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This is certainly not how many people imagined the start of 2021. Swiss watch manufacturer Omega has announced the discontinuation of the Speedmaster Moonwatch on January 5, 2021. We are talking about two specific references here. Why the current Moonwatch models have been taken out of production and whether there will be successors to the references 311. and 311. will be explained below.

Omega discontinues its current Moonwatch references

In journalism, we often say "Kill your Darlings". This principle, which describes the process of giving up beloved images, text passages or ideas if they don't fit into the overall concept, has meanwhile spread to other industries and, in our case, to the brand Omega, which probably surprised many watch enthusiasts. Hearing the news that the Swiss manufacturer decided to discontinue its signature model, the Speedmaster Moonwatch, caused an uproar in the watch world. Especially with an exemplary and popular model such as the "Moonwatch", these decisions need to be considered carefully. However, the minds behind Omega chose this step wisely and immediately presented a whole series of new Speedmaster Moonwatches to kick off the year 2021 with eight different models.

Discontinued Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Chronograph 311. stainless steel watch in black marble case

What has changed for the Speedy?

Across all models, the heart of the Speedmaster Moonwatch is the Calibre 3861. This new hand-wound calibre comes with a Master Chronometer certification and a magnetic resistance of up to 15,000 gauss, which adds additional prestige to the Speedmaster Moonwatch.

Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Kaliber 3861 der Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional auf Mondoberfläche liegend

Another innovation relates to the Moonwatch's bezel and will please fans and collectors of rare vintage models: the coveted "Dot Over Ninety" design has made a comeback and is intended to remind us of those vintage models from past times. The watch strap has also been updated and now comes with a slightly different design. At first glance, the new strap looks very similar to the previous models, but a closer look reveals a wider middle section of the individual links. This improves the quality of the bracelet and makes it more comfortable to wear. There is also a newly designed folding clasp on the bracelet of the new Moonwatch models. In addition, interested buyers can still choose between versions with Hesalite or sapphire crystal.

Which Moonwatch references are new?

The Moonwatch version with Hesalite crystal has the reference 310. and a steel bracelet or the reference 310. and a new nylon strap, which replaces the former leather strap of the Moonwatch version with Hesalite crystal.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional 310. watch with steel case on black nylon strap

The sapphire crystal version is similar to the Hesalite crystal version, except that it has a sapphire crystal case back. This version is now available either with the reference 310. and a stainless steel bracelet or with the reference 310. and a leather strap.

Omega is also launching two other golden versions of the Moonwatch. The reference 310. has a case and bracelet in Omega's proprietary Sedna™ gold, while the reference 310. comes in Canopus™ gold, which is also exclusive to Omega. Both versions can be acquired with a leather strap as well. By the way, the Moonwatch (Ref. 310. with a silver dial in Canopus™ gold is the first version of the Moonwatch in white gold since 2003.

How much are the new Moonwatch models?

The list prices of the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch have also been adjusted so that, according to Omega, the ref. 310. with Hesalite crystal on a steel bracelet now costs €6,100 and the ref. 310. with Hesalite crystal on a new nylon bracelet costs €5,800. The sapphire crystal version with the ref. 310. on a steel bracelet, on the other hand, costs €7,000 and the ref. 310. on a leather strap retails for €6,700. For comparison, the two discontinued references 311. and 311. were priced at €4,900 and €5,700.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional 310. in Sedna gold next to white gold Moonwatch 310. in Canopus gold

It gets even more exciting with the two versions made of 18-carat gold. The Sedna™ gold version on a leather strap is the cheapest watch here with a list price of €24,100, as the identical version in Canopus™ gold comes with a price tag of €29,700. Even more expensive are the versions with a precious metal bracelet. The rose gold ref. 310. can be purchased in Omega boutiques for €34,100. However, the ref. 310. can easily top this: As the first white gold Moonwatch for 18 years, this Speedmaster model comes at a price of €44,300.

Discontinued pre-owned Moonwatch models

If you want to buy one of the discontinued references, there is no need to panic now. In the Watchmaster Shop you will always find various Moonwatch models, occasionally including the references 311. and 311., so you don't have to miss out on your new favourite watch – whether it is a discontinued or a new reference. Simply check our online shop regularly to see if your favourite model is currently available or be informed automatically by e-mail via the "Get Notification" button on the product page.