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Hublot Big Bang

The Hublot Big Bang is considered the bestseller of the brand and has won numerous awards for its brilliant design. The name of the series derives from the Big Bang, when all the materials in the universe were one – an allusion to the innovative material combinations in the Big Bang.  More

Hublot Big Bang
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In the Watchmaster online shop, you will find numerous certified pre-owned luxury watches such as the Hublot Big Bang. The purchase of used watches makes sense not only from a financial point of view, you will often find models that are no longer available. Especially with the Big Bang, many watches are limited to a few hundred pieces and can increase in value in the future.

All watches in the Watchmaster online shop are technically and optically refurbished and their authenticity certified. We give you one year guarantee. Once you have found your Big Bang, you can conveniently pay by credit card, PayPal or Sofortüberweisung. Alternatively, we also offer flexible instalment payment. So you can plan your investment individually and finance your new Hublot Big Bang. You can find more information about buying and financing used luxury watches on our website or simply contact our customer service.

The features of a Hublot Big Bang watch

It is difficult to write about the seemingly endless looks of the Hublot Big Bang. Almost all colours of the spectrum known to us sooner or later make an appearance on one of the models. This is caused by the many different materials and their much greater number of possible combinations. The same counts for the bracelets of the timepieces. In a total Hublot has 16 model lines within the Big Bang collection, the case diameters range is from 38mm up to 45 mm, from transparent sapphire casings to matt black carbon cases.

A design feature, which is typically for Hublot, are the stylized screw heads. If the bezel or bracelet is screwed tight, then with design consequence: There are always special screws from Hublot, which can be opened on the one hand only with a special key and on the other hand with their slots indicate an "H". Quite a few recall the distinctive screws on the bezel and the case shape to the design classic Royal Oak of Audemars Piguet, the former employer of Jean-Claude Biver.

Interesting is the development of the movements that have been found over the years in the Hublot Big Bang watches. Initially, only one Hublot-modified ETA calibre, the Valjoux 7750, was available. In 2010, the company unveiled the chronograph calibre Unico. In the Big Bang Meca-10 a skeletonized manufactory calibre with ten days power reserve called HUB1201 is doing its work. Truly a masterpiece is the manual winding calibre HUB9011 presented at the Baselworld 2018. It has seven spring barrels that build a total power reserve of 14 days. The high-performance calibre is built into the Hublot Big Bang MP-11.

We can confidently say that a Hublot Big Bang is always recognizable. No matter what specific model, the watches are striking – even laymen will see without any effort that this is not a conventional watch. But that is the purpose of a Big Bang: to be noticed and seen. And incidentally to display the time.

The current collection and Hublot Big Bang prices

At the first glance, it's easy to see that, even though the Big Bang is definitely one of the most outlandish models in the industry, it has been able to mark its territory and is in a position to call up stately new prices. The current collection consists of the following 16 model series, which are consistently expanded.

  • Hublot Big Bang Unico 45mm / 6 Models / New: €18,600 to €98,000
  • Hublot Big Bang Unico 42mm / 4 Models / New: €17,500 to €36,200
  • Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf 45mm / 1 Model / New: €31,000
  • Hublot Big Bang Ferrari / 4 Models / New: €25,900 to €41,400
  • Hublot Big Bang Unico GMT / 3 Models / New: €19,600 to €40,400
  • Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 / 6 Models / New: €19,600 to €40,400
  • Hublot Big Bang MP-11 / 2 Models / New: €80,000 to €103,000
  • Hublot Big Bang Perpetual Calendar / 5 Models / New: €60,200 to €110.000
  • Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days / 6 Models / €89,000 to €187,000
  • Hublot Big Bang Click Italia Independent / 2 Models / New: €19,600
  • Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu / 9 Models / New: €16,500 to €32,100
  • Hublot Big Bang 44mm / 16 Models / New: €12,400 to €49,700
  • Hublot Big Bang 41mm / 13 Models / New: €15,500 to €41,400
  • Hublot Big Bang One Click 39mm / 17 Models / €14,400 to €78,000
  • Hublot Big Bang 38mm / 11 Models / New: €10,300 to €29,000
  • Hublot Big Bang Alps Limited Edition / 2 Models / New: €21,700 to €24,800

A good alternative may be a used Big Bang

A real alternative may be a second-hand Hublot Big Bang. While the new prices start beyond the €10,000 line, you might make some real bargains on the used market.

  • Hublot Big Bang Unico Titanium Ceramic (Ref. 411.NM.1170.RX)
    Year: 2017 / Condition: Very good / Price: €12,780 (RRP €19,600 €)
    With a diameter of 45 mm and a case made of titanium. The bezel is made of black ceramic and anodized aluminium, the strap is rubber. With a skeletonized dial, the model provides insights into the highly complex Unico movement, which took four years to develop.

  • Hublot Big Bang Aero Bang (Ref. 311.SM.1170.RX)
    Year of construction: 2013 / Condition: Very good / Price: 10,200
    The 44.5mm model has a stainless steel and ceramic case, making it incredibly sturdy. On the wrist, the watch is held by a bracelet made of black crocodile leather, but the highlight is in addition to luminescent numerals and indices the skeletonized dial.

  • Hublot Big Bang Earl Grey (Ref. 342.ST.5010.ST.2704)
    Year of construction: 2017 / Condition: Very good / Price: €7,000
    With a diameter of 41mm, the watch looks less brute than many other Big Bang models. It even looks quite smart, as the name suggests, it shines in grey. The dial offers hour, minute and second as well as the chronograph functions and a date display between four and five o'clock.

