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Rado Centrix

The Rado Centrix is ​​a collection of tasteful dress-watches that promises high quality. The distinct design and absolute precision gave the watch a high reputation in the luxury watch world.  More

Rado Centrix
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How to buy a used Rado Centrix watch online

Financing Rado Centrix luxury watches - simply and quickly

If you want to buy a certified used Rado Centrix quickly, Watchmaster has several options. We offer Rado Centrix watches for low prices in our online shop. You can pay for your watch quickly and easily - via credit card or PayPal or bank transfer. If you desire to plan longer ahead, a purchase on installments is offered. Simply call our customer service if you like an additional advice. Before sale, all watches are checked, refurbished and certified, so you can always be sure to hold an original in your hands.

The history of the Rado Centrix

In 1917 Schlup & Co. was founded by the brothers Fritz, Ernst and Werner Schlup. The Swiss company, which at the time only produced raw movements for resale, soon became so successful that as early as 1937 its own manufactory named Rado Watch Co. Ltd. was founded and opened.
In 1957, the company made its first major breakthrough with the "Golden Horse" collection. As early as 1962, the flagship "DiaStar", which is still produced today, is the first scratch-resistant watch in the world. The successes was spoke for itself and so in 1968 the "General Swiss Watch Industry AG" adopted Rado.

These achievements saved Rado a permanent place in the world of luxury watches. Robust, innovative and reliable, the new and contemporary creations are popular all over the world, including the Rado Centrix, which was launched in 1999.
Many series try to outdo themselves with more and more complications and totalizers, while the Centrix family archives this with elegance and a straightforward design. Those looking for a tasteful dress watch will find their desired design here. In the Rado family this series is one of the most eclectic ones. The models range from simple three-hand watches, chronographs over to GMT watches till exciting skeletonized watches. The different material and color combinations underline this versatility. The movement of the watches also differs depending on the model. For example, the Rado Centrix Diamonds R30930712 has a classic quartz movement, while the Rado Centrix Automatic R30939143 has a modern mechanical, automatic movement.

Despite this variety of models, a clear design line runs through the whole collection. The sapphire crystal is in one line with the case and is not held as it usual is by a bezel. The case is made of stainless steel for all watches and makes them look robust and classic. The bracelets are either made of stainless steel or the Rado-typical high-tech ceramic.
The color palette ranges from black to various gray and brown shades to clean white. Filigree gold accents give the models a high-quality appearance.
The watches are waterproof up to 3 bar and can therefore be easily worn while washing hands - the perfect companion for everyday situations in which you want to convince.

Rado Centrix collections at a glance, including prices

Rado Centrix R30941152
Ladies watch
Used from: 1.000 €
Material: Ceramic case and bezel
Features: date window, automatic movement, black dial

Rado Centrix R30183722
Ladies watch
Used from: 1.300 €
Material: ceramics, rose gold
Characteristics: Display back, date display, minimalist dial

Rado Centrix Automatic Open Heart R30178152
Used from: 1.600 €
Material: Steel case and bracelet
Features: Crystal back, automatic movement, open/skeletonized dial

Rado Centrix R30936903
Ladies watch
Used from:1.200 €
Material: Steel case and bracelet, diamond trim
Features: Quartz movement, date function, mother-of-pearl dial

Rado Centrix Diamonds Lady S 01.111.0528.3.071
Ladies watch
Used from: 1.000 €
Material: Gold plated steel case and bracelet
features: Date display, quartz movement

More interesting Rado series

  • The Rado Diamaster is a classic two-hand watch. The dial is tidy because of its minimalist design and filigree line indices. There is a model with date and without, some models even have an additional sub-dial.

  • The Rado Ceramica has a rectangular case which makes it immediately eye catching. It is a modern wristwatch. The bracelet and case are made of scratch-resistant ceramic, so the watch still looks high-quality and impeccable even after long wear.

  • The Rado Super Slim is a true classic of the Rado collections. Extremely flat and therefore exceptionally light, it offers an elegant design and optimal wearing comfort.

  • Perfect for every situation is the Rado Hyperchrome as it is suitable for both a sport and suit. It is extremely robust and sporty, but thanks to the high quality materials it can also be combined with evening wear.

  • The Rado True combines the proven Rado traditions with the latest design and modern accents. Special models like the True Open Heart are particularly out of line. Its open dial reveals exactly how precisely the movement is ticking.
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