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Fathers are not just fathers, but often much more: heroes, guardians, advisors, craftsmen, allies and friends. As much as fathers give to or repair for us, we cannot truly give back what we feel. At some point, however, the point has come where a painted picture or a song on the recorder are no longer enough as a gift for a dad. And even if fathers certainly appreciate the artwork and musical performances of their children as much as material goods, we would not want to miss the opportunity to express our acknowledgment and appreciation with a very special present. With a fine luxury watch you can say thank you – "Thank you for your time, Dad." But which watch would be best for your father?

How to choose the perfect watch for your father

Choosing the right watch can sometimes be a challenge. The variety of luxury watches is vast, as is the price range. So how do you find the perfect watch for your father? It might help if you can find out your father's favorite watch brand, if he has one. If he doesn't, you can ask family members for advice. You can also base your decision on what clothes your father likes to wear. For example, if he often wears brown leather shoes, you can choose a watch with a brown leather strap. If your father's favorite shirt is red, why not choose a watch with red color accents.

Before you start looking for a watch, it is best to set a rough budget for your present, so that you can narrow down your choice further in advance and not end up with a watch that is far too expensive. However, a gift, especially for your own father, should not be measured by its price, but solely by the joy it brings. So when choosing a watch, try not to be influenced purely by price tags, but also think about the person you are giving your gift to and trust your instincts.

Which watch for which type of father?

To assist you in navigating through the numerous brands and models of watches, we would like to use different archetypes of fathers to help you create a shortlist of watches for your present.

The handyman

If your dad often says things like "I don't need a repairman to do that!" or "Just a little more and it’ll be tight as a glove", then he most likely has an impressive collection of tools and will be secretly happy when the washing machine goes out of order again, because he can bring out his tool set and maybe even expand on it.

His wristwatch should be just as impressive, robust and high-quality as his tools and the fruits of his labor. Whether or not it is a well-known watch brand does not matter as long as the quality is excellent. A watch from the Frankfurt manufacturer Sinn guarantees not only perfect functionality and an impressive history of innovation, but depending on the model, enough variety visually to ensure you find the perfect model for your father. Collections such as the Sinn Pilot’s Chronograph or the Sinn Duochronograph are great examples of the optical range of the Frankfurt brand.

Sinn Duochronograph 756.7303 stainless steel watch between hammer and pliers on dark brown wood

The man of fine taste

If this headline has made your ears prick up, it could be because your father, both professionally and privately, is more likely to wear a suit and a pair of loafers than a jogging suit and sneakers. Prestige is important to him, but does not hide the fact that the quality behind the product must be right. He prefers a good red wine to a cold beer after work and the emblem on the hood of his car displays what kind of man people are dealing with without being too ostentatious.

For luxury watch manufacturers, quality is naturally the highest priority. However, opinions differ greatly when it comes to aspects of design. A notable brand for ambitious and fashionable fathers is A. Lange & Söhne. This brand pairs excellent craftsmanship with classic elegance. With models such as the Lange 1 or the Langematik Perpetual, you are not only giving your father a valuable wristwatch, but also with a beautiful example of fine craftsmanship in the tradition of Haute Horlogerie. Alternatively, your father might also like the fine timepieces from Glashütte Original, which are equally impressive as those by A. Lange and Söhne. Or if you would prefer a model from another German luxury watch manufacturer, you will find even more ideas here.

Glashütte Original Senator Chronograph 39-34-20-42-04 stainless steel men's watch with black leather strap in watch box with bow-tie and loupe

The technology enthusiast

Welcome to the digital age! Is your father someone who always has a more current smartphone than you do, gives you unsolicited tips for apps and can also talk to Siri for 20 minutes without getting bored? Then your father is probably an enthusiast of technology. Whether it be electronic or mechanical is irrelevant, what fascinates fathers who are passionate about technology is how a watch works and what its theoretical capabilities are.

If your father is open to modern technology and digital innovations and doesn't think of the neighbor's Labrador when he hears the name "Alexa", then surprise him with a watch from Omega. This Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches has a rich history of innovation and achievement. From rugged diver's watches such as the Seamaster 300M, to magnetically resistant timepieces such as the Omega Railmaster or the Speedmaster Moonwatch chronograph, which was the first watch in space, Omega has achieved technical mastery and applied this pioneering spirit to each of its watches. Or, perhaps your father would love a luxurious smartwatch such as the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 SBF8A8001.11FT6076 smartwatch with black rubber strap and antimagnetic Omega Railmaster stainless steel men's watch on dark brown wood

The modest man

If your father rejects the BMW 5 Series and instead chooses a VW Passat as the company car, or refrains from wearing clothes with brand logos prominently placed, then he probably prefers understatement to a display of luxury. Thinking a little further, this means that you probably would not be doing your father any favors with a Rolex.

Reach into your bag of tricks and surprise him with a watch from the Rolex subsidiary Tudor. Less well-known than its parent company and consequently a little more down-to-earth, Tudor watches impress with their high-quality and timeless designs, such as the popular Submariner, Heritage Black Bay or Black Bay GMT series. Tudor completely reinterprets the word "understatement" and will please your father in that only he and a small circle of insiders know about the exceptional quality of his new wristwatch. As an alternative to Tudor, however, your father could also enjoy the minimalist timepieces from Nomos Glashütte. These combine impressive quality with a clear design structure at surprisingly modest prices. This makes them an equally suitable choice for fathers who appreciate simplicity.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 79030N watch with brown leather strap on brown leather bag

The sportsman

Whether it is on a boat in the open sea, at the race track or in front of your TV at home, does your father have a passion for sports? If he personally likes to be active or prefers to watch sports events in front of the television at home, there is only one watch that comes into question – a sports watch.

It is no secret that almost every watch manufacturer has sports models in their range. Nevertheless, some brands are excel in the competition for the best sports watch, for example TAG Heuer. Whether an Aquaracer for underwater use or a legendary Carrera as a companion off the racetrack, TAG Heuer has a model to suit every taste and occasion. Even if it is just for on the couch while cheering on his favorite team, your father will appreciate the spirit of sports on his wrist and will love to show it off.

Black TAG Heuer Carrera CAR2B80.FC6325 men's watch with rubber strap on brown leather bag

The grill master

He is the provider, hunter and gatherer in one person. He is the one who turns the most simple and traditional preparation of food into a science that is difficult to master and celebrates it appropriately. He is the man of the house and the man at the grill. He prides himself on being viewed as a strong man. He does not eat until all the others have been served. He sees burnt barbecue goods as an attack and is able to conceal this, if necessary, with sayings such as "this has a very roasted aroma" or with large amounts of barbecue sauce.

A man like him needs a large and striking stainless steel watch that radiates as much masculinity as a rare steak. Breitling watches such as the Chronomat 44 GMT or the beloved Navitimer would be a fitting choice, which the father will be excited to wear and show it off every day as a gift from his children. If Breitling does not meet your taste, consider the Panerai Luminor Marina models, which make a similar statement with a different design.

Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT AB042011.BB56.375A stainless steel watch next to sunglasses on dark grey marble

Find the best watches for fathers at Watchmaster

Naturally, these father archetypes only serve as rough and exaggerated descriptions of the person who accompanies us on our path to adulthood and beyond. Perhaps you have recognized your father in one or more passages and can now better judge which watch would be the most suitable for him. Nevertheless, it should be noted that all the tips in the world are ultimately just tips. You know your dad best and will know what he likes and what will suit him best.

If you are still unsure and are looking for more inspiration, then visit and browse the Watchmaster online shop. We are sure to have the right gift in stock for the man you proudly call "Dad".

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