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The wait has finally come to an end: following the examples of Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, another major brand of the Swiss watch industry has put an end to its production stop caused by the corona pandemic and re-opened its factories and offices. We are talking about Rolex, of course.

Rolex is back in business and continues its production

Finally awakened from its deep sleep after a 60-day "corona break", the world's most famous luxury watch manufacturer has opened its doors again on 14 May 2020. Following the examples of other well-known manufacturers and taking into account the guidelines of the Swiss government, Rolex's factories and offices will remain understaffed for the time being, in compliance with the "social distancing" regulations.

Due to the outbreak and effects of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the machines in the picturesque Swiss canton of Geneva have been at rest since 16 March 2020. Now, 60 days later, this results in a significant loss for Rolex. During this period of time, Rolex would have normally produced around 16.4% of its annual output. To be more specific, this means that this year about 160,000 fewer watches will leave the Rolex factories – costing the company millions. According to experts, the waiting times for certain Rolex watches, which are already long, could increase further due to the production shutdown.

However, we highly doubt that this crisis will result in the downfall of industry giant Rolex. As a matter of fact, we are currently seeing a growing interest in various Rolex models. We therefore stay curious about how the market will develop and hope that the corona crisis will leave the Swiss watch industry largely unscathed.