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Did you know that by subscribing to the Watchmaster newsletter, you will automatically be entered into our win a Rolex competition? Actually, it seems this wasn't common knowledge. But that makes it all the more delightful when you receive an unexpected call from Watchmaster and not only learn that you can pick up the extra link for the Breitling bracelet you ordered, but that you've won a Submariner (ref. 14060M) as well! Learn how it feels to win a luxury watch worth almost 12,000 euros from the winner of our this year's Rolex watch giveaway! We were able to conduct an interview with him to ask him just that.

Win a Rolex in 2022 Giveaway

An Interview With the Recipient of the Win of a Rolex Submariner Competition in Berlin

Ms. Schiffer, our winner from 2020, came all the way from the area around Düsseldorf to receive the Explorer II (ref. 16750) "Polar" she had won in person. This year, we were able to host a resident of Berlin at Watchmaster with Mr. H. He not only sold a GMT-Master II (ref. 16710) "Pepsi" via our online store, but has also bought a Breitling Superocean II 44 (ref. A17392D7.BD68.162A) and was automatically entered in our raffle to not "only" become the owner of a Breitling from our collection, but of the winner of the Submariner No-Date we offered in our giveaway as well!

Winner of the 2022 Watchmaster Rolex competition holds a Rolex Submariner 14060M with watch box in their hands

After the ceremonial presentation of the Rolex watch he won to Mr. H, he was kind enough to make the time to answer a few of our questions.

Interview With the Winner of a Rolex

First, congratulations on your new watch! Do you like it?

"Thank you, I think it's a very beautiful watch indeed. I think it's almost better than my watch with a date display, because this one is more straightforward. I think it's actually much prettier. It looks like it's never been worn!"

That's right, our team did a great job with the refurbishment. May I ask what you do for a living and where you come from?

"I'm a self-employed tradesman here in Berlin and I'm mainly involved in interior design, which means we do drywall, tiling and that sort of thing, but a lot of small-scale repair work for mostly older clients as well. Even if it's only to hang up a picture or the like, I still make house calls on weekends and help people. That's all a part of customer service."

Tell us, what was it like when you got "the call" to learn you won?

"I was very surprised, I didn't believe it at first". [He points to our customer service representative, Benedict.] "He announced it without much fanfare. 'Hello Mr. H., your new link has arrived, and oh, I wanted to let you know that you've won a Submariner No-Date in our giveaway', and I didn't really understand what he meant with the Submariner No-Date at first... So I asked him, 'Was that a joke about the Submariner?' 'No, no', he said. And then of course I was very excited to hear it. It's also the first time I've ever won anything!"

Given that you've sold a Rolex as well as bought a Breitling from us, the question of whether you like luxury watches is a little superfluous... But was the GMT-Master your first luxury watch? If not, which watch was your first?

"My first luxury watch was actually a Datejust made of steel and gold, which I bought used from a client who wasn't doing so well at the time. And he sold it to me very cheap for the time. Then, I replaced the bracelet at some point, because the old one was quite worn and then sold the watch. But soon after that, I got my Submariner, my Pepsi, which I sold here too, the Daytona, and recently a blue Breitling Superocean in 42 mm and a black Superocean in 44 mm". [Mr. H contemplates briefly.] "Although I've always been fond of Breitling... I kind of got into that later. In general, sport and diving watches have always appealed to me."

Winner of the Watchmaster Rolex giveaway of 2022 holds a Rolex Submariner 14060M and watch box next to a Watchmaster employee

What did you think about your purchase of that Datejust at the time?

"Actually, it wasn't very emotional at all. I thought it was a good deal and I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity."

Let's go back for a moment. You say you've always been fond of steel diving watches... Does that mean your Submariner might see a little more action than just the pool at a hotel?

[Laughs.] "Well, diving is not my thing at the moment, but I do like to go out on lakes around Berlin with my stand up paddle board in my spare time. That's a maybe little less action-packed than diving, but much more relaxing."

What did you think about your experience at Watchmaster when selling your one watch and buying your other one?

"At first, I just wanted to sell my Pepsi, but then I spoke to your staff and since I had always wanted the Breitling, the process of buying and selling here was virtually simultaneous. The only problem with the Breitling was that the watch was in London and would have become more expensive due to customs (as a result of Brexit) and then I decided against it. Shortly thereafter, though, an employee, Mr. Stanley again, contacted me because the same watch became available here in Germany. It was a coincidence, really."

How did you learn about Watchmaster in the first place?

"Via the Internet. I did some research and saw Watchmaster Berlin, London and Paris. Since I liked the reviews on your site, everything seemed serious and professional. I preferred that to other online marketplaces."

One last question: do you currently have a favorite watch? And what would be your dream watch if you were allowed to choose any watch right now, completely independent from annoying necessities like money?

"My Breitling Superocean 44, for which I bought the additional bracelet link. It's a clear choice. I can wear it everyday, I don't feel as cautious with it as I would for the Rolex now... Not because the Breitling is worth less, but simply from its feel. But that said, I don't wear my watches at work, which is why they're all more for personal use."

We can understand your choice, it's a great watch! Thank you very much for taking the time to talk with us. The Watchmaster team hopes you enjoy your new Rolex!

More About the Prize: The Rolex Submariner

As THE diving watch par excellence, the Submariner has already made history countless times since its debut in 1953. For example, on the wrist of James Cameron, when he was doing research among an indigenous people during the filming of "Avatar: Departure to Pandora" and gave the watch as a gift to the tribal chief. As well as on the wrist of Sean Connery, when he wore a Submariner in 1963 on the big screen for his role as James Bond.

Rolex Submariner 14060M in original green Rolex box

As one of the most renowned watches ever, the design of the Submariner has been copied numerous times and yet remains unmatched. Whether with or without a date, the Submariner is one of the few wristwatches that stands the test of time no matter what the occasion, and can be worn both in the evening with a tuxedo and on Sunday mornings when running out to the shop in a track suit. In addition, the classic sports steel Submariner has emerged as a serious investment in recent years. The different versions of the "Sub" are all traded far above the list price and are likely to make their lucky owners that much happier.

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