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Which watches are the best for winter sports?

It’s winter season, the next vacation is coming up and you are looking for an adventure? Even if the powder snow already calls, do not forget to equip yourself properly! For the perfect winter sports outfit the right watch shouldn’t be missing.
There is a wide selection of gadget watches for ski and winter sports enthusiasts, with helpful features for sports and survival. Unfortunately, they often look very modest and are not very useful in everyday life. If you like it classically elegant and the watch should fit the suit later after being outdoors, here you will find here our selection of attractive yet functional wristwatches for winter.

Watchmaster winter watches - Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph close-up

What to look for when buying a winter watch

On ice and snow, your wristwatch is exposed to other stresses than in usual everyday life. Before choosing the right model, ask yourself: What environmental conditions (snow, ice, icy water, etc.) is my watch exposed to? Which additional features are important to me? Another important point is, how much money you want to spend. Certified used luxury watches are a good and inexpensive alternative to buying new ones. Depending on the sport or activity you choose, you should consider the following factors:

1. Water Resistance

Make sure your watch is not only water repellent, but actually waterproof. The diving depth is only important if you want to pursue extreme sports such as ice diving. But even if you wear your watch under your clothes when skiing, snow can enter your sleeve and melt. Depending on the sport, a higher grade of waterproofness may be required. Most manufacturers offer a range of diving watches that should cover these needs.

Watchmaster winter watches - Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M in snow

2. Shock resistance and scratch resistance

The mechanical movement is a sensitive part of the watch. Some watch manufacturers such as "Sinn Spezialuhren" or Mühle Glashütte with their woodpecker neck control have developed technologies that protect your watch from shocks. If you want to wear your watch during sports activities such as snowboarding or skiing, where you can potentially fall, it is important to make sure that the movement is protected in the case.

Take care of your watch. Many watch manufacturers now use the extremely scratch-resistant sapphire crystals, which keep your watch readable. If in doubt, scratches on the case can be removed by polishing .

3. Temperature resistance

Whether your wristwatch withstands cold temperatures depends on the movement. Quartz movements are more sensitive to temperature fluctuations. As long as you wear the watch on your wrist, it will be kept warm by your body temperature. However, wear it over your clothing when hiking or skiing and the outside temperature will cool it down. Quartz movements guarantee perfect accuracy between 5 ° C and 35 ° C, mechanical watches are not affected by lower temperatures because of the use of cold-resistant components. The individual components of the movement expand or contract, depending on the outside temperature. The use of certain metals and oils makes them more weather-resistant and allow them even with two-digit minus temperatures accurate information about the time.

4. Additional features

Depending on the type of winter sport, there are exciting additional features that can be helpful: There are watches with thermometer display, altimeter, navigation function and special lighting. Many watches were originally developed for professional use and therefore have special functions that can be helpful in a specific environment.

Our selection of highly functional luxury watches and all-rounders for winter

Watchmaster winter watches - Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph in snow

  • Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar

The highly functional wristwatch Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar is a multi-talent: via an integrated solar cell in the dial, it recharges the battery of the watch. Equipped with sapphire crystal, it is also well protected from scratches. It has a barometer and altimeter to measure barometric pressure and altitude. An integrated compass helps with orientation. Timer, Azimuth, Regatta function and backlight are other handy features that the T-Touch Expert Solar offers.

  • Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is a classic among Rolex watches and at the same time sporty yet elegant. Thanks to luminescent indices it can be read well even in bad weather conditions. It is waterproof at up to 300m diving depth and equipped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. A key advantage is the Oyster closure, which can easily extend the bracelet by a few inches. So it fits over the diving suit – or over the ski clothing.

Watchmaster winter watches - Rolex Submariner Date

  • Breitling Emergency

If you are in rough terrain or theres a high chance of needing rescue, the Breitling Emergency is an ideal companion! It is equipped with an easy-to-use antenna system that emits an emergency call when activated on two frequencies and can be located by emergency personnel. The watch is still functional even at temperatures down to -20°C and is equipped with an energy-efficient battery.

  • TAG Heuer Aquaracer

Developed as a diver’s watch, the Aquaracer from TAG Heuer is also the ultimate sports watch for winter. It is waterproof, shock resistant and provided with luminescent indexes for maximising readability. It is available in different versions with and without chronograph function, and elegant ladies version are made from different materials. It is the ideal companion for every trip through icy areas and has a high recognition value thanks to its striking four-rider bezel.

  • Rolex Explorer

If you are looking for a watch for real adventurers the Rolex Explorer is a good choice. On the first ascent of Mount Everest, it was there and proved that it can withstand great heights without any problems. Its minimalist dial ensures top notch readability also during heavy snowfall or bad weather conditions, while the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and its dependable Oyster case ensure water tightness and shock resistance.

  • Sinn EZM 12

The mission timer EZM 12 from Sinn has been specially developed for air rescue. It withstands extreme temperatures of – 45°C to + 80°C and is particularly scratch-resistant. Its housing is easy to clean and disinfect, if necessary, it also has a heart rate function, which can also be used well in sports. It can not fog up inside thanks to the AR dehumidifying technology.