  • Hublot Big Bang Cappuccino (Ref. 341.PC.3380.PC.1104)
    Year of construction: 2009 / Condition: Good / Price: €29,850
    It's a special timepiece with 41mm case diameter. The watch attracts attention with its 18ct red gold case. Bracelet and bezel are set with 114 diamonds. An imaginative detail is the design of the dial: chocolate brown carbon makes it look like a chocolate bar due to the fabric structure of the carbon. Associated with the cocoa powder on your cappuccino, the name of the watch fits perfectly.

  • Hublot Big Bang Black Magic Evolution (Ref. 301.CI.1770.RX)
    Year of construction: 2017 / Condition: Very good / Price: €10,370
    The model is optically simple: Matte black, 44.5 mm ceramic case and a black carbon dial. The silver luminescent hands and indices stand out crystal clear, date windows and chronograph functions are also available. The bracelet comes in black and white camouflage. It's made of fabric and rubber and ends in a black folding clasp.

  • Hublot Big Bang Aero Bang Chronograph (Ref. 311.CI.1170.GR)
    Year of construction: 2016 / Condition: New / Price: €12,700
    With a 44mm black ceramic case, a black leather strap and a black ceramic bezel, this timepiece is a true statement. Solid, striking and self-confident it cuts a great figure on strong wrists. Noteworthy is the skeletonized dial, it looks fragile and represents a complementary element to the rest of the watch. The watch is in new condition, including original box and papers from 2016 – elsewhere you will not find them anymore, just used. Be fast!

  • The history of the Hublot Big Bang – and how it became so successful

    In 2005, Hublot introduced a revolutionary watch: the Hublot Big Bang. It was literally a revolution in the industry. Its multi-layered structure and unusual combinations of materials made the timepiece successful from the spot. The name of the watch can also be derived from the used materials with a little "think out of the box". Big Bang – the term for the moment everything in the universe started, alludes to the fact that at that time all the materials known today were mixed together. And that's exactly what Hublot is picking up with the Big Bang: the combination of the most unsuitable materials.

    For example, carbon is combined with gold, ceramic and steel or denim with diamonds. As a result, completely new high-tech materials such as the "Magic Gold" alloy were developed. This is an 18k gold with ceramics, making the otherwise sensitive metal the hardest gold in the world. For other Big Bang models, Hublot created "Texalium", a composite material made from aluminium and glass fibres. It brings a very interesting structure and optical depth to the fore and is sometimes offset with colour accents or camouflage patterns. The brand takes up current fashion trends, which is very rare in the world of luxury watches. After all, well-known manufacturers are proud of their long-standing tradition and try to build on it with their watches. The case of other luxury watches usually relies on a long-standing tradition. Three-piece, precisely processed and perfectly polished – this is how many watches in the top price segment look like. Not so the Big Bang: It breaks with all conventions, the value of its case results from more than 50 components and their lavish use of detail.

    The examples are almost endless and could go on forever. But important at this point is the idea behind this style: It is about the conviction of Hublot President Jean-Claude Biver, the art of fusion. Connecting things that normally don’t belong together to create mixtures that become unique through their material properties.

    The Hublot Big Bang in sports and among stars

    The Hublot brand cultivates various partnerships, for which the Big Bang, in particular, is significant. The series, which emerged from the cooperation with Ferrari, radiates technical design with its modified case through and through. But not only in motorsport, but also in football the luxury watch brand is way ahead. The huge lettering at the European and World Championships as Official Timekeeper stood out. Also, the Big Bang Unico Chrono Retrograde is noticeable. And also a watch designed for a purpose, namely to keep an eye on the match. A half-time can be measured with a 45-minute timer and an additional 15-minute interval is provided for any extra time.

    Just in time for the 2018 World Cup, Hublot launched the Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. It is the first smartwatch from Hublot and with 5.100 the cheapest Big Bang so far. Especially for the referees, the model is interesting because it is linked to the goal line technology. For the fans, bracelets were designed in the national flags, from which one could select his favourite country. In addition, the watch announced each game 15 minutes before the start and informed about yellow and red cards, player changes and goals.

    Even among the celebrities, the Hublot Big Bang is widespread. Thanks to their unconventional way of shaking up the market, personalities such as Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay-Z, Usain Bolt, Beyoncé and German rap artist Bushido can all identify with the beloved timepiece. A little bit of attention, a bit of focus, a bit of rebel – these are the qualities that the Big Bang brings. Wanted or not.

Other exciting series from Hublot

  • In 2014, Hublot presented a new interpretation of the classic with the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang collection. To this day, new editions continue to appear in the collection. All Spirit of Big Bang models appear in an elegant tonneau shape reminiscent of the early 20th century. The series is tailored to people who appreciate unusual watches with a classic noblesse. As with the Big Bang, the most unusual combinations of materials come to use here.

  • The Hublot Classic Fusion series is much less striking than the Big Bang and appeals to both men and women. But Hublot wouldn't be Hublot if there weren't a few opulent pieces in this rather understated collection. The series thus offers a broad spectrum, from restrainedly simple timepieces with 33 mm diameters to diamond-studded 45 mm watches.

  • Probably Hublot's most extravagant series is the MP collection. Technically highly innovative, the watches seem almost out of this world. The Hublot MP-02 Key of Time Titanium, for example, lets its wearer become the master of time, running four times faster or slower than regular time, depending on your preference. Do you want to pause a particularly beautiful moment? Just stop time running. Another unique model in this series is the MP-05 LaFerrari. Together with the luxury sports car company Ferrari, this extraordinary watch was created, which is more reminiscent of a high-performance engine than a wristwatch. In fact, this watch also achieves high performance; with its eleven springs set in series, it has a power reserve of up to 50 days.

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