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Chopard Mille Miglia

Cars and watches have a lot in common: Besides a unique design, the most important thing is a powerful and precise interior. This makes Chopard's Mille Miglia a real highlight of the brand. On the one hand, the sporty and dynamic series is suitable for the racetrack and on the other hand for the suit.  More

Chopard Mille Miglia
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Buy pre-owned Chopard Mille Miglia watches online

The watches in the Mille Miglia collection from the Swiss jeweller Chopard are inspired by the legendary eponymous Italian car rally. With sporty designs and outstanding workmanship, the models in the series make excellent accessories for any wrist and are a must-have in any collection. Whether classically elegant chronographs with a sporty touch or extremely sporty three-hand watches, the Mille Miglia collection caters to a wide range of preferences and shows a whole new side of the manufacturer.

At Watchmaster you will find pre-owned Chopard Mille Miglia watches in various designs and at reasonable prices. Our customer service will also gladly advise you on the models and help you with any other concerns anytime.

Optical and technical features

The fact that the Chopard Mille Miglia was inspired by the Italian race can be clearly seen in the design of the watch. The sporty series combines functionality with elegance in a wonderful way. Matching the car race, most models have a chronograph function and distinctive push buttons on the right-hand side. Additional extra functions such as a date display, tachymeter display or small seconds on a totalizer are also available on numerous models. Each model is inspired by a vintage car that took part in the Mille Miglia and has the same characteristics as the car. The result is a vast optical diversity, some watches come in plain black, others are brightly coloured. Prices vary in a huge range depending on model and availability, so buying a used Mille Miglia can be a cheaper option if you are considering investing in such a watch.

Prices of pre-owned Chopard Mille Miglia references

Mille Miglia 16/8407
Pre-owned price: from approx. €2,400 (2010)
Material: steel housing, rubber
Characteristics: Men's watch, chronometer, date display, automatic movement, transparent back

Mille Miglia 168459
Pre-owned price: from approx. €3,600 (2016)
Material: steel case, leather strap
Characteristics: Men's watch, chronograph function, date display, automatic movement, transparent back, illuminated numerals, quick-set, water-resistant 10ATM

Mille Miglia 16/8997-3001
Pre-owned price: from approx. €3,500 (2018)
Material: steel housing, rubber
Characteristics: Men's watch, date display, chronometer, transparent back, automatic movement, red accents on the dial, water resistant to 10 ATM

Mille Miglia 16-8994
Pre-owned price: from approx. €4,200 (2006)
Material: steel case, rubber strap
Characteristics: Men's watch, GMT/second time zone, tachymeter display, chronometer function, limited series, automatic movement, date display, water-resistant to 5 ATM

Mille Miglia Zagato Limited Edition 168550-6001
Pre-owned price: from approx. €4,700 (2015)
Material: DLC/ rose gold case, leather strap
Characteristics: Men's watch, chronograph function, date display, GMT/second time zone, tachymeter display, automatic movement, gemstone setting, luminous numerals, red bezel, limited edition

How a car race turned into the origin of a luxury watch series

The Italian car race Mille Miglia started in 1927 for the first time on a route from Brescia to Rome and back. The unique thing about this race was the fact that it was not held on a closed racetrack, but on public roads. This made the race extremely exciting and also dangerous. Soon, the extraordinary track earned the tournament the name "Most Beautiful Race In The World". For the next 30 years, it was an annual highlight which gained great popularity. Then in 1957, a tragic accident occurred - due to the ever-increasing power of the cars, the race became more and more irresponsible and also dangerous. The competition was not held until 1977. However, there were some changes and new regulations implemented. The former time race has since become a tournament of steadiness. So, it is no longer a question of who finishes first, but rather how precise one can reach a given time goal at a constant speed. In addition, only vehicles produced between 1927 and 1957 are permitted. This makes participation extremely exclusive and coveted.

Every year, the cars are proudly exhibited by their owners, the engines hum and the car paint shines. Here you can feel the love of motorsport in every corner, just like with a particularly high-quality watch, everyone tries to catch a glimpse of the rare pieces. Chopard has been the official timekeeper and sponsor of the race since 1988. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, CEO of Chopard, is himself a great lover of vintage cars and has particularly supported this cooperation. He likes to draw parallels between his love for cars and luxury watches, both defined by high-precision work and elegance.

The Mille Miglia collection focuses on the design features of classic cars. It can be divided into two subcollections. The Mille Miglia Classic, which is based on the stylistic means of the oldest models (1927-1940) and the Mille Miglia GTS, which particularly reflects the characteristics of the newer cars (1941-1957). Every year at the start of the race, a new limited-edition watch is introduced. New innovations and techniques are constantly combined with the classic design, creating the identity of the series over and over again.

Famous Mille Miglia wearers

A watch with such a unique and prestigious history is of course also appreciated by prominent personalities. The British film and music producer, Simon Cowell, who is also known for his jury appearances at talent shows such as "Britain's Got Talent", "American Idol" or "X-Factor", wears a Chopard Mille Miglia. Also Spike Lee, American actor, author and producer, can proudly call a Mille Miglia his own.

Other interesting series from Chopard

  • The Happy Diamonds is one of the brand's best-known collections. The collection is particularly striking because of the small free-swinging diamonds that can circle the mostly round, but sometimes also angular dial in a sapphire crystal frame.

  • The Imperiale is available in sizes from 26 mm to 40 mm and is a very popular women's series. The collection stands for class and elegance and offers a wide range of design options to meet individual tastes, whether through diamond trimming or a choice of colours and materials.

  • The Chopard L.U.C. is characterised by elegant designs and the highest technological innovations. This watch really suits every occasion and supports its wearer without being obtrusive. Depending on how salient you want your timepiece to be, you can choose between a filigree three-hand model or an elaborate chronograph with GMT function and various complications.

  • The Chopard Classic delivers exactly what it promises. The simple dial is decorated with nothing but high-quality line indices or classic Roman numbers. Apart from a date display at six o'clock, which is only available on a few models, nothing distracts from the really important thing, the actual moment. In the interior beats a precise automatic movement, which promises quality and longevity.

  • Like the Happy Diamonds collection, the Happy Sport also features free-swinging diamonds, but here, they can be found directly on the dial, making every moment you look at the watch unique. The models look high-quality and playful at the same time, the precision automatic movement also makes the models shine in terms of functionality.

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