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Chanel J12

The Chanel J12 was launched in 2000 and is thus still quite young. Available in black, white and chromatic design, it stands out from other more conservative models in the industry. As a ceramic sports watch, it combines mechanical beauty with exclusive style elements.  More

Chanel J12
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The Chanel J12 takes your breath away

The fashion house Chanel is primarily known for clothing fashion, jewelry and perfumes, but for more than 30 years, it has also established itself in the world of luxury watches. When the empire, founded by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, published the J12 in 2000, many where astonished. For the first time, the implementation of high-tech ceramics as a precious material was achieved with the Chanel J12. This is how the watch manages to connect the masculine with the feminine. It was precisely this break with traditional conventions of watchmaking that gave watch enthusiasts temporary transient breathing.

Special features of the Chanel J12

You have to admit, the Chanel J12 has something lofty about it. Its design, inspired by nautics, seems liberated, cosmopolitan and cheerful. It does not matter if we speak of the white or the black variant. Because the modern elegance that emanates from the watch, immediately catches the eye. At first, the J12 was only available in rich black, in 2003 the white model variant was brought to the market. It’s not a question of choice, black or white. The two colors do not stand in competition. So a black watch can be combined well with light textiles and vice versa. The bezel, case and bracelet of the series are made of specially crafted high-tech ceramic. Through the high technology used to produce the elements shine with a sublime depth, are very resistant and guarantee an unbelievable wearing comfort. Depending on the model, either a high-precision quartz movement, a manual winding mechanical movement or a self-winding automatic movement can be found inside the watch. The mechanical movements are coming from the renowned manufactory Renaud et Papi, a company of the well-known manufacturer Audemars Piguet.

It is not just the stars that draw strength from it: The Chanel J12

The Chanel J12 is a model that knows no subjectivity. It is neither a typical men's or women's watch, but combines the best of both: power and elegance, day and night. It still remains a product of the fashion house Chanel, it is owed to that, that the majority of the customers are female. Even in the world of celebrities we find the model, convincing women with a strong sense of self esteem such as Sharon and Kelly Osbourne or Fiona Bruce wear the J12. The stars have an expressive watch that evidently gives power. Made for real power women!

The series: Chanel J12 prices and variants at a glance

Chanel J12 used - Chanel J12 cheap

  • The Chanel J12 (Ref. H0970) comes completely in white. The 38mm watch features a screw-down crown, making it resistant to up to 20 bar pressure. Bezel, bracelet and case are made of ceramic. The MSRP is 4.950, - €, used it is available in very good condition from 2.800, - €.
  • The Chanel J12 (Ref.: H0685) is made entirely in elegant black and thus forms the opposite side of the white reference. Except for the color scheme, it does not differ in fact, here the suggested retail price is at 4.950, - €. This extremely elegant watch can be bought in very good condition already for 2.730, - €.
  • The Chanel J12 Chronograph (Ref.: H2009) is a slightly more striking model with chronograph function and three sub-dials. The case contains steel and ceramic, the dial is home to nine diamonds. The watch is priced at 8.400, - € (RRP).

Comparable series made by Chanel

  • The Chanel Première presents the oldest series of the fashion house. The watch is kept absolutely minimalist, except for hours and minutes it shows nothing. The case is remarkably small and above all octagonal: Based on the Place Vendôme in Paris, it is home to a piece of French culture.
  • A striking feature of the Chanel Boy-Friend is the rectangular bezel. With a very clear, puristic line, it looks extremely elegant on the wrist. There are no numbers or indices on the dial, but some models in the series include a date window at six o'clock.
  • The Chanel Mademoiselle Privé is undoubtedly a series that feels at home on the female wrist. Eye-catching, playful yet beautiful applications on the dial underline a feminine appearance. The combination of mother-of-pearl and jewelry embroidery is inspired by a sign that was haning in front of Coco Chanel's first studio. That is also the origin of the name!

Finance Chanel J12 - the fastest way to your new watch

You want to buy a Chanel J12 at cheapest possible? Watchmaster as a dealer for certified, used luxury watches always has a selection of Chanel models on sale. All available watches of the brand already had a previous owner and can therefore be offered by Watchmaster relatively cheap. Each one was subjected to a complex, comprehensive refurbishment treatment. All tasks remaining for you to do, is to choose your favorite model and buy it. You can easily do this by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. If you prefer to plan for a longer time, you can opt in to finance the Chanel J12. Create your own individual installment plan, determine the down payment and the term itself. So you can expect a parcel, shipped from Berlin, in just a few days!
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