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At some point in your life, there comes a moment when you start thinking about buying a wristwatch. Some people are quite pragmatic and settle this topic by choosing a low-priced quartz watch, while others begin to develop a passion for watches. If this is the case, one quickly gets caught up in a flood of different manufacturers and models and may easily end up in despair. If you are about to buy your first luxury watch, we would like to make it a little easier for you to enter the world of Haute Horlogerie by showing you the best brands and entry-level watches from the Watchmaster shop.

Brands and models to start in the world of luxury watches

Brand number 1: Rolex

As an absolute classic among luxury watches, Rolex is often the first choice when buying a fine timepiece. Many people see a Rolex on their wrist as a symbol of success and prestige. This is why most people actually do not see Rolex as a typical brand for entering the world of luxury watches. But we know very well that sometimes it simply has to be a Rolex. If this applies to you and you don't want to settle for second place, then we recommend models like the Rolex Air-King (Ref. 14000) and the Rolex Datejust (Ref. 6827). These watches combine everything that makes up a Rolex: a precise automatic movement, an Oyster case that is water-resistant up to 100 metres and the robust Rolex bracelet classics Oyster (Air-King) und Jubilee (Datejust). With prices between € 3,000 and € 4,000, these Rolex watches may be a bit more expensive, but they are definitely a worthwhile investment and very impressive watches for newcomers.

Brand number 2: TAG Heuer

For admirers of fine timepieces and fans of motorsports, the Swiss manufacturer TAG Heuer offers the legendary Carrera, a popular and versatile series. Whether as a chronograph or as a classic three-hand watch, the Carrera not only serves as a chronograph but also grants insights into the art of watchmaking. The models with the reference numbers WV211A.FC6203 and WAR211C.BA0782 reveal the automatic movement inside through their sapphire crystal case back. Both watches have a moderate case diameter of 39 mm and a date window at 3 o'clock. TAG Heuer Carrera models can be purchased from Watchmaster for as little as € 1,400, giving you an excellent start to a life as a friend and collector of luxury watches.

TAG Heuer Carrera WV211A.FC6203 watch with steel case, silver dial and brown leather strap

Brand number 3: Breitling

Breitling is also considered one of the most popular brands for luxury watches. Its masculine-looking timepieces stand for high-quality manufacturing and the very finest mechanics fitted into impressively robust cases. One of Breitling's much-appreciated assets: the watches stand out. Some of Breitling's best entry-level luxury watches are the Breitling Colt 41 Automatic and the Breitling Colt Oceane (Ref. A77380). These two models from the popular Colt series mainly differ in the case diameter of the Colt 41, which is almost 8 mm larger than the Colt Oceane. Apart from that, both watches are sporty and solid stainless steel chronographs with a date window at 3 o'clock. Starting at around € 2,000, Breitling offers robust models with these watches suitable not only for beginners but also for experienced watch collectors.

Marke Nummer 4: Omega

As one of the major brands in the luxury watch segment, Omega is also known for its iconic testimonial James Bond. Apart from the British secret agent, Omega is best known for the Speedmaster and its role in the first moon landing. For friends of this extraordinary brand history, the Omega Speedmaster Date (Ref. 3513.50.00) is the perfect way to enter the world and history of luxury watches. Although this reference is not exactly the same model that made it to the moon, you will receive an equally valuable chronograph with a date window for less than € 2,000.

Omega Speedmaster Date 3513.50.00 stainless steel men's watch with black dial next to black ball pen

If you are more of a shaken Martini type, the Omega Seamaster 300M (Ref. 2531.80.00) may be the perfect start for you. As a diver's watch, the Seamaster is water-resistant up to 300 metres and is also a true classic in the world of luxury watches. With a price of € 2,270, you may have to face higher prices than with the Speedmaster. However, the Seamaster 300M can not only be an entry-level watch but also mark the exit of collecting watches. Because why would you want to have any other watch after this one?

Brand number 5: Nomos Glashütte

With modern and minimalist designs, the German manufacturer Nomos Glashütte from Saxony clearly stands out from its Swiss competitors. Anyone who appreciates watches in the Bauhaus style is sure to find their favourite timepiece here. For example, for € 2,250 the Nomos Glashütte Tetra Neomatik (Ref. 423) offers a welcome alternative to the designs of the long-established Swiss brands. With a small second at 6 o'clock and coloured hands, the dial adapts to the untypical style of the square case. For all those who prefer round cases, there is the Nomos Glashütte Ludwig available for € 1,300.

Brand number 6: IWC

If you prefer it less modern and more traditional, the International Watch Company, better known as IWC, provides you with the IWC Vintage (Ref. C.854B) – a wristwatch of superlatives. As classic as Beethoven's symphonies, this men's watch comes with a 35 mm stainless steel case, black leather strap, automatic calibre and a white dial with black offset Roman indices. As a men's watch for every occasion, this model from IWC presents itself as a simple everyday companion and comes with a price of € 1,070. By the way, this watch is also ideal as a gift because its flat case back offers space for personal engravings. The same applies to the IWC Porsche Design (Ref. 3320). With reasonable prices starting from € 1,000, this watch is also a good choice for those who want to explore the world of luxury watches.

IWC Porsche Design 3320 watch with black dial and black leather strap

Enjoy your first luxury watch

No matter which model you will ultimately choose, the important thing is that you like the watch. If the chosen timepiece meets all your requirements in terms of a luxury watch and is within your budget, then it is the right entry-level watch for you.

However, we would like to give you another important piece of advice at this point: Stay within your budget when buying your first luxury watch. If you go beyond the price range, the slightest financial shortage will immediately give you the idea of selling your watch – and that's not something you would enjoy. Should it be, however, a unique watch from the Watchmaster shop and you are only lacking a small amount of the purchase price or if you are attracted by a limited time offer, then you can also consider financing the watch. This allows you to hold your dream watch in your hands within a few days of purchase and pay for it in convenient instalments.