatic movement. These are produced exclusively in-house, so that the highest quality and attention to detail can be maintained inside the watch.

Nowadays, we are surrounded by magnetic fields all the time. Whether in the car, at the airport, at the computer or through the mobile phone in your pocket – they all affect the accuracy of watches. That's why Cartier consciously processes materials that do not react to conventional magnetic fields in the Santos line. The good thing? With a Cartier Santos, you get a watch that provides maximum accuracy.

The current Cartier Santos collection

The current collection includes 12 model variants of the Cartier Santos. From elegantly cool stainless steel, to pleasantly warm rose gold, to detailed skeletonized models, there is a fitting model for every follower of the stylish icon. They all come in two variants, with or without a date window. One thing the entire Santos range has to offer: the highest quality, finest watchmaking and unmistakable descent in direct line with the ancestor of the men's wristwatch – the unique design of a square and therefore modern watch paired with long Roman numerals inspired by the Art-Déco epoch is a demanding heritage, which, however, is continued with absolute dedication.

  • The case of the Cartier Santos W20012C4 is made of stainless steel, the yellow gold bezel stands out in colour. The most striking feature is probably the screws, which shimmer in yellow gold from the stainless steel bracelet. Its case diameter is 24 mm, its dial is provided with the typical for Cartier inward Roman numerals. Priced are well-preserved vintage models at around €2,420.

  • The Cartier Santos W20055D6 is a classic stainless steel variant and a men's watch. Depending on the year (for example 1999) it is priced used in good condition around €1,850. Inside there is an automatic movement, and its dial shimmers slightly silvery.

  • The Cartier Santos 887902 is a unisex watch whose diamonds shine on the dial. Used it costs around €7,830 (1999). Its case is made of yellow gold and has a diameter of 29 mm, the dial is held in blue.

  • The Cartier Santos 8210 is a 22 mm big vintage model in yellow gold. A manual movement beats in it, the dial is in classic white. Priced it is used (1994) at €2,730.

White dial with Roman indices of a Cartier Santos Galbee W20011C4 187901 two-tone watch

Discover more about the Cartier Santos

As the first pilot's watch that could be worn on the wrist, the Cartier Santos wrote history. For more than 100 years, it has been one of the flagship collections of the luxury company, so no wonder that it has been constantly refined. At the same time, the company remains faithful to its original design. The watch is characterized by filigree design elements that complete its square shape. A Cartier Santos can be purchased both new and used with a classic leather strap or timeless steel bracelet.

The story of the first wristwatch for men

The Cartier Santos impresses with its long history: It is considered the first pilot's watch of the company and is also the first men's wristwatch in the world. In 1904 Louis Cartier created the Cartier Santos for his good friend Alberto Santos-Dumont, to whom it also owes its name. Santos was a Brazilian aviation pioneer and wore the model named after him with pleasure, as he had previously often had problems reading the time from his pocket watch during the flight. At that time wristwatches were reserved for women, men always wore their pocket watch with them. But with the Cartier Santos began a change: The famous rectangular design, exclusive prices and the already well-known name Cartier fascinate men, but also the ladies until today.

Since then, the following standard has shaped the production of the Cartier Santos: design as a sign of style. Designed and with the concept according to this ethos, the focus is on wearing comfort, sophisticated proportions and, of course, the preservation of tradition. For this reason, the ergonomics and comfort of the Cartier Santos were tuned exactly to each other.

Well-known Santos wearers in film and music

Ursula Andress is a Swiss actress who has come a long way in film and television. As the first Bond Girl in the movie "Dr. No" she made the breakthrough, meanwhile, she played in over 30 films and numerous television series, won the Golden Globe in 1964 as the best young actress and later cleared even more prizes. Always on the wrist: Her Cartier Santos. Also Nick Jonas, the youngest member of the disbanded band "Jonas Brothers", actor and songwriter wears a Cartier Santos. If we stay with American actors, Tom Cruise must not go unmentioned. Known from various Hollywood films, he has received numerous awards such as Golden Globe Awards, Oscar nominations, a Bambi or the Golden Raspberry. Tom Cruise is an avowed Cartier fan, the question of his favourite model is superfluous – of course, a Cartier Santos 100 Large. And why this watch? Cruise's response is sobering and likeable: It plays so well with his favourite Santos-Dumont sunglasses. Starting out as an up-and-coming star, Jake Gyllenhaal has become a top-class actor. Apart from major cinema productions such as "Prince of Persia", he also appears in arthouse films like "Enemy" – even in a dual role. His performance is always characterized by an elegance that makes him an ideal representative for the new Santos collection.

Discover more Cartier series

  • The Cartier Tank is one of the most popular series from Cartier – new as well as pre-owned. Introduced in 1917, it still inspires many watch connoisseurs today. Whether Tank Francaise, Tank Vermeil, Tank Americaine or Tank Solo – on Watchmaster you will find the coveted Cartier second hand but in top condition.

  • The Cartier Ballon Bleu (eng. Blue Balloon) is an exquisite model. With the blue sapphire, which forms the crown and also by the slightly curved housing, a unique look is achieved. The watch looks elegant and casual at the same time, a real eye-catcher in every case.

  • Made in 1932 for the Sultan of Marrakech, the Cartier Pasha is today an icon. One of the first watertight wristwatches, it features only four digits on the dial. But less is sometimes more – so you will find used Cartier Pasha models on favourable terms in our online shop.

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