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With Covid-19 having turned the world upside down and events of all kinds being cancelled, watchmaking companies have also had to rethink. Some of them resorted to alternative solutions to showcase their latest collections, while others completely cancelled the presentation of new watches for 2020 – including the top dog of the luxury watch industry. Now, however, the Swiss company with the crown seems to be heading in a different direction and may surprise us with new Rolex models later this year after all.

Watch manufacturers facing the crisis

While the Baselworld was one of the first major events to suffer the effects of the pandemic and was cancelled for 2020 due to safety reasons, the Watches & Wonders organised a sort of digital watch fair. through a free website. A considerable part of the Swiss watch industry took advantage of this opportunity and was able to present its latest collections online despite the current crisis. Among the participants, however, some large manufacturers were missing, among them Breitling, Patek Philippe and also Rolex.

The company founded by Hans Wilsdorf has been reticent so far and postponed all innovations to 2021 for now. In a press release dated April 6, 2020, the company stated:

"In view of the continuing extremely difficult context impacting the entire world, and in order to protect people by avoiding gatherings and one-to-one meetings, we have decided to postpone the announcements to a later date."

A great shock for all fans of the brand.

Is Rolex launching new models this year after all?

It now looks as if we can expect new Rolex models this year after all, as the company is quietly pursuing its own plans. Seemingly out of nowhere, Rolex has now invited journalists and retailers to London for the first week of September. From 1st to 4th September 2020, the latest collections and changes will be presented at Rolex's birthplace.

Was wird Rolex in London präsentieren?

This is, of course, the question that concerns us the most: What is Rolex going to show us? Following the recent release of the Black Bay in stainless steel with a blue dial and bezel by Rolex's subsidiary Tudor, we dare to hope for a stainless steel version of the Smurf. How realistic this is will probably not be clear until September. But since the Tudor watch is similar to the white-gold 116619 LB "Smurf" and thereby a cheap alternative, we have faith. But we would also be happy to see another colour in the Submariner collection – also Rolex could benefit from such an innovation. The success of colourful models such as the 116610LV and the 116613LB with their characteristic nicknames "Hulk" and "Bluesy" supports this assumption.

We are also concerned about the discontinuation of series such as the Rolex Air-King But with all the sadness about the potential shutdown of the legendary Air-King, this would probably do anything but harm the value and reputation of the series. But of course, this is still uncertain.

A new edition of the GMT-Master II would also be conceivable, but this time with a black and red "Coke" bezel. Which one of the Rolex bracelets would be used, also remains to be seen. In fact, the Batman (Oyster) and the Batgirl have already proven that both Oyster and Jubilee bracelets work very well.

Of course, it is impossible to predict which innovations will be announced by Rolex in September. We are definitely eager to see what will be presented in London and will let you know as soon as possible.